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Houzz Tour: Life in the Vintage Renewal Loft
"Vintage Renewal Loft in Denver, CO. Her love for vintage fabrics and repurposed f... Vintage Renewal pillows made of burlap, neckties and scarves. The painted vintage... Vintage Renewal piece redesigned in an incredible vintage fabric oozing with ethnicity... Vintage Renewal loft. Recently, she began repurposing interesting vintage and antique... Vintage Renewal info See her Etsy shop Houzz Tour: Kay Loves Vintage..."
My Houzz: From Destruction to Renewal After Hurricane Katrina
After having to demolish their Hurricane Katrina–ravaged house, Janet and John Paul saw an opportunity to rebuild their home and lives. "Our furniture was ruined in the storm," says Janet. "We were able to salvage only artwork that hung above...
Houzz Tour: Modern Renewal for a Tired Texas Ranch
This 1970s ranch had a mix of great potential and big problems. After 10 years of piecemeal fixes and additions, this family was ready to take the plunge into a major renovation. The design–build team, Finn Sigurdsson and Taryn Hall of ísARK...
Renewed Classic: Gooseneck Barn Lights
When people ask me what "vintage modern" means, I flub over words but will direct them to a picture of a barn light and say "that's it." These fixtures have been, well, a fixture on farms and in workshops for many years. They were designed to stand up...
4 Easy Ways to Renew Your Bathroom Without Remodeling
Bathrooms often come up last in remodeling considerations. Since these rooms tend to be tucked away out of public view, it's easy to let your budget go to the more visible parts of your house first. But a lack of remodeling funds doesn't mean you can't...
Bath Design: Renew Body and Mind With Colorful Light
When we're blessed with good weather, we view the sun's warm rays as bright white. On early winter mornings, the sky is almost pink, and in the summer, warmer colors like red and orange can be seen at sunset. The spectrum of white light is made up of...
Zero Net Energy: A Hardworking-House Term to Know
"produce by renewable means are a goal for builders. Learn what ZNE means for you... produce by renewable methods. Since buildings consume about 25 percent of our nation’s... prioritize renewable energy production last on the list of requirements that can assist..."
Guest Picks: Bamboo for Everyone
"and a renewable nature for bamboo's newfound popularity in homes of all styles... it's a renewable material also adds to its appeal. I love its clean lines and super-smooth... rapidly renewable, why is it so expensive? A storage cabinet for $1,575? Not in my..."
Bamboo Sprouts Up in Bountiful Home Uses
"single renewable material, it's a design winner... completely renewable, organic, safe agricultural product that can be used for just about..."
Design Master: Sergio Rodrigues' Playful Furniture
"shops spur renewed interest in the work of Brazilian modern design master Sergio Rodrigues... of the renewed interest in Rodrigues' work, adding that the designer is responsible..."
Guest Picks: Home Loot Featuring Jute
"biodegradable, renewable — and has never looked so good... biodegradable, renewable, recyclable and durable — it's easy to see why jute is becoming a..."
Bamboo Screens Make Your Garden Glow
"ural, Renewable Material Brings Filtered Light and Privacy to Outdoor Rooms... it is a renewable resource that has been deemed green and eco-friendly. Use it outdoors..."
Why You Might Want to Build a House of Straw
"sound, renewable housing. It is equally important that every person have access to... with this renewable, ecofriendly material..."
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