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Houzz Tour: Ease and Comfort in 340 Square Feet
"reful planning and design tricks create easy access and a pleasing flow in a tiny... floor plan. And congratulations on a great design! What a perfect space! I like... space planning like a boat and attractive too. @gracelyngignac...the article states... floor plan which helps see where storage has been achieved here. I love this space... floor plan, there is no laundry. It is probably an older building (remember the..."
Summer Living: How to Welcome Weekend Guests
"smart planning make summer visitors feel right at home... The planning will be equally fun to the actual event I suppose. A mix between... don't plan to provide any ipod or other docking stations for them, nor an electric... guest. Plans were for a 5 day stay at our lake house, after 3 days of not coming to... guests to plan and execute a couple of the meals. I always do this ahead of their visit... moment, the plan is to say that the cave is stocked with wine and preserved food and that..."
Design Workshop: Give Me an ‘H’
"floor plan for more privacy and natural light... floor plan. I find it fascinating to trace the roots of a particular configuration... H-shaped plan, in the vernacular hall house of medieval Northern Europe, are especially... an H plan in the Tropics with no heating issues is great. Orientation to sun and... floor plan style. We find our H house very livable and are fortunate to have views... The H plan could be used for a 2 generational family house, or to separate offices..."
There’s a Party in the Backyard, Says a Houzz Landscaping Survey
"homeowners planning to revamp their yards... homeowners plan to update their landscapes to create a better entertaining space.... outdoor plans for homes in central Florida where it rains every day in the summer and... As we plan to sell soon we know we're going to need to hire a professional outfit... really do plan to hire a pro for this because of the mess but also because we want to... am also planning a cat-safe windy terrace garden (10th floor; 1,000 sq. ft.), in Toronto..."
A Designer Shares Her Master-Bathroom Wish List
"She's planning her own renovation and daydreaming about what to include. What amenities... in the planning stages of a major renovation to my 100-plus-year-old San Francisco... you and plan to have an accessible bathroom on the main floor. Charlene and grangers... bathroom plans. I've been accumulating salvage for many years! The "birdbath" in the... bathroom plan is standing in for that spit sink. It's self-rinsing so I won't have to..."
Decorating Trends: A New Houzz Survey Shows What Homeowners Want
"though. I'm planning to redo a spare bedroom for a reading room, resting zone. I haven't... with a plan though. Might try the online designers mentioned in the article. I like... and a plan based upon that input. The choices are 100% the client's. I actually never... boring. Planning chevron design in both bathrooms. Hmm, no one surveyed me! I am an... said they plan to use wallpaper in the home, versus only 3 percent of people older than..."
Switching Up a Colonial Home to Suit a Modern Family
"Floor plan labels are thrown out the window as a designer helps a family shape rooms... floor plan in this and other articles. Floor plans really pull the ideas together... space planning to suit a client beautifully. The billiards (former dining) room... floor plan What a HUGE difference! I am totally in love with the updated look. Love... floor plan says dining room, living room or any other room does not mean one is..."
8 Remodeling Costs That Might Surprise You
"Plan for these potential budget busters to keep a remodeling tab from escalating... because they planned to put stone over the brick fireplace, but it was determined that there... final plan with city stamp. Still add a large margin, maybe 15-20% after final plan... based on a plan. As we move along the work, several problems arise, and they require immediate... when our plan to vault the living room ceiling & add skylights was scrapped because..."
Transition Time: How to Connect Tile and Hardwood Floors
"Plan ahead to prevent unsightly or unsafe transitions between floor surfaces. Here's... However, not planning the transition can result in a final product that doesn't meet your... specify when planning a transition from tile flooring to hardwood.... took some planning, etc, and the edges of the hardwood were stained and sealed prior... floor plan, on a concrete foundation... will this all be a problem down the road..."
Houzz Tour: Let's Be Transparent Here
"floor plan celebrate a midcentury modern home's openness and connection to nature... floor plan and exterior, giving the clients a simpler, pared-down version of the... shots and plans - very helpful and shows how thoughtful planning can improve function... floor plans. Every post should give them when possible; it trains us to understand... use the plans we have posted as a starting point, but I would encourage you to tweak..."
Architect's Toolbox: 6 Drawings on the Way to a Dream Home
"yards and plan factories do (and don't do). I hope you plan a future article that describes... set of plans. This article gives a clear definition. Great Resource. Excellent article... to the plans, are left out until almost too late, necessitating last minute changes... house planning Someone...anyone...please take Bud's pencils, pens and markers from... draft a plan that us relatively simple. Thank you... floor-plan studies in conjunction with thumbnail sketches to test ideas and make..."
Luxury of Space: Designing a Dream Laundry Room
"Plan with these zones and amenities in mind to get a laundry room that takes function... have. Big plans for a little outside bathroom, but at the moment a little budget and... and I'm planning to add some of these Grundtal shelves from Ikea on the walls in my... get some plans to do just that. As a baby boomer, I am trying to make my life a little... great plan tdknight! Thanks for encouragement. Good luck wih your new home!! What..."
Houzz Tour: Creative Thinking Yields a Lakefront 'Living Room'
"reful planning leads to a new structure and location for a stellar view... due to planning constraints on the beautiful property. Architect Andy Ramus built... of the planning committee rules. I get that people like to have their own spaces and... were planned into the height above the water? I think, from the dining table shot... all the planning stipulations in this community, I'm shocked that a bathroom & kitchen..."
DIY Spirit Reinvents an Industrial Home
"detailed plan from a designer, this homeowner rolled up his sleeves and transformed... detailed plan, and he implemented it himself, finding materials and furnishings and... the open plan nature of the loft. Exactly what it is supposed to be. I would like more... in the plans. Dreaming of two or three overhead rain shower nozzles, heated floors... one I plan to use. I absolutely love this, especially DIY...He put alot of love into..."
Before and After: Front Lawn to Prairie Garden
"create a plan, stick to it and keep the neighbors (and wildlife) in mind... as the plan, site layout & adjustment, tools, materials used & difficulty... initial plan showed the grass path with a curve; how much nicer it would have been... idea as I plan to have mulch throughout. You've saved me! These are pictures of... are well planned with beautiful plantings and vegatation.... not sparse and dead looking..."
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