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Houzz Tour: O'Suzannah Restores Pear Tree Farm
"drive from Greene County to downtown C-ville is too long when you need to go back and..."
Great Design Plant: Santa Rita Prickly Pear for Purple Appeal
"prickly pear adds a variety of colors to the desert garden, along with great texture... prickly pear has up its sleeve — with the appearance of spring, bright yellow flowers... Prickly Pear. I look forward to watching it bloom and grow. I love the color of this... prickly pear. Nice article, Noelle. Thanks I had these when I owned a home in northern... prickly pear growing all over the place where I live. It is not this purple variety..."
Great Design Plant: Beavertail Prickly Pear Wows With Color
"prickly pear. Beavertail prickly pear’s lack of long spines and presence of attractive... prickly pear jellies that are found in many arid counties....if you ever try it yourself... prickly pear cactus? Sorry--- While they are pretty growing out in the desert in your... prickly pear cactus, but a rabbit crawled into the base and had a bunch of little ones... Prickly pear jam is yummy. I'm not sure if it's made from this variety though. Tra..."
Color and Pattern Play in a Happy New Nursery
"mix of pear green, patterns, antiques and modern pieces makes for a cheerful, love-filled... cheerful pear green walls, pom-pom mobile, antique furniture and playful patterns looks... paint: Pear Green, Benjamin Moore; mini Ghost Chair: Kartell; sheepskin, bookshelves:... — this pear green suits the rest of the downstairs, too. After painting the room,..."
Kitchen of the Week: An Austin Galley Kitchen Opens Up
"Pear-green cabinetry, unusual-size subway tile and a more open layout bring a 1950s... oak and pear-green cabinetry and a set of cheerful furniture to round out this kitchen's... Sweet Pear, Benjamin Moore A custom cabinet surrounds the refrigerator to help it..."
Wasabi Green Spaces That Wow
"ellow-Green is an Attention-Getter on Home Backdrops and Accents... , pear green, and acid green among others, this yellow-green hue is hotter than ever... Wasabi green would definitely be a nod to the avocado green of the '60s and '70s.... wasabi green may be just what you're looking for. Also referred to as chartreuse... Wasabi green is fun, lively and speaks to the hearts of bold color lovers everywhere... walls in a green venetian plaster that it is near this green. I always liked it because..."
Color Guide: How to Work With Green
"as many green hues as leaves in a forest, it's easy to find one that grows on you... yellow-greens and blue-greens and gray-greens. There are warm greens and cool greens... kelly green and hunter green barely even get along. What green you choose will... yellow make green. If only it were that simple. Green comes in nearly infinite hues, shades... light greens and dark greens. Jade, emerald, grass, sea, leaf, viridian ... even..."
Dreaming in Color: 8 Gorgeously Green Bedrooms
"watery blue-green or a slice of soft celery for a colorful yet sleep-friendly sanctuary... Green runs the gamut from cooler, blue-tinged jade greens to warmer, citrusy yel... yellow-greens. Cooler greens tend to make us feel relaxed and soothed — conducive to... look to green for help. I've gathered an assortment of my favorite green paint colors... Warmer greens, especially the bolder hues, can help us wake up and feel more energized..."
Palatable Palettes: Green Goodness for Bedrooms
"garden, green shades and tones help bedrooms show off their freshest face... and lime greens, or it can run cool with minty or watery greens. Lighten it up and add... use sage green as a nice alternative neutral to beige. Green has a level of pep to it... Green is a much-loved hue by designers because of its versatility. It has a warm... associate green with nature — it reminds us of running through the grass barefoot during..."
A Great Color Combination: Green Meets Gray
"mix of green into a gray interior falls in this category. In fact, it took quite of... presence of green in the gray color scheme is in the form of plants! Introducing green... a gray-green combination but can't quite get the green right. Thanks for the great... for a green paint color suggestion, I actually find greens a very hard color to pick... gray with green. I did green with gray in my kitchen. My current house has zero arc..."
Crisp, Fresh: Go for Green Apples
"Natural, Green Apples Pack a Decorative Bite... crisp green brings a punch of color to a room, whether piled in a bowl or as inspiration... I love Green Apple green! It makes everything feel fresh, clean and new. Especially... family of green is edgy!!! Fashion!! Thanks for the validation. Apple green = happy... apple green. I even bought my Kitchenaid Mixer in apple green. Do you have any... using pears and apples for accent. How to keep them fresh is the problem. A few..."
Old School Green Design: Keep the Trees!
"down the Pear Tree in our front yard and an old Oak tree. Now we have so much light... The deep green of the trees contrasts with the lighter tones of the home, grounding..."
Candlelight That Will Have Hyacinth Bucket Green With Envy
"light pear scent in the guest powder room. Thanks for the collection of ideas! Nothing... for the green one. The starfish could be tucked away for next summer and a small pumpkin..."
Inspired by Nature: Purple and Green
"Purple and green. In nature as well as in the home, it's a combination I always find my... Purple and green is definitely one of my fav colourschemes; I can imagine using it to... purple and green, but like julie6806, want to put orange in there too. These are my two... Inspiring. Green and purple make my heart and soul sing! As an artist, I constantly find... Green apples and pears can provide an accent of bright green to a space for little..."
Why Grow Quince? For Beauty, Fragrance and Old-Time Flavor
"apple and pear cousin worth a spot in the garden... apples and pears. But the quince — now that’s something different. It’s a member of the... dark green summer leaves with a white undertone; autumn color; and interesting twisted... apples or pears, depending on the variety, and are usually bright yellow, much like... with a green or orange cast. Many experts consider the quince to be the golden apple... Unlike pears and to a lesser extent apples, quinces are slow growing, though they’re..."
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