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Have Your Garden Fountain and Be Water Wise Too
"which water features are more conscious of conservation, along with strategies for... maintain your fountain or shallow pool can greatly affect how much water it consumes. Here... pond or fountain. But what about water consumption? In warm climates how you locate... are some water-wise tips for incorporating a water feature into your landscape.... splash, water features often become the focal point of a garden. And nothing brings..."
Water in the Landscape: Fabulous Fountains
"better. Water in the landscape is peaceful and cooling, and modern fountain design... term "water feature" (they also hate "hardscape). The second thing was that if you... People love fountains. For me, I just love the sound. If there's something I can put my... Tanner Fountain at Harvard. I don't have any pictures of those here, but there are... other fountains to peruse that are much more than an asterisk on a plan...."
Gardens Tap Into Rill Water Features
"this water feature is popular again as a way to help contemporary landscapes flow... all the water features we use in our gardens, the rill perhaps has the most interesting... moving water. The earliest style of rill was found in ancient Persian gardens, but... popular water feature of Edwardian garden design and often used by Gertrude Jeckyll... Does the water recycle underneath? Or is water stationary? Thanks for these great ideas..."
35 Fabulous Fountains
"Little Water Music In Your Garden... said that water is the driving force of all nature. Although in nature, water can be... bubbling fountain with a refreshing pool to dip your toes into. These 35 inspiring fountains... Implementing water features in the garden can accomplish the same task. Outdoor fountains... fountains are just a taste of the many ways you can use the natural tranquility... of a water feature to add to your landscape or patio...."
Outdoor Fountains Bring the River to You
"or kit water feature for your patio or yard — there's even one for a furry friend... help of a water feature. Imagine enjoying all the cooling and relaxing properties you... hyacinths and water lettuce to keep the water clean and it is now a maintenance free pond... kind of water feature. This is really inspirational! Water features are a great addition... Love the water features! I don't believe that the estimate of $1000 - $2000 for the..."
Make Your Own Tranquil Garden Fountain
"this DIY water feature in your yard, serenity is just a few steps away... common: a water feature. The sound of running water instantly brings a sense of relaxation... homemade water fountain and I love the sound of running water ....but for some reason... Louis city water fountain and water is supposed to feed the top basin ( where the dispenser... durable water fountain. The "rustic" look is our forte, so we typically use slabs..."
Fall for a Water-Wise Fountain
"interest of water conservation — these smart fountain designs let you have both... joy a water feature should deliver, check out these beautiful, water-concious fountains... Water brings tranquility, balance and movement to an outdoor space, qualities nearly... look with water conservation in mind? There are a few strategies: *Decrease evaporation... *Include water foliage *Reduce, reuse, recycle Just in case you think I've just eliminated..."
10 Ways to Add Water to Your Home's Design
"surrounded by water. This got me thinking about the ways in which we can add water to our... bring water features to our homes. Indoor or outdoor fountains, waterfalls built... gardens or pools and the installation of other water features are all great additions... waste of water. In those cases, it's best to enhance the existing water that we have... to add water-inspired artwork to the house. What do you think is the best way to..."
Patio of the Week: Water and Fire Mingle in a Canadian Front Yard
"fires, fountains and a dazzling LED lighting scheme create comfortable zones for lounging... way, the fountain and moat operate the same as a swimming pool. We have a filtered... fire and water. Our pool has a waterfall with a firepit built to the side of it so... moving water/fountain drowning out city sounds right over the concrete walls. Fantastic... moving water. What a glorious setting they've created! A true idyll - no small wonder..."
Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Water and Red
"spirits. And water, whether as rain, flood or fountain, because it is the element the legendary... element water: Red because it is the color of good luck and good fortune and is said... A red fountain An over the top red bedroom........ Red looks striking in so many... Water and red combine in a simple garden water feature perfect for the new year... This pool set within a red frame is definitely ready for the Year of the Dragon...."
Tranquil Water Gardens
"beautiful water features to your garden... tranquil water feature to your garden landscape. Water features can be as simple as... rectangular pool or a large, elaborate pond with a waterfall. Depending upon your property... tranquil water garden, this time in an arid, mountainous climate. This pool moves away... beautiful water elements. This landscape architect borrows many Moorish fountain elements... landscaped pool creates a stunning natural yet dramatic statement. A cascading waterfall..."
8 Pool Water Features That Venture Into Fantasy
"These pool designs let imagination take the lead... floating in a pool can only go so far. Water features can offer another welcome reprieve... spectacular pool designs incorporate some kind of moving water. Did you know the sound... moving water has been proven to lower the heart rate? Yet another reason to incorporate... incorporate a water feature in your next outdoor design.... in the pool too? The custom water feature with a water screen-What a great concept..."
Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort
"lower your water bill while creating a feast for the eyes with diverse plantings and gathering... drain on water resources, and they demand regular mowing and fertilizing, not to mention... mow amd water (other plants still need water too..) it sure looks a lot prettier than... Read your water meter before and after you water the lawn to see how many gallons of... of water you are using each day for the lawn. Then check your water bill to see how..."
Just Add Water: Rain Barrel Magic
"collect the water that would otherwise drain off your roof and use it to water your garden... adherents as water issues affect more and more of us. It's a practical approach — you collect... conserve water & stop using municipal drinking water to water our plants. I admit I... used the water for laundry and wash water, and hauled up their drinking water out of... saying: water flows uphill to money. @BethMcLennan - Water rights, water/resource 'wars'..."
Simple Pleasures: Beat the Heat With Water
"feet, water provides some of the best, simplest pleasures on summer days. Being mindful... the joy water brings can help you get into the spirit of the season. Get ready to quench... simplest fountain for my patio. A pot, a pump, a frog and some water. I can't tell you... when I water my plants on the deck. The cat in the last picture has the right idea... fill with water, put in fridge, remove, spray sweaty bod, repeat spraying till thoroughly..."
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