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Bid Bad Garden Bugs Goodbye and Usher In the Good
"fresh water areas following the frogs. No mulch can be used to keep weeds down, because... pool of water for the occasional bath and imprint readily on family members. They do... soapy water. Works great and they can't fly or crawl out of the container. The water... my lava rock and crushed glass.. and live there. I sound like a killer :-( My... boiling water on some of the ant holes but this killed the grass. Anyway, no more..."
3 Steps to Creating Quick, Easy and Colorful Succulent Containers
"started a rock and succulent garden. I am really enjoying being creative with it. Here... too much water. Thanks for the article. Now I'm interested in trying again and will... fact I featured a great design using these two combined with black mondo grass in... or do a rock garden in our area, zone 6b. Hi denold, I am also in 6b and brought the... to do a rock garden in our backyard, hopefully next year, so I need to figure out what..."
10 Tips for Renovating Your Basement
"shape, water issues are fixed, and you have a backup sump pump system. I always use... Adding rock wool or sound insulation to the joists will also help. You can also add... sound of water moving down the pipes. It's a little spendy but makes a world of difference... humidifier and water softener leaking, concrete block that had to be re-tucked and we had... bunch of water go toward the back of the house so that we had to pull out the carpet..."
Sunlight Used Right: Modern Home Designs That Harness Solar Power
"to our water reservoirs overflowing after two years of high rainfall ! Local authorities... energy and water supply needs is surely common sense and more sustainably affordable.... underground water tanks capturing roof run off and unobtrusive solar panels capturing the... throwing rocks because the kid thinks it's fun. I lived in NYC, I would know. None... of the features use to acheive this level of performance was axis of the footprint..."
Houzz Tour: Recalling the Pilgrims in a 350-Year-Old Home
"houzz feature by far! I can relate to growing up in an old house (late 1700s), in... you for featuring this home. It's one thing to know that my ancestors came over on... are a rock star:) This hobby turned historical gem is a now priceless work of art--and... houzz feature. I have a question - did a 350 year old home in New Hampshire use... of well water was there, and strong sweet soap where the girls all gathered to wash..."
Restoration Rallies a 1790 Stone Springhouse
"changing water bath. I didn't see that feature continued - at least in the photos,... spring water with an out flow via a stone raceway out of the spring house. The trough... melt. Water run off was very often a problem causing flooding with these low set... conical rock "thing" used for cooking I believe. I made my husband pull over so I... had a water driven saw mill but that was last seen in the 1960's and only foundations..."
5 Favorite Granites for Gorgeous Kitchen Countertops
"shows water spots easily. Is this true of the honed black too? I love the mixture... for a water spot to remain after a cup or something is placed on it? The color deepens... doesn't show water, dirt, dust anything! I think there is a growing group of people who... materials, features in the rest of the composition. Otherwise your head may explode from... spot, water mark, etc. it is a very difficult finish to care for... What are your..."
Taking Cover in a Former Nuclear Missile Silo
"pretty water feature next to the industrial shelter. So fun! Amazing love this although... b.com/featured-books/the-wool-omnibus/ no thank you. Wow, what an interesting project... You rock! Really cool project. Keep up the awesome work. It is reminiscent of ship's... power or water. They just ran a power cord. They loved it - I wouldnt go in there!... He's a rock star!! Plus, he's lucky as hell; that Eames chair for $150?! It's very..."
Small Garden? You Can Still Do Bamboo
"Bamboo Rock gardens with bamboo corners and geometrical water features - trendy in... lots of water...we are stingy with water. How do tell the bamboo you only want a... through my water pipes, houses rats and snakes, and strangled two crape myrtle trees to... dirt, rocks & rhizomes together because it went trough a path in concrete. I then... by not watering it. Of course, living in the desert made it an easy fix. Now the..."
Houzz Tour: A Family of 4 Unwinds in 540 Square Feet
"to me. Rock on small houses. Rock on. ^_^ Great job This home is nice, simple and... the hot water heater, and clothes washing machine located? What a welcoming, stylish... filter rain water, into drains or cisterns, as well as add green insulation which lowers... drain water ends up. And a smaller open area needs less heat so a wood burning stove... homes featured. I really loved this house but was a bit sad about the kid that couldn't..."
14 Things You Need to Start Doing Now for Your Spouse’s Sake
"leaves water all over the bathroom sink. Please dear God wipe it up!!!! :) Are all... wonderful features of my family members :) You need 2 dishwashers in a Kosher kitchen... splashed water around the sink. That annoys the heck out of me. My first dinner party... slightly rock start, my DH and I are on the same wave length about house stuff although... filled with water "to soak" for 31 days before he finally realized I wasn't kidding. I..."
A Few Things I Would Like to Ask Frank Lloyd Wright
"Falling Water and looking as much out of place as Falling Water is integral to its... with the water" buildings. It was built on a spring and the cool spring water was meant... Falling Water, one of them (at 5'10" and wee bit claustrophobic) said the low ceilings... sign - water always seemed to get him in trouble! @melsewell - as a fun fact, there... on The Rock. I could have designed something better after a few bottles of wine. While..."
Kitchen Sinks: Stainless Steel Shines for Affordability and Strength
"drink of water, rinsing your hands, wetting a dish rag - whatever...water spots everywhere... precious water resources and the energy expended to heat the water. Having to clean... too much water: dish pans are cheap. I intend to use one for the soapy water when washing... perception of water spotting in a ss sink might be summed up as "water spots are in the eye... vinegar/water mixture sit in it rejuvenated the sparkle. After enjoying the beauty..."
Houzz Tour: Caretaking a Handsome Yonkers Foursquare
"series of "features." McMansions are filled with "features," many of which made odd spaces:... those features added on overtime or is that a characteristic of this type of house... sheet rocked the ceiling following the vaulted angle. Afterward, my husband installed... behind the rock. Looks great! The size of the trim would depend on how beefy you want... would feature the house tour so that should give you an idea of how spectacular it..."
Dare to Mix Things Up in the Landscape
"those water, yet it will always water the succulents which we don't want. Here's... center. A rock that is defying human artificial straight lines! The nature that is invading... man made feature provides a focal point that draws the eye while the natural surroundings... and a rock garden with succulents. Our concern is since the sprinkler system is... so it water the areas we want and not the areas we don't want? Your ideas are..."
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