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How to Find and Hire a Great Landscape Contractor
"your landscape project built on time and on budget by hiring a great professional... approved your landscape architect’s final site plan for your landscape design, and now it’s... pay the landscape architect to select a contractor for you, or you can hire one on... professionals, landscape contractors have different skillsets and levels of experience. A... A landscape contractor does not need an award-winning portfolio of work in order to..."
Contractor Fees, Demystified
"what a contractor’s markups cover — and why they’re worth it... ask a contractor for an estimate, it usually includes the direct costs of construction... costs that contractors incur while doing business. Be assured that whether you see that... your contractor can’t be solvent. What kinds of overhead costs are you paying... well as contractors? Here‘s a short list, which may vary by company and the state..."
7 Tips for Making Contractors Your Allies
"For a contractor as vested as you are in your home project's success, follow these... client-contractor relations. Miscommunication on both sides is a common culprit.... s, my contractors and I have build lasting relationships. They feel vested in the... from my contractors — and from other service professionals as well.... hire a contractor, either a GC or a Landscape Contractor, get referrals from someone... the best contractor. Price is not king, reputation is! Quality contractors will give..."
10 Things to Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Starts
"and your contractor are on the same page about how things will go. This often takes... that a contractor or sub-contractor is going to value the life of your pets, belongings... paid the contractor. And the contractor paid the sub, only the job took longer than... hire any contractor. We found a contractor through Angie's List and we were robbed... hired a contractor for a new build? jeanstryker, If the contractor has no..."
Contractor Tips: What Your Contractor Really Means
"your contractor's lingo to get the communication on your home project right... Contractors didn't become contractors because they love to communicate. If they did... And a contractor might speak euphemistically to dance around difficult topics. These... give the contractor for things that may come up. I would say tell the contractor you... finish contractor. Unfortunately, there are contractors (both GC's and subs) who..."
Contractor's Tips: 10 Things Your Contractor Might Not Tell You
"your contractor might stay mum. Here's what you're missing... A contractor and a client can have a complicated relationship. When you're dealing... things we contractors aren't saying. Sometimes there just isn't time to explain, sometimes... view as a contractor on what yours might not be telling you.... wonderful contractors and rotten contractors and mediocre contractors. We learned the... are not contractors but Sub contractors. They lure the client in with a low and unqualified..."
100 Contractor Tips to Read Before You Remodel
"from a contractor on how to plan, shop and communicate... The contractor-homeowner relationship can be complicated, but it's not hopeless —... working as a contractor and put into 10 remodeling guides. Here are links to them all, compiled... popular Landscape Contractors name known as All In One Landscaper.They provided me Commercial... the best Landscape Contractors in Temecula area. Finally my friend suggested a popular..."
What to Look for in a Contractor's Contract
"A contractor without a contract is just a worker and his or her word. Even the most... how the contractor handles his/her business. A contractor who disappears with someones... unscrupulous contractors and shoddy workmanship. Perhaps a contractor's bond, if the job... commercial, residential, painting, roofing,.... Insider Info: Contractors pay referral... unscrupulous contractors, I would say there is a larger risk of a bad contractor then there..."
5 Steps to Help You Hire the Right Contractor
"general contractor for your remodel or new build by heeding this advice... general contractor for you and your project is an extremely important decision. That... right contractor early in the design process is one of the most important ingredients... companies/ Contractors hire small speciality contractors that may be owners in a Corporation... feedback from contractors on this one. When bidding on a residential job is it okay to get..."
10 Questions to Ask Potential Contractors
"general contractors about these topics that go beyond the basic... general contractor to build it. Homeowners often interview potential contractors but... as the contractor Screen potential contractors very early in project - use the c... prospective contractor. A reputable bank inspects the contractor's credit record, financial... A good contractor should answer some of these questions before you even start to ask..."
Contractor Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Get a Greener Home
"to the landscape, using recycled or reclaimed wood or stone and re-purposed containers... work for contractors like me). Of course, there will always be work building for a growing..."
Contractor Tips: 10 Ways to Remodel Greener
"or your contractor may have to do the removal or pay the other contractor's time to... of all residential and commercial waste, but the majority can be recycled. In Philadelphia..."
Louis Kahn's Modern Residential Masterpieces Get Coverage at Last
"is the residential architecture that Kahn worked on throughout his career. Unlike... 20th-century residential architecture. But there still exists a void in the historical coverage... to the landscape, share some qualities with a couple of Breuer's houses and I'm wondering... desk. Residential corridors had good sound proofing. Public spaces, when kitted out... see his residential work recognized. I'm somewhat traditionally fitted, but I have..."
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