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Budget Gardener: 8 Easy Container Plants to Grow From Seed
"herbs from seeds. Another good reason to grow container plants from seeds? You... follow planting instructions on the seed packets; they are a wealth of information... Most seeds will need to be started indoors prior to the last frost. Be sure to follow... deep to plant and when to start.... try your seeds. Good luck! Regarding starting shade plants from seed, I don't typically... late to plant the seeds in the Midwest? I'm sure your saved seeds will be fine, the..."
How to Plant a New Lawn From Seed
"hoose from more grass varieties and save money over sod by starting your lawn from... consider planting your lawn from seed. While not the perfect solution for every lawn... grass seed, because the seeds grow best when temperatures are between 60 and 80 degrees... grass seed is often a great choice for homeowners who want more grass options.... times to plant in your area; in warmer and milder climates, you will be able to sow..."
Houzz Interview: Miss Mustard Seed’s Charming Pennsylvania Home
"fabric from a remnant bin, and pieces from elsewhere in my home. As everything came... Mustard Seed. Marian lives in a small town near Gettysburg, PA with her youth pastor... Mustard Seed. "In 2008, my family encouraged me to turn my hobby into a business and... Mustard Seed Creations was born. When I'm not working on pieces for the shop or custom... Mustard Seed. Please tell us about your "first meeting" with your house -What was..."
Planning Time: Get Your Garden Started With Seeds
"starting the seeds for one. Not only will you save money (a packet of seeds is far less... When to plant outside? Check the ideal outdoor transplanting date for each plant, then... start the seeds. Cool-season edibles and other plants can go outside when the soil is... exact plants you want, whether exotic perennials or your family’s favorite tomato... most plants should not be set outside before the last expected frost. If you start..."
Great Design Plants: A Bevy of Beauties from the Meadow
"has a plant for everyone. From purple to magenta to white blooms, from gold leaves... leaves, from short to gargantuan forms, you just can't go wrong. In winter the taller... these plants have hollow stems, you can leave them up without snow and ice getting... crowns. Sow seeds in autumn or winter and let nature do the work of stratifying for you... late to plant and how do you plant them. Fall is the BEST time to plant perennials..."
Inspiring Winter Scenes From the Denver Botanic Gardens
"Use seed heads, bare branches and grasses to design lovely garden displays when the... learn from no matter how large or small our spaces. Here are a few ideas to get... Bee Balm seed heads, and River Birch (probably the best 'interesting' tree)!! Don't... these plants in winter are stunning. I would love to have the color palette of my... use mass plantings of taller grasses to create a sense of mystery and journey. Using..."
How to Plant a New Lawn From Sod
"a lawn from sod is a fairly easy project for the average homeowner. But, as with most... in the seed, covering with burlap and sowing the clover stops the grass seed from... grass seed and white clover seeds. Spread this over your problem area. The seeded... Stay away from Bermuda grass --it's invasive and almost impossible to keep from spreading... doing any planting or seeding on slopes. If I may, it's much better to water for shorter..."
Garden Alert: 22 Plants to Keep Away From Pets
"cats away from these landscaping and houseplant favorites... Plants and pets aren't always a perfect combination. A surprising number of plants... than 300 plants that can cause problems. Talk to your vet or see the ASPCA's website... these plants and your pets can't coexist. Many dogs and cats won't give these plants... of the plant, and didn't even suffer a stomachache. Still, it's better to be safe... these same plants are also toxic to humans. While adults generally don't chomp their way..."
Modern Planting Ideas From a Historic English Garden
"tting plants are just the beginning of the good things in this bishop’s updated garden... skillfully planted to create a kaleidoscope of flower and foliage color. I was lucky... other plants have given up on me. I have moved it multiple times in the same season... bugs and plant diseases which come with the weather. Occasionally it all looks perfect... nance planting schemes and ideas that can easily be transported into our own garden..."
Artistic Planting Ideas From a Brazilian Superstar
"native plantings changed the face of landscape architecture. Could Roberto Burle Marx’s... move away from formal garden design toward more abstract designs that used native Brazilian... Brazilian plants. His landscape designs followed the images of his abstract paintings... materials and plants to render them in three dimensions. Once completed, his designs were... Mass planting seems natural in this style as in nature plants can self seed/propagate..."
Great Design Plant: Blue Sage
"to grow from seed in a sunny fall garden... dangling from its tubular blooms as hummingbirds fuel up on their migration south, and... of the plant's leaves is spicing up the deep autumn musks.... this plant grows really well from seed! I bought some seed from Prairie Moon Nursery... want a plant to stay where it is and behave, but most plants aren't like that--they... before I plant. I don't know where you guys are located, and I know this salvia has..."
What We Can Learn From Longwood Gardens’ New Meadow
"native plant communities ... this public garden is brimming with lessons on horticulture... came back from my first visit to Longwood Gardens, in southeastern Pennsylvania. Since... design and plant material. Even at Longwood, the impressive gardens and conservatory did... learn from the meadow for our own gardens? Info: Longwood Gardens is open year-round;... wander in from the neighboring park and those "helpers" so they know why we need to let..."
8 Design Tricks From Sunny Botanical Gardens
"a yard from stale to stupendous with ideas from these expertly designed gardens in... gardens from Florida to Arizona be your breath of fresh air. I'll show you what works... grown from seed or properly transplanted saguaros will taper. Here's another view... a path from our side patio to our back patio in our New Mexico home. Thanks for focusing... picture, from Fairchild Garden, was designed by Raymond Jungles. His website has quite..."
16 Stunners From an English Garden Center
"notes from an English garden center, which highlight some plants that not only look... range of plants available to us as a result of the mild Gulf Stream–influenced climate... 19th-century plant hunters and the ongoing British passion for gardening. So here are my... grown from seed, but most gardeners buy young plants in early spring. The low-growing... annuals planted for borders and containers, as well as for cuttings, is the old favorite..."
Easygoing Tulip Ideas From a Grand California Garden
"' over planting or cover crop planting' - This entails planting an annual such as... season plants. I'd have liked some notes of dealing with your planted bulbs --- marking... aren't planted very deep? Because currently I left no room to plant anything else... If you plant them in annual beds and leave them from year to year, watering other... annuals planted among them can give them wet feet and cause them to rot. Planting them..."
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