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13 Risks to Take for True Garden Rewards
When I go to a client’s house and we’re talking about new beds, borders and planting schemes, we invariably get to the conversation of wanting a more natural or organic look that ties in to the nearby environment. Folks are tired of the same linear...
Lessons in the Rewards of Selfless Gardening
For the first few years, I gardened for myself. It was an explosion of energy as I bought plants, dug them in, dug them up and moved them a few inches. Plants, plants, plants. Oh, the colors and textures and potential. The garden was for me — my vision,...
Must-Know Modern Homes: Villa Mairea
"to rich rewards in this Finnish architectural masterpiece by modernist Alvar Aalto... whose rich rewards should become apparent upon closer inspection. Both the architect..."
Winter Interest in the Garden
"landscape has rewards of its own... that will reward you in autumn with rich color. Some trees to consider for vibrant..."
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