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Contractor Tips: Top 10 Home Remodeling Don'ts
"into remodeling projects around your home. I’ve learned a lot working as a contractor... Good tips and fun illustrations Google SketchUp is a great tool for working with... add a tip: The more organized, relentlessly purged of clutter your home is at the... other 90 tips. I have to say I have a problem with contractors purchasing some products... Great tips. Will save this one! As a side note, my first post was listed under l..."
10 Tips to Maximize Your Whole-House Remodel
"whole-house remodel or second-story addition is in your future, here’s are 10 tips to maximize... about Remodeling Tips today at 11am Pacific! Come stop by and say hi. :) http://www... Chat--Remodeling-Tips This is to Foothill Construction: Wow! Based on your aggressive... better tips that will help one have a better chance of sticking to budget or at least... stories and tips actually led to 26 revisions on my plan. All four of the homes we went..."
Contractor Tips: 10 Ways to Get the Remodel You Want for Less
"on your remodeling budget without sacrificing your design by heeding this insider advice... — the tips below can help you finish your project without veering too far off your... knows remodeling is expensive, but it usually ends up becoming even more expensive... biggest tip I give to my clients is to use an Integrated Design Process (IDP), in which... comes to remodeling but I must be reasonably good at it since my contractor and I ended..."
100 Contractor Tips to Read Before You Remodel
"better remodel experience with tips from a contractor on how to plan, shop and communicate... of your remodeling project. Take a look at the hints and suggestions I've picked up... into 10 remodeling guides. Here are links to them all, compiled all in one place.... useful tips in one place! Good post! Your tips is mind blowing and very informative... Great tips!! What I'm looking for are pic.s of different colors in painted cabinets..."
Contractor Tips: How to Shop for Your Remodel
"buying remodeling materials can add up to huge cost overruns. Here's how to get things... are more tips I've learned over the years that can help you pick out the best materials... costs of a remodel are for materials, so it pays to be mindful of potential pitfalls.... Great tip! Any tips on areas to buy salvaged? Great info! Thanks. If you haven't... infers tips for the DIY'er, yet several tips suggests a consultation with a "general..."
Contractor Tips: 10 Ways to Remodel Greener
"These 10 tips will help get you past the hype and "greenwashing" surrounding environmentally... means to remodel green. Being green starts long before you think about where you want... gone. Remodeling can be a wasteful process. The least we can do is proceed thoughtfully... Great tips and advice. So many people overbuild these huge house for just 2-4 people... complaints! Tip 10 is so well articulated. Update on the reno of a 1930's cottage in..."
Contractor Tips: 10 Remodel Surprises to Watch Out For
"your home remodeling project, but you don't need to be able to see into the future to... accidentally tipped over a can of waterseal deck treatment and had mopped it up with towels)... these tips. katyaggie says: My husband and I are new property owners in our first... cost to remodel their bathroom or kitchen and there is no plan yet, I tell them that's... For a remodel project multiply those decisions by the score -- $600 Home Depot fiberglass..."
Bath Remodeling: So, Where to Put the Toilet?
"these tips and tricks can help you find a spot for your toilet that works for you... for the tips, @John Whipple. More about bathrooms telling a story: http://www.pott... When we remodeled (and added on) we built 2 enclosed toilet rooms - with skylights-... toilets. Tip: Some toilets require floor anchoring clips — another limiting factor because... seamless look.Tip: It's very hard to paint behind toilet tanks like this. I suggest painting..."
Decorate With Intention: 12 Remodeling Sanity Savers
"these tips can help keep your spirits up and your work on track... useful tips, just on time for my renovation ty reading this as my granite is being... more remodeling ideas and guidesMore:8 Ways to Stick to Your BudgetDiary of a Ranch... Ranch Remodel 10. Make your bedroom a refuge. Even if outside your door is quite... being remodeled, and I think it's a wonderful idea.See how to survive a kitchen remodel... remodel 2. Take "before" photos. In fact, take lots of photos throughout the process..."
8 Remodeling Costs That Might Surprise You
"keep a remodeling tab from escalating out of control... what your remodeling project will cost? Not so fast. You may be able to recite the price... over your remodeling estimate so that you're covered no matter what happens. Here's... about Remodeling Tips today at 11am Pacific! Come stop by and say hi. :) http://www... kitchen remodeling "cost": weight gain from all the eating out. I put on 10 lbs.... during a remodel is stressful for them and you. We put up an interior screen door at..."
Contractor Tips: 10 Hats Your General Contractor Wears
"on your remodel, you're actually getting 10 jobs done... significant remodeling project, the GC fills any number of the following roles.... Therapist. Remodeling or building is incredibly stressful. Delays, dust, design flaws... during a remodel. A good contractor doesn't take sides, just guides the ship safely... not how remodeling works. There will be many conversations, emails, texts, phone calls... Get the Remodel You Want for Less..."
10 Tips for Renovating Your Basement
"shares her tips on what to consider before you commit to a basement remodel... Remodeling a basement is no small feat. Unless you live in a newer home that's planned... potential remodel, most houses aren’t equipped with basements intended to be transformed... families who remodel them. In Seattle, where a typical lot is 5000sf and main and upper... of the remodel they moved it. Apparently this somehow rebalanced the system (no idea..."
Contractor Tips: How to Install Tile Flawlessly
"These tips will help ensure that your installation looks great and stands the test... helpful tips. I also wanted to add a tip for any non-professionals who may be considering... Another tile tip: graph paper. PLAN YOUR CUTS , especially with larger tiles. Nothing... remainder of a remodel to complete! I had a customer who selected a bid that was $3000 under... and bath remodels and custom tile installations. My experience has been that the majority..."
Contractor Tips: Countertop Installation from Start to Finish
"helpful tips for after the counters are installed. More: How to Remodel Your Kitchen... any tips you would add for marble coutertops that would be great too Great guide... Excellent tips! Thank you so much Kenny. (For anyone wanting to print it off -- it... great tips and is a really good headstart for renovating or even beginning to renovate... another tip for soapstone or wood counters and that is food grade mineral oil. It is..."
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