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Lessons in the Rewards of Selfless Gardening
For the first few years, I gardened for myself. It was an explosion of energy as I bought plants, dug them in, dug them up and moved them a few inches. Plants, plants, plants. Oh, the colors and textures and potential. The garden was for me — my vision,...
13 Risks to Take for True Garden Rewards
When I go to a client’s house and we’re talking about new beds, borders and planting schemes, we invariably get to the conversation of wanting a more natural or organic look that ties in to the nearby environment. Folks are tired of the same linear...
Must-Know Modern Homes: Villa Mairea
"to rich rewards in this Finnish architectural masterpiece by modernist Alvar Aalto... whose rich rewards should become apparent upon closer inspection. Both the architect..."
8 Reasons to Plant a Great Tree
"its own reward, but the benefits of planting the right tree in the right place go way... earch.aspx They also have a short list of "not-recommended" trees (some because of..."
Winter Interest in the Garden
"landscape has rewards of its own... that will reward you in autumn with rich color. Some trees to consider for vibrant..."
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