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6 Ways to Help Your Dog and Landscape Play Nicely Together
"and your dog happy too, with this wisdom from an expert gardener and dog guardian... Dogs and outdoor spaces go together naturally. But with their penchant for digging... and your dog, and leave you both with a beautiful yard to enjoy. Here's what to keep... some dogs can wreak havoc on landscape design. Knowing what some of the most common... of some dogs damaging yard behavior. We have a tiny yard that's not ample for two dogs..."
Designed for Dogs: 5 Fantastic Dog Parks Across the U.S.
"for play are all they need. For those living in crowded cities, dog parks have become... England. "Dog parks are a safe, generally tick-free place for dogs that are cheap to... to make dogs happy — a full belly, a warm bed, lots of love and plenty of room for... there are dog parks," says Christian Lau, author of The Dog Lover's Companion to New... fantastic dog parks and how to get one started in your area. More: 8 Backyard Ideas..."
Houzz Tour: A Home Built for Lego Play
"suitable for contemporary living. “You get the benefits of both,” he says. “You get... except for that cage for the dog. Something about it looked abit brutal. Crazy good... doors open for the dog(s) to come & go. As someone else posted, many dogs want a confined... crate for their dog. Many dogs are also fine with being locked in their crate for... Hurrah for color. Love it. BTW some dogs don't mind a cage. Had one dog afraid..."
Houzz Call: Looking for Dogs in Design
"love your dogs. They keep you company, never diss your decorating, and make every lunch... wonders for your home photography and never mention model fees. So look through your... the hunt for a Houzz Pet of the Week, and your pooch could be Houzz Pet No. 1. As we're... looking for shots of your pal in a great space. He could be in the room you just decorated... patio. Dogs + Design = Houzz bliss. We all know this...."
15 Great Ideas for a Lawn-Free Yard
"turf war for good with hardscaping, native grasses and ground covers that save water... examples of yards using gravel, stone, native plantings and more, for fire-safe, droug... gardened for food and flowers. For the record, we do have a patio for lounging. I... suggestions for a yard with 12 smaller dogs that have ruined my lawn and love to dig? I... welcome! For people with dogs that like to dig I would suggest making a small play yard..."
50 Dog Photos Worth a Wag
"beloved dogs at home, in the workshop and at play... asked for your best photos of your dogs in design, and the images are still galloping... waiting for you to return. What makes a dog? Two bright eyes, four legs, a tail, fur... beloved dogs at home, at the job site, in the studio, keeping you safe, getting in... meant for a dog. Thank you for such an amazing collection of dog photos! I had such... rescued dog. Dogs are so great! Especially Australian Cattle Dogs - I was surprised..."
Renovation Ideas: Playing With a Colonial’s Floor Plan
"or go for a total redo to make your colonial work better for the way you live... enough for pizza parties, and polished enough for those moments; we added a gas fireplace... our home for us, not some future buyer. I am aware of not overdoing it for the neighborhood... that's for you decide. Okay, done now : ) The step by step explanations for tackling... leave some for more quiet use ( DR; Den, Library, office, for instance) is welcome. I..."
9 Ways to Make Your Yard More Fun for Kids
"Play is at the heart of childhood, and an inspiring outdoor play area can give children... incorporate play into your landscape. Here are some ideas for a range of project budgets... precious yard space, or you don’t want to look at toys year-round from the interior... "perfect" yard is going to take a backseat to healthy, explorative play for the children... just work for us in our yard and situation. not for everyone of course. Sandboxes tend..."
8 New Uses for Your Side Yard
"these side yards meet a home's needs as dining, entertaining and living areas... a side yard makeover, there are also more prosaic uses for that slender area. You... inspiring side yards where style and utility coexist, and the roles they play.... a side yard into a glorious garden room. We all want at least one (or possibly two)... the side yard, it is a good start. We use our side yard for a dog run - only with a..."
So You're Thinking About Getting a Dog
"yourself for the realities of training, cost and the impact that lovable pooch might... crazy dog lady. With a few exceptions, I experienced dogs as panting messes of fur... passion for dogs in particular. As soon as he was ambulatory, he was hitting on strange... puppy/dog = insanity. The prudent thing was to wait, which we did ... for another... crazy dog lady?" my sister, Torey, asked the other day out of nowhere. Sure, it was..."
Get Organized: A Place for Your Pets' Stuff
"cat or dog thanks to special places for their food, bed and toys... doctor; and playing with them. Not to mention all of the stuff — it's amazing how quickly... hooks for the dog leash and the purse??? Thats exactly what I did with my dogs stuff... matic-dog-waterer.htm A drawer for dog food bowls: http://www.houzz.com/photos... and wood dog crates, that look like end tables. If you have room for end tables (I..."
Pet-Friendly Design: Making Room for the Dog Dish
"In a dog’s life, you eat on the floor. Except in kitchens like these, where pets... an old dog new tricks. When I next remodel, I’m going to plan for this condition... stepping in a dog’s water dish, I speak from experience (no thanks, Augie). Like a good pet... designs for the dogs a priority for THEM and not easy for the humans. I feed raw so... place for them. Clever design for dog bowl I'm loving all these designs but I need..."
Architecture for Dogs Unleashes Designers' Creativity
"specifically for dogs — and specific breeds of dogs. The result is Architecture for Dogs... Dogs also invite dog lovers to download free blueprints for building the structures... gearing up for a Tokyo exhibit and book release in 2013. Hara and Architecture for Dogs... Most dogs live indoors with their guardians, amid architecture that might suit the... reflect the dog's preferences. So Japanese designer Kenya Hara, Muji's design director..."
Chickens, Chess and Swimming Star in a Silicon Valley Yard
"fowl play is afoot in these outdoor rooms, but the family members and their many... welcoming for family and friends. Part of that meant making over the yard, which wasn’t... g and play. The design, which included an outdoor swimming pool, a play structure... time. Yard at a Glance Who lives here: Michelle Pettigrew; Jerry Kaplan; their daughters... and 15; dogs Cookie and Bailey; and 5 chickens Location: Hillsborough, California Size:..."
10 Ideas for Making Screen-Free Play a Reality
"at home for the holiday break, it can be easy to let your usual rules about screen... ideas for encouraging creativity and engagement.... love of play because they forget to MAKE time to play with their kids. If all parents... creative play, no matter how old we are. Many of these ideas will be great for me and... available for use. We made valentines, birthday and other cards for their parents and... daughter played "bartender" for HOURS while I got stuff done. It was free and priceless..."
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