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Houzz Tour: Modern 'Pods' Offer a Log Cabin Compromise
"calls pods — separate areas in the house that afford privacy, with a great room as... feet (4 pods, 750 square feet each, plus a 200-square-foot bridge); 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2... chef's pod? Where's the freakin' bowling alley? This house is awesome, $$$$ anyone... Four pods — two wings with two pods each, one on top of the other — are connected... private pod areas, they all interact in the open living, dining and kitchen spaces..."
Mod Pods: Space-Age Decorating Comes Down to Earth
When first I saw the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey as a teenager, I wasn't just drawn to the special effects, the music, or the mysterious monolith. I was entranced by the look of it: the interior design of "Space Station V" (organically-shaped,...
Thanks, Steve: Apple-Inspired Design at Home
"Mac and iPod aesthetic synchs up with today's house... to the iPod, iPhone, iPad and iconic Apple Stores, Apple has led the way. And not just... iPad, iPod and iPhone accessories and must-haves — and how the Apple aesthetic has... what the iPod box would look like if another company besides Apple had made it. Anyway... Little iPod, BIG SPEAKER! "Don't bury the bass," as they say. Here's the iPod docked... iPad, iPod and other technology into your home? Please share a pic below. More: The..."
Summer Crops: How to Grow Okra
"colorful pods and delicate flowers to a summer garden... and long pods of green, yellow or red. Note: Even the “spineless” okra pods have spines... Green Long Pod, Emerald, Heirloom Red, Hill Country Red, Millionaire, North-South, Red... Though the pods can reach up to a foot in length, pick them when they are 2 to 4 inches... taste. Pods should snap off, but wear gloves and protection on your arms, and use..."
Inside Houzz: Explore the Houzz App’s New Features and Cleaner Look
"iPad® and iPod touch® to get more of what you love... iPad and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries..."
Inside Houzz: See the Houzz App’s Latest Features
"iPad® and iPod touch® for your new profile page, enhanced searching and easier uploads... iPad and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries..."
Great Design Plant: Retreat to the Shade of Hardy Catalpa
"brown pods cling to the branches and look like multiple exclamation points against... dropped seed pods and spent blossoms are less of an issue. How long do they live? We have... the seed pods before they break open. In the 8 years I've been caring for mine I've... the bean pods. I lived in Utah for a few years and my 90-year-old neighbor Norma had... the bean pods which drop starting in the fall and continuing into the following spring..."
Cool-Season Vegetables: How to Grow Peas
"“unzip” the pod to reach the peas. Edible pod peas, which include sugar snap peas (sugar... eaten pod and all when they are immature. Peas also come in two basic sizes. Tall... Sugar Pod II, Snowbird Planting and care: You will need to buy inoculated seeds or... and the pods are bright green. Edible peas are ready when the peas are just beginning..."
Simple Pleasures: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
"Reusable pods are now available for the pod coffee makers. I use a Bialetti 6 cup moka... those pods into the landfill. So I bought an "Ecocup" -- a small plastic cup I fill... of the pod I tasted! I started doing the pour over thing a year ago - I didn't even... little pods are expensive I buy them anyway, that dang Keurig makes THE BEST cup of... hand, iPod pumping out kanye wests "good morning". Now I can't get that since I emigrated..."
Mesquite: The Brawny Beauty for All Over the Home
"its bean pods provide most particularly. Spanish settlers turned to mesquite for its... the seed pods fell. I will admit they were beautiful and when we had them pruned once... drop seed pods, I would often find them sprouting like weeds around the house. Many times... all the pods, the fallen twigs and branches and pulling starters, make sure you protect... The seed pods can lie dormant for 40 years. These things spread as bad -or almost as..."
Great Design Plant: Eastern Redbud
"seed pods they eventually drop on the ground, but that's the price of beauty, and... the seed pods fall to the ground in the fall and some people are not fans of that, but... the seed pods to be too messy. The birds get most of them. Once in a while one takes... many seed pods that drop and germinate in my garden beds. I usually try to remove the... the pods if I can, but once the seed germinates and the seedling take hold; they're..."
The Moving-Day Survival Kit: Lifesaving Items and Niceties
"they've used PODs for the past several moves. I also had neighbors who used a POD when they... load the pods. Also, using the pods it doesn't matter how much your move "weighs." So... before our Pod did, we also acquired an airbed, a set of sheets and towels. When we arrived... until the Pod arrived. We did all of that at a local thrift shop. We also found some... U-boxes/pods) but if you have things you can't part with or don't want to replace..."
Great Design Plant: Honey Locust Tree
"produces the pods that some people consider a downside to honey locusts. In a rural setting... wildlife, a pod variety would be a good choice. The shape of the honey locust is very... leaves or pods. The most unnatural thing we have in the landscape is a leafless, che... have the pods and yes they are a bit of a chore to clean up. It is a great tree to... inundated with pods every other fall. They are a completely pain in the butt! With only..."
Make a Natural and Wild Holiday Wreath
"lotus pods and Hypericum berries as seasonal embellishments.... lotus pods and Hypericum berries as accents. You can gently slide the lotus pod stems... lotus pods 2 or 3 stems of Hypericum berriesBark-covered wireThin floral wirePruning..."
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