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What’s Fueling Austin’s Edgy Modern Architecture?
"does progressive architecture bubble up in one city and fizzle in another? What... too much progress and building t where the reason for living in a place is diminished... to get light in, in every possible way, you can play with light and shade.” The Young... build progressive designs that other cities’ residents might balk at. “There’s not... people are progressive, smart, young and are used to paying out the nose for rent, let..."
Gadgets Help You Watch Your Health at Home
"see your progress or to be notified of problems. Most quantified-self devices are wearable... quality, light, temperature, noise and humidity.A new company called CubeSensors is... noise, light or temperature with periods of poor sleep so you could figure out what's..."
Pitched Roofs Make a Point in Modern and Contemporary Homes
"symbol of progress in the architectural world. But what is it about this shape — those... area. A light-colored end frame emphasizes the contrasting blackened wood that covers... battens. The light colors of both materials integrate the surfaces. A similar scale and..."
Great Design Plant: Feather Reed Grass
"stunning progression of fall colors throughout its long flowering season. Feather reed... sun to light shadeMature size: 36-48” h x 24” spread (60-80” h when flowering)Tolerances:... movement. The light feathery foliage ebbs and sways with any amount of wind, enabling any..."
Ranch House Remodel: Installing the Interior Finishes
"w the progress of Mike and Leann Rowe of Lutz, Florida, as they renovate a 1970s-era... lot of light comes through, but no one will be able to peer in uninvited. We've also... kind of light it will exist in. With the drywall up and primed, we get to see what..."
Houzz Tour: Accessibility Meets Contemporary on an Austin Hilltop
"illness progressed, and she passed away after a year of living in her new house. But... work in progress (aka home). Several years ago we had to replace the toilet in our... Natural light was a big priority, so Blair designed extra-large windows throughout..."
Tables Set For Entertaining
"annual progressive dinner among friends in our neighborhood. While I love entertaining... tabletop and light from a lamp illuminates the walls, creating a warm and welcoming space..."
Where to Store your Cabernet & Chianti? In the Card Catalog, of Course!
"natural progression to seek out better ways to store it in order to preserve its quality... exposed to light and heat, consider building several coolers into a large island. How..."
Wash Up: Designing a Friendly, Efficient Laundry Room
"work in progress, though - I'm still figuring out exactly how best to organize the... natural light, thanks to the adjacent sunroom. This is a good reminder that the best..."
The Intriguing Corner
"life in progress). Places that are perfect for hiding, or for a long, contemplative... natural light, is especially appealing. But it's really the taxidermy that gets me..."
Houzz Tour: Mobile, Modern Farmhouse
"dynamic and progressive farming town was exactly what Butler's parents were looking for... is very light. The entire cabin is a mix of two very distinct farmhouse styles. "Its..."
My Houzz: Collective Spirit in a Boho Bungalow
"work in progress, but Morse has never regretted her decision to buy a century-old home... Natural light, an ample bookcase and cozy reading nooks complete the guest quarters..."
Great Design Plant: Purple Needle Grass, California’s State Grass
"the year progresses, only to revive again in the spring. Purple needle grass is the... floodingLight requirement: Full to partial sunMature size: 1 foot to 3 feet tall and..."
My Houzz: Modernism Takes a Natural Turn in Pennsylvania
"prioritized light and natural materials. “Natural light should be everywhere, even if it’s... single light being LED and white tpo roofing. The house was designed with windows... using LED lights and other features Gino. I really am but please understand that a house... treads as lightly as possible without costing the earth for products that are still in... cable and lighting work checked as well as pruning done before hurricane season. She..."
Dreaming in Color: 8 Enchanting Purple Bedrooms
"artificial light. You can warm up cooler purple hues with a healthy dose of light to medium... couldn't light it to my taste in the evenings. I like yellowish lights (normal in... tones and light . Yes. It looks so luxurious! I actually used purple color for all my... with a light shade like Lilac is that the flaws on the wall are very noticeable. Looks... work in progress. In my room, the color looks close to the pick from the article (2nd..."
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