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Houzz Tour: An Old-World Bungalow Earns a New Plan
"sharing the project. I really wish architects would read the articles that point out how... chatting with your neighbors. They definetly need a comeback. You guys are so right! Funny... When planning the design, it was an absolute requirement to have both! The house... done on your renovation. Wow! What a gorgeous home... This is nice and classy. Truly... enjoy your lovely home! Architectural Antiques enjoys reading about how residents..."
Case Study: 8 Tips for Planning a Backyard From Scratch
"already know your yard well, take your time to experience the various microclimates before... you know your yard very well, take your time to experience the various microclimates... in this project is not one of mine, but if you're looking for a high end steel firebowl... firebowl for your deck project, I've shipped over 1200 of my hand-cut designs to all 50... those plans right away. Instead, we sat within the remnants of the previous owners'..."
Design It Like a Man: Tips for Single Guys Planning a Bedroom
"brace your feet against a footboard The huge mirror next to the bed is a little creepy... aside, if you're a single guy looking to attract a female friend, flowers & frills in... to spat your ideology. It's sad when I come to a site & I can't just escape superfluous... iPad. If you’re a single guy trying to design, say, a bedroom — or if you’re designing... icate your lifestyle. An interior designer will almost always start a project with..."
Home Designs: The U-Shaped House Plan
"floor plans, this crop of houses share U-shaped plans in common. In each case the... U-shaped plans require more land than the average single-family residence, yet some... poorgirl - Your house is actually closer to my next ideabook on Curved Houses. Look for... House PlanFloor Plans: Living La Vida Linear A master suite addition to an Eichler... four-residence project on a 1.5-acre site is articulated with three pavilions. Therefore each..."
What to Consider Before Starting Construction
"you and your designer have settled on a plan for your remodel or your custom new-build... meals in your new chef’s kitchen. Or even feel the warmth of your new steam shower.... major home project: construction. As with most things, the more prepared you are, the... you take your own nurse to your doctors office"? I am sure yours is "super", but as... those plans and proposals. This teamwork continued through-out the project with weekly..."
Kitchen Remodel Costs: 3 Budgets, 3 Kitchens
"Remodel Your Kitchen | Mapping Out Your Scope of Work... will this project cost?" I then try to explain that this is like asking, "How long is... influence a project's cost. From basic construction issues, such as repairing what may... not we plan on moving things around or adding space, there are so many variables that... al in your location and discussing what your options are is the first step. And... has 3 plans to choose from, I chose plan 2, which is to be co-general contractor..."
What to Look for in a Contractor's Contract
"go into planning for the average construction project. That's where a good contract... , and your house. These 10 tips, while just a starting point, will get you thinking... areas of your project; 6-Buy all your own fixtures and finish materials; if you want... signing your life away in order to get to know who your working with and to iron out... even if your not in CA why not ask for some of these provisions in your contract...."
So You Want to Build: 7 Steps to Create a New Home
"define your relationship to the world, to your family and to yourself. Creating a... research and plan your trip. You’ll want to have a sense of what the end result should... less! Planning your garden landscape or patio is just as crucial in planning for... happy in your newly renovated home and your mood will change completely. Happy remodeling... want the project to take twice as long and drive you to your wit's end!) You are absolutely..."
10 Top Tips for Getting Bathroom Tile Right
"Good planning is essential for bathroom tile that's set properly and works with the... rest of your renovation. These tips help you do it right... careful planning, your results might be close to what you wanted — but not quite perfect... renovation. Planning tile layout carefully from the start can aid in everything from framing... try to plan your project around it (been there with clients). The exception to this..."
Chicken Coops That Rule the Roost
"maybe even planning a henhouse of your own... ether you're an urban farmer in the making or a well-versed country gardener, it's... photos of your henhouses. Scroll down to view eight of our favorites.... droppings on your garden. They are very rich and will burn your plants if they are not... IM ONLY PLANNING AT FIRST ON TWO CHICKS, SEE HOW IT GOES. Thanks for the coop inspiration... We are planning to get our first chickens this summer, and it's great to see so many..."
December Checklist for a Smooth-Running Home
"stripping, plan for holiday home safety, consider backup heating, check your emergency... adding to your list this month.... you have your insurance up to date and have your irreplaceable items easy to hand if... you have your survival kit up up to date, know where your nearest cyclone shelter is... route planned, and decide whether to fight or go. Don't leave it to the last minute... Clear your yard or dead wood, and branches near houses and clear gutters so to avoid..."
15 Outdoor Pet Projects You'll Lap Up
"happy. And your projects have also made your patios and yards more interesting. Get ideas... answered. Your unconditional love for your pets shines through with the care and thought... share your own outdoor pet project.... Like your mind blowing ideas and project pics. for pet. Pets need space to play... that if your dog goes nose to nose with another dog or animal your dog can get whatever... might keep your dog in but they won't keep other dogs, wild animals, people out. Your..."
How to Hire the Right Architect: Comparing Fees
"best for your project and your bottom line? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer... take the plans for bid, your contractors will likely bid per plans, if the architect... detailed plans, builder contract negotiation, and project oversight. I don't know what... to weed your garden or wash your car. Thus it is unwise to simply talk about how much... similar projects in our office and percentage of construction cost for the project..."
How to Design a Family Photo Wall
"New project for a new year: Display your favorite images of loved ones for the most... to hang your photos; bad things happen to DIY projects It's really not that difficult... make the project go quickly. The only thing I do in addition is to label each paper... well if you're not looking for pin point accuracy and everything being level. Doesn't... think your suggestions make those treasures and pictures actually artwork - and I..."
Learn the Lingo of Construction Project Costs
"remodeling project, pricing is a lot harder to come by. It’s likely your project has never... makes your project entirely custom — and that means the price is, too.... of not planning the project through to a granular level, that is, confirmed plans... detailed in your plans and work with a contractor you trust, your house is still going... you and your builder agree to as the project estimate, in your mind mentally add 25%..."
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