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Photos of 2013: The Most Popular Kids’ Spaces
"smart design elements offer ideas for kidsbedrooms, nurseries and playrooms everywhere... designers and parents get to, well, be kids again. Things we wouldn’t normally i... at some of the most saved kids’ room photos on Houzz, I found that parents and designers... their kids a space that’s well designed. Perhaps they’ve discovered what designer... treatment, the kids took better care of their stuff and actually kept their rooms clean. That’s..."
This Designer’s Client Was Her 10-Year-Old Son
"too-babyish bedroom when he’s approaching double digits? See for yourself... honor of this huge double-digit event, we would like to give him a new room,” she... furniture. All of the "kid" design elements were things like comforters, pictures - easily... decorating of my bedroom at that age. I would have loved something like this (or the... the rest of their lives. Can't think of a better gift at that age. Kudos! Great, feel..."
Room of the Day: A New Art Studio Paints a Perfect Picture
"spare bedrooms and garages for years, Elise Marshall finally has an art studio that... build a picture-perfect studio that has inspiring views of the Oakland hills and plenty... plenty of space in which to move around. “I’m able to work in larger scale,” Marshall... all part of one another. I live everything about this space in terms of design, ar... the dog, of course. I've been dreaming of having one similar to this since I was 15..."
Room of the Day: Creativity Takes Flight in a Girls’ Bedroom
"room, the designer knew she had to make it good. The new room is on the lower level of... of the house, and the girls hadn’t shared a space before — a massive sea change for... from land of nod is one of my favorite pieces of kids furniture and I love the gold accents... envious of those strawberry-colored Land of Nod beds. And featured in such a charming... nation of rooms galore, the shared bedroom has been the less favored; but I'll vouch..."
Room of the Day: Storage Attic Now an Uplifting Master Suite
"Tired of sharing a bathroom with their 2 teenage kids, this couple moves on up to... together a design team and got to work creating a new master bedroom with privacy, treetop... neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. They endured for years until they finally found the time... best of all, their own bathroom.... ignorant of the particulars of old house construction and might have a conflict of interest... sense of the size of the room, and it sure makes the shape of the dormer look odd..."
Readers' Choice: The 10 Most Popular Kids' Rooms of 2012
"children's bedrooms and creative playspaces of all kinds caught the eyes of Houzz readers... each of these wonderful kids' spaces has something amazing to offer. Here are... splash of fun color on the ceiling, a cozy lofted playspace or a brightly colored... popular kids' room photos added to Houzz in 2012, based on how many times they were... how many kids are so out of shape. Many of my daughters friends are not strong enough..."
A Place of His Own: Boy's First Bedroom
"boys' bedrooms like these encourage happy times... boy’s bedroom is simply the first iteration of a future man cave. Take my oldest... centerpiece of his room. A boy’s bedroom is the one place in the world where his enthusiasms... the bane of his existence. So when his family moved to a bigger home and he got his... his own bedroom, it was a banner day. His very first act was to create a sign for his... the face of the desk pedestal, practically pulsating. Thor stands with his hammer high..."
5 Nurseries Full of Ingenuity and Originality
"are full of comfort and fun for baby, whether your bundle of joy is a girl or boy... a lot of wonderful nurseries around Houzz, and we've been lucky enough to have been... a few of them. Whether you're going for "It's a Boy!," "It's a Girl!," or you want... that a designer cannot take a picture of the final product without everyone criticizing... gender of our new baby yet. I would like to clarify that all of these pictures were..."
Room of the Day: Girls’ Bedroom Plays With Color and Pattern
"variety of dynamic prints can be tricky, but interior designer Alicia Weaver found... playful bedroom belonging to two young sisters. Weaver incorporated more than just... interior designer Alicia Weaver layered in playful patterns and used their favorite... feeling of happiness and joy. I can only image the giggles that must come out of this... counters, and bedroom carpet . . . she actually chose things from a grouping I had narrowed..."
Room of the Day: Child Safety at Play in a Nautical-Themed Nursery
"room, designed to be safe and to grow with him, nods to his parents’ Cape Cod roots... interior designer Beth Bourque on the rest of their home, the Hingham, Massachusetts... baby room designed to meet current safety standards established by the Academy of Pediatrics... were not designed w baby safety in mind. Lovely design. Love this space! Perfect for... production of how it all came together! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXBA_iwiOKU A..."
Single Design Moves That Can Transform a Child’s Room
"hundreds of thousands of kidsbedrooms on Houzz? From them I have picked these 20 rooms... premise of this series: While it takes many design elements to make a room beautiful... thousands of dollars. Just because some of the rooms pictured were designed and did... are pics of each of the kids rooms. http://villabythecastle.com/villa-pictures/ amazing... let a kid sleep in there. All of the designs are super gorgeous, though. Redpoint..."
Designing Through the Eyes of a Child
"source of inspiration when creating kid-approved spaces. Just think of how much more... fantasies of childhood into real-world designs.... expense of embarrassing their parents. When you listen to their stories, it's easy... the tale of how their cardboard-box-turned-high-performance race car helped them win... parents and designers would be if we followed their lead. This ideabook features children's... instead of imposing our ideas or the latest trend. Kids see the world in such fresh..."
Making Books a Part of your Home's Design
"Most of these people speak frequently about the need to get rid of some of their... supporter of donating or sharing your books when you're done with them, I also believe... a lot of books in your home. The key is to make sure that you're incorporating the... decor of your home so that they aren't just taking up space but instead are adding... to the design. There are many different ways to use books to add style to your home..."
Are Ceiling Fans the Kiss of Death for Design?
"a bevy of pros beg to differ... defense of those designers, most of the fans they ripped out were horrendously outdated... every design show I watch or magazine I read is of the opinion that ceiling fans... the #1 design No-No. Would installing ceiling fans be committing design suicide? Do... with one of these fresh new designs.... ceiling fans design suicide? I say "hardly," and the Houzz community agrees! This has been..."
Touches of Cozy for Open-Plan Designs
"separate a bedroom from a bathing area or create a calmer spot in a living room, here... a sort of hybrid of separate rooms with larger openings will become more of the next... a bit of an echo sometimes - especially with a lot of hard surfaces. And large numbers... a few of the pictures) and curtains can create separation and add texture and warmth... ranch all of the old concept of actually defined rooms! The house we are in now is open..."
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