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Protect Your House From Winter Water Damage
"costly repairs by learning to spot potential problem areas before water damage is... make sure water won't find its way indoors. There are ways to spot the problem areas... from the ceiling or a flooded basement alerts you. You just need to learn to think like... ...to repair significant damage caused by water....to their brick facade at our old... had a water leak caused by faulty guttering. The water entered the inside wall and..."
Remodeling After Water Damage: Tips From a Homeowner Who Did It
"amounts of water enter a home, the damage is almost always total. And the process for... temporary repair to the roof held up, until a follow-up nor’easter destroyed it and flooded... condo. The water passed through our condo to the unit below. The carpet was ripped out... of the ceiling and some drywall were peeling and leaking.... worst water damage. We proceeded with airing out the room with fans and dehumidifiers..."
Quick Fix: Repair Cracked Bathroom Grout
"bathroom from water damage in 30 minutes or less with this DIY repair... caused water damage to the home's structure.... ) The water damage extended to the adjacent living room wall, so that Sheetrock had... if your repair is in a wet area, like a shower, it would be good to allow the area... for this repair? For additional protection, we recommend using a penetrating sealer... using a water base or mineral spirit base with little particles that penetrate directly..."
A Surefire Way to Prevent Sun Damage Indoors
"vaulted ceiling could escape. This led to many interesting encounters with neighborhood... Berkeley: "Water reflects up to 100% of UV radiation. Snow reflects 85% of UV radiation... bucket of water and to squeegee it off. The installer used Joy. I have used a simple... lets the damaging UV come in. This is why skin cancer is more common than in history:... get them repaired. We applied 3M film in Denver and it performed wonderfully with no..."
My Houzz: Twister Damage Sparks a Whole Ranch Remodel
"dining area ceilings. What are those planks on the ceiling called and where do I purchase... ! The ceilings make such a difference to the house ! Love the open airy feeling... kitchen ceiling? Love the living area off the kitchen. The shag rug in the dining... just repaired. Nice save! ! Thanks for all the kind words. I'll try to answer... plans. The ceilings are nice. Nice too was the decision to not go too big. The floor plan..."
How to Give Your Driveway and Front Walk More Curb Appeal
"and tire damage while making a great first impression by replacing or repairing front... Rain water needs to soak into the soil to provide for future ground water. What... drive repaired. A tree root had broken their drive. A company came in, cut that all... With water shortages continuing to face us we need to make sure we are not paving... years repairs will be minimal and cost efficient. I want one this for Gladman's..."
My Houzz: Major DIY Love Transforms a Neglected Pittsburgh Home
"house from water damaged to wonderful... doors, a water-damaged exterior and a poorly insulated, moldy and rotting interior.... of the ceiling in the kitchen invite dust to deposit above the ceiling in the rest... beyond repair. Like how you've exposed a portion of the attic rafters and made them... left the ceiling exposed in the kitchen ..and the venting showing ...looks very LOFT... suspended ceilings on the first floor. I too must admit I was a little sad to see the..."
Makeover Magic: Period Style for an All-New 1920s Bathroom
"fixtures and water damage got the heave-ho, while the entire bathroom got a crisp new look... years of water damage from damaged cast iron plumbing. He hired a contractor to completely... but has water damage around the drain. Can that be repaired? To jeremyniederjohn: This... there's some water damage and will have to have some work done. This is a good inspiration... painting ceiling dark brown to Match wall sconce (only decoration ) am I crazy?? You're..."
Want to Live by the Water? What You Need to Know
"on the water than inland. Those perils still exist but are managed today, and living... upkeep and repairs that need to be made due to damage from the salt air. House here is... on the water (a large lake): a cleaning nightmare. Water atttracts bugs. Bugs attract... on the water, though it is an inlet on San Francisco Bay, not a cliff-edge over the... over the water and the tide come and go. I live on Puget Sound waterfront and the concerns..."
Don't Touch Another Stain Before You Read This
"swipe with water may cause permanent damage. Here's what to know about how rugs and fabrics... Sparkling Water which is purely carbonated water - just water with bubbles added. Hi... have Soda Water which is made up of Carbonated water (fizzy) and Sodium Bicarbonate.... just warm water and squeeze excess water out. Next wipe over the area that has the ring... it on water over night but no changes. I'm a little confused by the "neutralize the..."
Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort
"lower your water bill while creating a feast for the eyes with diverse plantings and gathering... drain on water resources, and they demand regular mowing and fertilizing, not to mention... Easy to repair, if ever needed. Never waste any water, do not pollute the environment... mow amd water (other plants still need water too..) it sure looks a lot prettier than... Read your water meter before and after you water the lawn to see how many gallons of..."
How to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater
"tankless water heaters (a standard in Europe and Asia), there seem to be some growing... tank water heater. Since these water heaters heat water as needed, you will never... gets hot water! I am currently looking into replacing a hot water tank and a boiler... that hot water doesn't come right away, so there extra water run needed (lost). I was... tankless water heater, however we're on a well, and need to use a water softener, and..."
Fix It or Not? What to Ask When Prepping Your Home for Sale
"whether a repair is worth making before you put your house on the market... needing repair or care. I was amazed by how many of them said that my front door was... did the repairs and my home sold quickly. Sometimes it's the little things that keep... of the repairs that they think the home needs, and will often want to deduct that... great repair and super clean generally sells quicker. And the rule of thumb in real..."
How to Tackle Your Home To-Dos
"minor repairs and replacements with this thorough, step-by-step approach... similar repairs" ... It's more of a planning tip, but don't buy "oddball" fixtures... get the repair pieces at the local hardware store, I don't want it in my house. We... popcorn ceiling remediation!---he doesn't like to do it altho when he gets around to... called the repair man and my husband came home from work, sent him home and took the dryer..."
All Together Now: Tackle Home Projects With a DIY Co-op
"drywall repair, tiling, deck refinishing, etc... We've all learned so much, about home... "popcorn ceilings" in our homes. I'd already scraped a few rooms down in my house,... exchange. Ceiling scraping, painting, wallpaper stripping - these jobs are loads more... has been damaged very badly? it looks like it has rusted and stained with something... feeds and waters. You're working, not entertaining, but you have to eat. Keep it simple:..."
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