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These Aren’t Your Grandparents’ Junipers
"no-maintenance plant. Ruth - if you want screening, plant the upright forms of juniper or... boldly plant junipers! So there you go...... and there's no charge for that therapy... I just planted some creeping juniper and am inspired by this story to try some other... is the plant on the far left in the last picture? Thanks for the variety of ideas... words and plants. Old overgrown junipers can look great when trimmed up to resemble a..."
Get a Jump on a Cool-Season Vegetable Garden
"plan and plant cool-season crops like salad greens, spinach, beets, carrots and peas... those plants that literally went to seed when faced with warm temperatures. That’s... filled with plants that prefer the cooler temperatures and soils of spring and fall. Some... ones you plant early in the year, when you simply can’t wait to return outdoors after... to the plants, by wintering over they lose that heat and plants thrive in it. Square..."
5 Prairie Wildflowers That Can Heal Your Soil
"mping plants that draw pollinators too... at the plants, which also forces me to look closer at the soil. There’s so much going... prairie plant’s mass is belowground. I imagine taking the root superhighway down... prairie plant roots die each year, helping to create a richer soil; some penetrate... And many plants, like legumes, actively add nitrogen to the soil — a free fertilizer... native plants. If you want to find a list of plants that fix nitrogen look under..."
5 Weed-Smothering Ground Covers
"landscape plants do the dirty work of choking out weeds while you sit back and enjoy... enjoying the plants I've endeavored to grow. I wholeheartedly resent the time suck of removing... mild-mannered plants, you might consider them weeds in their own right, but for gardeners... just with plants native to your area. Because someone planted bamboo in our yard before... remove one plant of Catmint from my garden... ohh the mistakes we gardeners make.. I don't..."
7 Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives
"? You plant a low-maintenance ground cover, that's what. Here's a rundown on some... tolerant plants but.... Please help! I disagree with using prickly plants beneath windows... has host plants for caterpillars, flowering plants for butterflies, lots of fairly safe... shorter plants. Try wooly thyme. Jenny ~ thanks for the list of lawn alternatives.... posted this plant on another Ideabook but I think it is worth posting again. Phyla nodiflora..."
Stretch the Budget, Seasons and Style: Add Conifers to Your Containers
"for the plants in a container or planted in a garden? I am in charge of purchasing... in from planting a Japanese maple and a bunch of ferns and saw this. Conifers really... container plantings, but one of my favorite to use is chamaecyparis obtuse 'Chirimen'... so many plants, I'm probably on a most wanted list at local nurseries. Do you bring... jumble of plants to me. This is no criticism of Le Jardinet's work, which I generally..."
10 Perennials to Extend Your Garden's Summer Color
"these plants in my garden in Kentucky and they were almost all plants that could... so the plants have not really filled in yet. I planted some Gaillardias a couple months... mother plant. The new plants have small fairly insignificant flowers and are a royal... a neat plant. I have had a major problem with Russian sage running all over my yard... shade-loving plant. Would love more articles dedicated to shade gardens. I love all of..."
6 Ways to Help Your Dog and Landscape Play Nicely Together
"prized plantings intact and your dog happy too, with this wisdom from an expert gardener... eating plants, some dogs can wreak havoc on landscape design. Knowing what some of... 3-4' wide planting bed in front as many plants grow to those measurements. Think inside... tough plants help keep everyone happier. Haha ! Funny article. I especially love... help save plants. I have one wonderful digger and another who won't get paws damp..."
4 Herb Container Gardens for Fabulous Global Cuisine
"ts of plants. These ideas are awesome :) very useful and fun! I live in the North... basil plant shown has flowered - best to pinch them off as soon as you can if you... put the plants on them. Thanks! Hi Kim, first of all, I love your article. Thank... and have planted a few (lavender, rosemary, oregano, thyme, a few mints and other herbs)... year I planted herbs for the first time and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, this..."
Regal Lavender Rules Gardens Coast to Coast
"young plants, to grow or to give away. I haven't tried rooting it Tricia - I should... those plants that I can look at and feel an instant sense of calming. Unlike the... other plants in my garden that make me wonder where I went wrong. It has a beautiful... lavender I planted at my old house and plan to add it at the new place when I start on... care for plants. Lavender is one of them. It's tough but delicately beautiful. I have..."
Why the Art of Restraint Is So Good for Your Garden
"naturalized plantings offer the perfect inspiration for your home landscape... herbaceous plants to public light. Eventually, these beautiful works were brought across... the same plants melted in the heat of many American gardens. The manicured, eclectic... eclectic planting palettes require constant management and a large budget to control reseeding... masses of plants in restrained, monocultural blocks keep the composition bold and simple..."
Improve Your Style Fortune With Lucky Bamboo
"versatile plant straight up or with a twist for auspicious living decor that thrives... gift plant seen growing in pebble-filled glass containers filled with water. But... But this plant is not all novelty. It's a wonderful, versatile species that's able to... other plants may not, and can be used as an attractive, living design element that... this plant delivers. It is hardy, but you'll have to follow some basic tenets for..."
Summer Crops: How to Grow Squash
"easy-to-grow plant is almost guaranteed to thrive and produce an abundant crop, even if... grow, the planting and care requirements are the same. Squash is traditionally known... all the plants I started (MANY). (My total harvest was, I believe, three - one rotten... eight plants that grew to maturity.) I am totally aware that I am an exception to... companion planting approach - beans, maize and squash all growing together and mutually..."
How to Incorporate Your Roofing Into the Landscape
"thoughtful plant choices is one thing, but what about that roof? Whether you’ve purchased... mature plantings, with the bigger trees probably planted over 100 years ago. All... didn't plan plants to match my shingles - wish I could start over. Our home (rancher) is... mass planting to break up the lines and bring some burgundy foliage into the mix... research the plants you mentioned. There is a blue spruce farm not far from us and we have..."
9 Flowers That Draw Butterflies
"of the plants I like to use in California to entice a visit from my fluttering friends... had planted a fence line with three types of plants. In the summers, I had literally... Which plants should I plant for butterflies? Thanks Tcvh, I live in San Antonio Tx... I have planted honeysuckle, salvia, lantana and other drought resistant plants which... told, planting flowering bushes does little to attract and keep butterflies. The..."
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