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How to Seat Your Dinner Guests in Comfort
"ad of reaching for pillows and footstools when you dine, settle in with dining tables... happy in the dining room with more than just our excellent food and company. Catering... month) in near future will mess up fabric upholstered chairs in eat-in-dining room... table in one. In any case, we are thankfully past the boring matched dining set,... variation in style and price. But unless you are near the seller in location, you won't..."
10 Elements of the Perfect Closet
"We? Get Ideas for Your Ultimate Walk-In Closet... the walk-in closet with built-in storage to maximize our wardrobe potential and keep... great closet layouts to inspire your own makeover.... organizers in my closet. Please help with ideas for closet doors and closet organizer... versatility in a smaller closet I have a walk-in closet that basically needs better light... celebrity closets - my favorite closets are Tamara Mellon's (the founder of Jimmy Choo)..."
Guest Picks: Camp Out in Coziness at Home
"the far reaches of the forest. These camping goodies let you rough it in total domestic... I bask in the glow of my LED screen. Seriously, though, I love each and every one... summer in our backyard. I think I could win some competition for my stew made in... cooking in cast iron; I am a firm believer in that fact. And the removable oak handle... coffee in one of the big thermoses and Bailey's in the flask. Then mix. Happy camping..."
8 Incredibly Clever Organizing Tricks
"nails in the closet ... these storage and organizing ideas are budget friendly to... designed closet or a spacious laundry room with a custom organizational system. But... used it in a year, out it goes (unless, of course, it has true sentimental or monetary... bottles in the hall, vinegar, oils, baking goods in pantry, A plastic one is in my... great ideas---will investigate my new space and see what I can incorporate in my..."
Make Your Own Barn-Style Door — in Any Size You Need
"I live in New England, so they’re easy to find on old barns in seaside towns or farmhouses... farmhouses in the country. I love the look of industrial hardware combined with a simple... space in a room. (Pocket doors are high on my list, too.) When I renovated my basement... use this in place if a pocket door in my next house. I wanted to add a door in an area... (wire in tiny squares). It's crude, but in the throes of reno and urgent need, it..."
Organize a Kids' Closet Lickety-Split
"space in your child's closet with these tips... dressers in their children's closets. Whether your closets are big or small, see how... simple ideas will get your children's rooms and their closets more organized — and... children's closets can be difficult, to say the least — getting the most out of the available... Closets and IKEA Expedits go hand in hand in my house... As the mother of three... soldier on in hopes of neatly organized 13 and 11 year old rooms. We love kids closets..."
Guest Picks: Sprucing Up Your Work and Storage Spaces
"office and closets spiffed up in no time... puts me in the mood to freshen up my home workspace (hello, cute office supplies!)... (messy closets, I'm looking at you). Whether you're looking to completely makeover... products and ideas to help create a comfortable, organized space for the new season. —... products, ideas, and price points. This is is becoming a popular trend in stores. Storage... workspace in your home. I love the simplicity of this wire basket/tray. The utilitarian..."
12 Ways to Get More Out of Your Closet This Year
"of walk-in closets for some inspiration. Before you know it, your closet itself may... use the closet everyday, you want it to be in top shape, for dressing as well as your... of your closet, it may be time to fix it up for the new year. Perhaps it’s introducing... custom closet solution...even in a simple reach in. Custom closets are a fraction... However, the idea was to offer ideas that were applicable to any size closet; the images..."
Simple Ways to Get Your Closet Organized Right Now
"messy closet doesn't contribute to anyone's happiness. Conversely, an organized closet... closet can bring forth euphoric joy — or, at the very least, a sense of relief at... at Dior in Paris in 1975 and other designers I purchased in London in 1999; they all... space in your closet. I started with 50, and eventually every hanger in my closets... sheets in each bedroom. The 2 guestrooms have them in a small chest in each room and..."
Get It Done: Clean Out Your Bedroom Closet
"luxuriate in all the extra space you’ll gain — with this motivating, practical how-to... clean-out-the-closet time. I’ll share some tips for curing closet envy in a separate ideabook... of the closet, given it all a scrub-down and then put each thing back in one by one... lived in my house for seven years, and I’ve done it exactly once. And it was gross... to quit in the middle, but it was worth it. (Yes, I am trying to motivate myself to..."
21 Great Ways to Store Your Shoes
"Storing them in a way where you can see what you have is a challenge. The best way is probably... keep them in opaque boxes with a photo of the shoes on the front. But who the heck has... the one in/one out idea - my shoes are in a Billy bookcase opposite my closet door... the ideas, Becky! I'm no quitter....here are two clever but less elegant ideas I pulled... proper shoe closet! hi becky my name s ziba.i live in iran .very thanks for ieas. Where..."
Designer's Touch: 10 Amazing Master Closets
"master closets inspire you to enhance your own closet or dressing area... amazing closet seems like nothing more than a fantasy. But it doesn't have to be that... master closet. Add convenience and value and extend the life of your wardrobe with... having closets in the closet. I need to see my stuff when I'm deciding what to wear... a DIY closet makeover. sadly, it's not a walk-in..but just a regular closet that..."
My Houzz: German Prefab Home in the Colorado Mountains
"finally reach their mountainside plot of land. Meier says, "Ninety-five percent of... And closets. I let Ralf choose the plans, forgetting that Europeans use wardrobes... instead of closets!" The couple ordered their home from Platz. From planning to completion... value in importing the house in pieces except for the "interesting conversation"... In Germany and many other parts of Western Europe, prefab homes have lost their..."
5 Ways to Hide That Big Air Conditioner in Your Yard
"you live in a hot climate, your air conditioner is probably your favorite major appliance... crasher in the middle of your backyard summer barbecue. That same hulking, boxy piece... eyesore in your garden. But don’t sweat it. There are plenty of ways you can hide,... some good ideas! Great article and great ideas! The same ideas could be used for those... acoustics in mind. Another idea is to use a water feature of some sort in your garden..."
Why My Son’s Room Will Be Red: An Expert Weighs In on Colors for Baby
"specializing in design, color and visual culture. Her first book, ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly... lives in Chicago. Every expectant parent fields the question, Are you having a boy... everything in pink and homes in on the color like a magnet whenever she sees it. But... little red in every room is a good idea, but not over doing it, (like the room above had... also red in kitchens is not a good idea considering it is a "fire" color and can bring..."
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