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Zen Gardens: Serene Outdoor Spaces
"with a rock garden that inspires peace and harmony... placing rocks to evoke serenity and beauty. The raked gravel represents flowing water... and the rocks represent mountains; together achieving a sleek look perfect for garden... gravel, rocks and wood. Zen gardens are easy to create and require little maintenance... sand and rocks. In the space between the clear glass sink and cabinet top, we added... to see rocks as islands and gravel as water that surrounds them. With a little imagination..."
My Houzz: An Architect's Contemporary Green Home
"bedroom rock climbing wall, built-in bunkbeds and a stunning deck... sustainable features in architect Otis Bradley's Ojai, California, house. Bradley designed... bathroom features two button toilets to help reduce water waste. "I like a lot of structure... own. A rock climbing wall provides a punchy accent in their shared bedroom.Each bathroom..."
Ditch the Ordinary Ditch: Create a Realistic Dry Creek Bed
"turn your water runoff system into an eye-catching accent for your landscape... excess water away from structures to more appropriate areas. They do, however, lack... enough with rocks, or the water is draining from multiple sources instead of at the mouth... precious water to infiltrate the soil and replenish the water table. If you want a dry... often water repellant! In the case of these projects where handling water runoff..."
15 Great Ideas for a Lawn-Free Yard
"that save water and are easier to maintain... with the watering ban, and in our city, we pay for the water we use and the water we... your gray water from your washer and showers and collect your rain water to water it... and then waters it twice a week. What a waste of water, gas and man-power. I wish I... and our water is rationed, and our water bills just keep going up. we are replacing... amount of water every week. Each year, I see water running down the street because some..."
How to Replace Your Lawn With a Garden
"well-designed, water-efficient landscape can often look more at home and more beautiful than... whose water needs exceed what nature provides. Even in areas where rainfall is plentiful... Australia, water is precious and to pipe in treated sparkling water to keep a lawn green... lot of water. I am agree with Sigrid, lawn don't need watering or fertilizing in many... However, I water (use rain water but not always) some perennials and annuals, vegetables..."
How to Build a Greener Driveway
"out of water sources and groundwater levels balanced... most, the water probably travels down gutters, through downspouts and onto an asphalt... Rain water can go through it and is collected in a holding pond to water the bushes... use the water to water my flower beds. What happens in the winter when the barrels... keep the water percolating. So if you don't want to put in the extra maintenance, make... storm water. really informative article, any diy ideas for the basic elements and..."
Houzz Call: Are You Letting Go of Your Lawn?
"around the water feature. "Spiderwort" around the "back side" of the water feature. We... never watered the grass, except for the water that hits it when I'm watering the... lot of watering is unnecessary. People water on schedule, rather than only when a... at our water bill's graph showing the huge drop in water use compared to this time... of auto watering systems. No water plants are available more than one realizes...."
Landscaping Tricks to Manage Stormwater Runoff
"torrent of water gushing down the hill. However, it certainly didn’t help that all of... of that water. Last week I talked a bit about how a green roof is one way to help... let the water in -- I want a basement wall that doesn't let water through, not one... issue was water running between the substrate layers. By intercepting that water before... unwanted water, and also gives the space more structure. Rock lined swales direct water..."
8 Modern-Day Moats That Float Our Boats
"simple water barrier with ancient roots can make for an eye-catching contemporary... these water features have their roots in our medieval past.... Water in the garden is magical; even more so when it's adjacent to the house, requiring... Using water close to our houses can give us some of the historical benefits of medieval... close to water. You might think that many of these examples aren't moats in the literal..."
Polish Your Garden's Look With Metal
"metal water features to give a landscape a decorative edge... etc) in a water feature with fish or plants that it will slowly poison them if it isn't... (especially as featured in the first three photos...), in particular how the walls are designed... all the featured photos-especially garden walls and screens Love this article... well... with the water over time. Awesome post! This is what I make out of steel: www.steelplant..."
Great Design Plant: Papyrus
"touch to water features and riverbeds... include a water garden in your landscape or are plagued by poorly drained soil, papyrus... your zone)Water requirement: Water lovingLight requirement: Full sun to partial shadeMature... large water features or plant it in a container and then put the container in the... shallow water. It’s more of a marginal plant and doesn’t grow well in deep water like... plants like water lilies (Nymphaea spp) or lotus (Nelumbo spp). Papyrus grows rapidly,..."
Design Your Landscape for Peace and Quiet
"barriers and water features for a more soothing outdoor experience... planning a water feature here are 2 suggestions for a tile mural wall http://www.Ali... major water features, fences as high as code will allow, and a huge "hedge" of mature... of the water...across the road. Any suggestions on blocking sound but not view?... homeowners. Water provides the best sound barrier - either through a small fountain or..."
13 New Ways to Make a Splash With a Hot Tub
"custom features that are making outdoor spa tubs hot again... extra features, true customization can make one even more heavenly. At Red Rock... and Red Rock Pools and Spas, co-owner Rick Chafey says clients are individually measured... kind of water fountain for added movement and optimal use all year round. "Since you... audio feature will turn it into something you can always enjoy," he says. "You will... keeping the water clean just might turn the eyesore on my porch to a feature I love and..."
Go Au Naturel in the Bath With Beautiful Stone
"Add rocks and pebbles to your bathroom design for organic texture and practicality... example, rocks and stones plucked from the great outdoors are finding their way underfoot... river rocks, polished pebbles or fieldstone is a wonderful way to add texture and... those rock walls from looking dusty all the time? You can't wipe them down.... Maybe... bathrooms featured on Houzz I see windows in the shower. I love the look but I can't..."
Roll With Boulders for High Landscape Impact
"oversize rocks in gardens, around pools and on patios... oversize rocks can be used to address any number of issues. It may be that people believe... of the rock. We brought in 27 tons of moss rock and a truck load of river rock to... large moss rock boulder with lantana spilling over it. I also love how moss and lichens... on some rocks. This makes me feel better about my sloping garden which is all boulders... gets the rocks they sell. YAY boulders! A week ago the stone yard delivered a giant..."
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