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Great Design Plant: Milkweed
"not-weed plant is a sight to behold in the garden, has a delicious vanilla scent and... a host plant for the monarch butterfly — a summer standby whose numbers are quickly... landscape plant from a design perspective, but it's also a hub for wildlife. A win-win... time to plant seeds if I can't find the plants? Lalea, oh never ever buy plants from... invasive, so plant with care. It ended up choking out many of my other plants and getting..."
Great Design Plant: Pink Trumpet Vine Heralds Vibrant Color
"beautiful plant than pink trumpet vine. Whether you train it up a trellis or use it as... such a plant. No plant should ever be planted that will be so difficult for future... n.org/PlantFinder/PlantFinderDetails.aspx?kempercode=b840 We have to come to grips... nps.gov/plants/alien/pubs/midatlantic/ceor.htm I am wondering if I can plant this in... native plants, though my stance about aggressive plants, in general, is akin to my..."
Garden BFFs? Why Your Vegetables Are Begging for Companion Plants
"among plants for protection from bug baddies, pollination suport and color camaraderie... helpful plants, better known as companion plants. Companion plants help keep bad... coriander plants repel rabbits from eating low growing leafy veggies if you plant them... tomato plants last two years and they were transferring to the neighboring plants... range of plants that you have planted there yourself to mimic the variety of functions..."
7 New Plants to Grow for Beautiful Foliage
"introduced plants that sport exceptional foliage... leafed plants like hostas, "feathery" plants like ferns and astilbe, and plants with... pulling up plants 8-10 feet away from any other plants. It is deep rooted and difficult... once the plant gets going. I would consider planting it in a large shaded area where... "mother" plant. When the unwanted plants are small, they can be easily pulled out of... eat the plants all the time. Which those plants listed are deer resistant? Thanks..."
6 New Plant Varieties That Beat Out Their Parents
"from my plants, and they certainly have to do far more than just give me pretty flowers... typically seek plants that are low maintenance and have a long bloom period. The selections... garden Nice plant Like flower Find a sunny place to plant For anyone in the Seattle area... essential to plant native plants--evolution is a very slow process and species can't just... with any planting, if not planting 100% native. There are native viburnams for example..."
Great Garden Combo: 3 Wonderful Plants for a Deer-Resistant Screen
"with a planting trio that turns a problem garden area into a highlight... barrier planting can keep the deer away from some plants that might otherwise be considered... deer-resistant plantings. Since the hardiness zones are given for each plant, look for similar... select plants that are generally considered deer resistant. I have also found that... beautiful planting combination below will thrive in full sun, average soil and a temperate..."
Great Design Plant: Red Bird-of-Paradise Soars With Color
"lovely plant. This is a spectacular plant, and I have just the place for it on the... can this plant take humidity along with the heat - I would like to plant it in North... another planted along our driveway. Have you writen an article on plants to help in... from the plant... peppyann, if you have these plants in your area, you can just pick... These plants seem to like hot weather. I planted mine from seeds. Some of them..."
Great Design Plant: Lindera Benzoin Offers 3-Season Interest
"after planting to try to teach the deer that this is a bad tasting plant. Deer are... native plants! I have heavy deer issues. Do they eat spice bush? According to a rating... landscape plants from Rutgers Univ., spicebush is 'seldom severely damaged' by deer.... let the plants get established. Also use a repellent like Liquid Fence or Bobbex right... the same plant. Curtis, I have numerous deer and they have never touched my Spice Bush..."
Great Design Plant: Pride of Madeira
"do the plant justice. You’ve probably heard the list of attributes before — purple... wonderful plants. Will this plant survive the harsh winters in NJ while it is dormant... trim the plant, pull out all the volunteer plants that seed themselves. Finally you... with a plant that turns into a skeleton! I would not plant this again! Liquidscapes... of this plant. There are two common Echium species planted in CA. The article..."
Great Design Plant: Passiflora Incarnata
"lovely plant. This plant *is* beautiful, but... we planted one on our backyard fence... http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=PAIN6 The vine is aggressive, so plant... usf.edu/Plant.aspx?id=3464 I live in the West Indies, and to be honest, I plant it... sell this plant (www.plantrealflorida.org). This plant does not occur naturally in BC... have this plant in my garden. Indian version. It is called "Krishna kamal". The Indian..."
Great Design Plant: Solidago Rigida Brightens Fall Gardens
"all for plants that give insects life for i believe these insects may feed the birds... mixed planting in a parking lot in the Boston area. It is a reliable early blooming... to this plant. L Takes to all ya experienced gardeners in giving your advice. It's... stage plant. 1) A leafy thing when it first comes up. 2) A flowering thing later... 3) Said plant shall produce berries late in the season so birds can feast in cold months..."
Great Design Plant: Retreat to the Shade of Hardy Catalpa
""right plant for the right place", especially when planting or deciding whether or... planning/planting but never think of planting one for future generations. A tree is... present and plant it for them - otherwise trees may never be planted on the property.... decide to plant one. how to get the plant in India Catalpa seeds are for sale on Google... one to plant at my country house, but nurseries in my area don't seem to sell them..."
How to Find the Right Plants for Your Garden
"choosing plants by cold-hardiness zones for a beautiful landscape that thrives year-round... aking plant choices for our landscapes is fun — even addicting. The excitement over... right plant choice isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when you need to consider... by USDA plant hardiness may not be the best way to plan your garden, but that realization... right plant choice now will often save time and distress down the road, ensuring..."
Great Design Plant: Wild Lupine Dresses Up Rocky Gardens
"make this plant ideal for tough sites... healthy plant could disappear overnight. I can't be the only one thinking of the book... on the plant. I loved Miss Rumphius! Love Lupine. Here is a picture of a field of... on. Try planting seeds in the fall at the far end of where you want them to grow and... best to plant native seeds in the fall right after the first rain of the season. Good... native plant nursery or a seed source. I promise they will require considerably less..."
No-Regret Plants: 5 Questions Smart Shoppers Ask
"that the plants you're eyeing will stick around in your yard... season for planting and establishing many kinds of plants, especially deciduous trees... making new plant purchases — especially when you're excited about all the plants on your... Buying plants when they're for sale at a reduced price makes the season even better... adding any plants to your cart. Remember, it's only a "deal" if your purchases integrate..."
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