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7 Supermodel Homes and Why Creatives Rent Them
"why this topic hasn't been broached before (perhaps I just missed it)! Showing them... has been rented and used in 3 national ad campaigns. The experiences have been wonderful... house. I rent out my Brooklyn loft for shoots & it's kinda like winning the talent show:... easier to rent out a home for shoots when it's not your primary residence. I love all... homes rented through various location agencies. The reality is not every home used..."
Houzz Tour: Rolling With Simplicity in a Tiny House on Wheels
"a high rent. So the then-29-year-old freelance web designer took matters into his... paying rent and begin to save for a more permanent home in the future,” Lisefski says... dog on rented land. “I don’t know of anyone else who has towed a tiny house as far... less rent for the land alone...but rent is rent -especially when he was certain he... dog on rented land." So...he does pay rent? Granted, I'm sure that he pays much less..."
No Neutral Ground? Why the Color Camps Are So Opinionated
"other topic brings our opinions to the surface as much as color. Photos on both ends... about the topic. "Neutrals always feel safe to people, as indeed they are," says Leatrice... live in rented (military) accommodation, I can't do much proper decorating, so I went... hot-button topic! As for which to use, I personally find neutral colors too bland. But... controversial topics on Houzz, why does this one continually rise to the surface? "Color..."
Blast Decluttering Roadblocks Once and for All
"exploring this topic, and some of the best tips from our conversations are pulled together... Can I rent or borrow this if I ever need/want it? The two greatest roadblocks for... garage and rented our home for 18 months when we moved to Hawaii. Since coming back,... various topics when I become overwhelmed. It's also good to read others' comments as... had to rent a storage unit for the excess we ended up moving. We have gone thru most..."
Improve Your Love Life With a Romance-Ready Bedroom
"from the topic. We want it, and we want to know how to get more of it. And while there... playful topics, and dirty topics. Look at each other when you talk, and have a drink... re the TOPIC.: Make your spouse, and NOT your kids, the center of your universe.... Including the topic here!! If you stress your home and your life with clutter and dust, and... on this topic: The "state of home" shall we say, does affect your relationship. I watched..."
Off the Grid: Ready to Pull the Plug on City Power?
"tackle the topics inherent in off-grid living, including siting a home, the building envelope... afford to rent. I do not mean that people should not attempt to think about the environmental... that this topic is going to be highlighted for several weeks. I really appreciate the... into each topic, though, let’s do an overview of the five components you’ll need to make..."
To Chop or Not to Chop?
"it’s a topic that has stirred the design pot for quite a few years and is still alive... find a topic about a tiny decorating preference that exposes so much negativity, even... popular topic as I thought I was the only one who even thought about it.....!! Easy... this is a topic of discussion! I let the dogs do what they will as my feet rest on the... designer rented my cabin several years ago, chopped all my pillow tops, and I've been..."
Houzz interview: Brooklyn Limestone in progress
"design topics. I’m very happy to introduce you to Mrs. Limestone from Brooklyn Limestone... place I'm renting - things like this are perfect, I don't want to do anything I would..."
Are Ceiling Fans the Kiss of Death for Design?
"a hot topic on the Houzz Discussions Board ever since Houzzer sunshinesarah posted... sister rented a lovely million dollar home for a week, totally renovated, waterfront..."
Hot Ideas and Tips for Coffee and Tea Stations
"on the topic. Grab a mug of something hot, snuggle into the sofa and take a look at... We are renting so we can't permanently add things. This is our plates, spare cups..."
Design Practice: Setting Up Your Studio
"or in a rented office space, and extends down to every detail of what you choose to... as even rented space requires you to arrive and do the work. You'd probably find yourself... bit off topic for this article. But I must chime in. I left my big glossy skyscraper... of many topics including gardening, art, music, food, wine, etc. Great way to meet... urge to rent (or build) the perfect studio space. Your low overhead is one of your..."
Houzz Tour: Eclectic Tel-Aviv Home Shows Creativity
"while renting her previous homes. "I've always dreamed of having my own master... since the topic was salvaging a building others did not see the value of. At some point... always rented," she says. "But I've always known what my home would look like and..."
Houzz Tour: From 1800s Church to Country Residence
"occasionally rented out. Location: Laggan, Australia Size: 115 square meters (1,237 square... was a topic of long discussion in the planning, and may have been the best solution..."
My Houzz: Reviving a 1902 Row House in Toronto
"waters by renting a condo in the Entertainment District, but she grew weary of all the... is the topic in this discussion. The other half is her neighbor's house. @rkwday..."
Design Practice: The Basics of Marketing Your Business
"studio; rent a highly visible office space; order new furniture, computers and plotters;... The sub-topics and there explanations have breathe inspiration in me and I shall surely..."
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