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Expert Pruning Secrets for Exquisite Roses
"how to prune your rosebush in winter for health and shape... of rose pruning, one thing is certain: While roses’ winter dormancy persists, it’s... time to prune, ensuring a prolific bloom and healthy plants in spring and summer.... outside, pruning and tidying her 200 roses. And every May she and the neighborhood relish... article says prune when they are dormant and leave the leaves on until after pruning? At..."
Got Frost-Damaged Plants? How It Happens, and When and How to Prune
"be to prune it — but don’t. Believe it or not, you can do more damage if you remove... towards pruning method. If you live in a place where freezing temps are rare, you can... regarding not pruning too soon, as is Dig Your Garden's advice re watering. I found some... When to prune was unknown to me. My firethorn occasionally gets freeze damage at 7115'... renewal pruning is the best way to prune. This type of pruning involves severely pruning..."
California Gardener's January Checklist
"blooms and pruning saws earn a cheer, while California-focused gardening design books... planting and pruning again — welcome, January jobs.... I will prune after it blooms. apritini, yes, prune your maple.. cut off the suckers... time to prune a (temp) potted Trident Maple? It has some small branches quite low on... started to prune my repeat blooming roses but remember that roses that are one time bloomers... not be pruned until after their fantastic spring bloom. Here is a picture of Rosa..."
Southeast Gardener's February Checklist
"inch, prune and prepare this month — springtime's riches in the garden will be here... camellia be pruned? I live in central South Carolina (zone 8). The bush is about 8 feet... time to prune or shape a Camellia is just after the flowers have faded. Camellias do... require pruning, generally, but it's not uncommon to want to give the shrub some shape... can even prune now while it's in bloom, it won't hurt the plant by doing so, but you..."
Southwest Gardener's March Checklist
"get busy pruning to help your trees and plants reach their full potential... start pruning and dress up the landscape by adding some new flowering shrubs and... Healthy Prune frost-damaged growth. Make sure to wait to prune until the danger of... best when pruned severely back to 6 inches. This type of pruning rejuvenates the plant... by pruning them off near the base of the shrub — loppers or a pruning saw work well..."
Southwest Gardener's May Checklist
"ready to prune back spring-flowering shrubs once the flowers have faded. For those... RegionsLightly prune palo verde (Parkinsonia sp) and mesquite (Prosopis sp) trees, focusing... Also prune spring-flowering shrubs once they have finished flowering. Cassia (Senna... you can prune now.Shown: Flowering 'Desert Museum' palo verde trees Low, Mid- and High..."
Pacific Northwest Gardener: What to Do in June
"time to prune pines and vines, prevent pests and buy June-blooming plants to keep your... candle pruning to keep them from overgrowing their space. Unfortunately, pests and... Candle prune pines to keep them right-sized for the garden. Pines can be challenging... regenerative pruning to bare wood, as many other species do. So once a pine has grown enough... candle pruning to keep pines petite and neatly shaped.The new shoots on pines are..."
Southwest Gardener's July Checklist
"hat and prune those tree branches; monsoon season means damage prevention is key... tree pruning are on the list of gardening tasks for the month of July.... RegionsPrune back heavy, overhanging branches that are susceptible to breaking during... trees, prune back any branches that are in danger of failing due to excess weight... lightly pruned and how to prepare your vegetable garden for cool-season vegetables..."
Enjoy Your Summer Garden — Here's What to Do in July
"watering, pruning and planting. See our tips for your U.S. region... Water, prune, feed and plant; before you know it fall will be here. And while you're... Schmidt. "By pruning off these old blossoms, you direct the rose to continue blooming throughout... More rose pruning tips California. "Along with gardenias, there are other ways to perfume..."
Pacific Northwest Gardener's January Checklist
"ning, pruning and planting now will help your garden flourish in the coming year... Pruning directions always baffle me. Thanks for the tutorial. I think I can tackle... it now! Pruning can definitely be tricky but here at least is the easy version for... can be pruned with these guidelines. Dormant pruning of deciduous trees. This is the... 3. Why prune?• To allow light and air to penetrate the canopy — this helps to maintain..."
Great Design Plant: Southern Live Oak Offers an Unbeatable Canopy
"dense or prune it for more light. No matter how you grow Quercus virginiana, it’s a... Proper pruning can help stop the spread of oak wilt. Read more about pruning to help... oak wilt Pruning. The tree is best pruned and maintained in one of two ways:Maintain... well to pruning and, when planted together in rows, will bend and reach outward to... poorly pruned or damaged trees are not good choices. When planting your tree, dig..."
Central Plains Gardener's February Checklist
"way to prune trees this month — when you're not busy spying intrepid spring-hinting... you're pruning crabapples, go easy. The more you prune these trees, the more ugly... Prune shrubs and trees. There are two reasons February and March are great pruning... Don't prune Spiraea species, which bloom on last year's growth — wait until early... sharp pruning saw for larger twigs and branches, and a bypass pruner for small twigs..."
Rocky Mountain Gardener's February Checklist
"proficient pruning — your trees and shrubs will thank you... Prune deciduous trees and shrubs now while it's easy to see the branching structure... renewal pruning. Remove one-third of the oldest, thickest stems at ground level. Next... can be pruned now as well. Make good use of wall surfaces or trellises in small gardens..."
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