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Roof Overhangs Project Lower Energy Costs
"a deep roof overhang on your house... warming: deep roof overhangs. Depending on depth and placement, large overhangs (or even... large roof overhangs can still provide shelter and help protect a house from bad... south-facing overhang will direct the sun's rays lower on the window, allowing less light... A good overhang will also allow more winter light to penetrate a building than summer... costs. Overhangs are most effective for south-facing elements (in the northern hemisphere)..."
Modern Gable-Style Homes
"pitched roofs and overhangs can be simple, innovative and modern, too... of the roof, that break is most explicit. Pitched roofs that traditionally serve to... flat roofs. Pitched roofs of various types can follow from the simplicity and innovation... for flat roofs, which sometimes serve as terraces for reclaiming the land the building... where flat roofs were untenable. This ideabook focuses on gables and what makes them modern..."
Pitched Roofs Make a Point in Modern and Contemporary Homes
"Flat roofs may be the modernist standard, but angled ones say 'home' loud and clear... a flat roof terrace. So why are we now wavering on roof form? When you ask a child... that a roof doesn’t have to be inclined, that the flat roof is a symbol of progress... pitched roof. Modernist parents may cringe and patiently explain to their 3-year-old... pitched roof to help it earn a place in the contemporary world? Turns out, we don’t..."
Have Your Flat Roof and Your Snow Too
"that flat roofs are leaky, expensive and a pain to maintain? Find out the truth here... a flat roof. There are many misconceptions about the use of flat roofs in snowy... image of a roof above our heads. And while the elements of snow and rain may shape our... of the roofs over our heads. Contrary to popular belief, even those of us living in... a flat roof can be designed and constructed to address each and every one. So if you’re..."
Materials: The Advantages of a Metal Roof
"reigns in roofing style, maintenance and energy efficiency... replace your roof again? Consider a metal roof. While the cost of a metal roof is significantly... shingled roof, it will likely last a lifetime and it is practically maintenance-free... metal roof are that it makes your home safer in harsh weather and can significantly... metal roof is versatile in design to complement many architectural styles, from a..."
6 Green-Roof Myths, Busted
"living roofs and see examples from simple to elaborate... Green roofs, living roofs, vegetated roofs, ecoroofs — whatever you want to call... green roofs are only for ecobuffs, they're high maintenance and they're experimental... green-roof myths and see if they, er, hold any water.... green roof. Anyone got advice about implementing green roofs in Perth, Western Australia... over the roof. So then the roof would not need to be as strong. What is that called..."
8 Ecofriendly Roof Options for Low Budgets and Up
"sustainable roof or add-on that looks great and fits your price range... a new roof in the near future, and I have a checklist of features for this big-ticket... for a roofing material that is long lasting, energy efficient, environmentally friendly... such a roof exist? I set out to learn all I could about the current options for e... ecofriendly roofs and came away with the five top contenders and three optional add-ons..."
Extend the Roof for Shade and Shelter
"pitched roofs with gable ends can appear modern, even though they are rooted in vernacular... "brows" — roofs that extend well beyond the exterior wall. These dramatic extensions... butterfly roof offers a great opportunity for rainwater collection. One of my favorites... the deep overhang of the curving roof. This roof, supported by slender columns at the... g the roof's wood structure. Another Seattle residence illustrates how roof overhangs..."
Renovation Detail: The Gambrel Roof
"gambrel roof combines architectural beauty and interior breathing room... gambrel roofs. A gambrel is typically a symmetrical, two-sided roof with two slopes... gable roof, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the gambrel and long for its... and the roof due to the roof's angle. Our master bedroom has a wall of closets utilizing... gambrel roofs--thanks so much for featuring them! Gambrel roof homes are welcoming and..."
Extraordinary Roofs Have High Design Covered
"dramatic roof tops off a stunning home exterior in style... options for roof design aren't limited to the two most prevalent ones: pitched (gable,... creatively the roof can be the most striking aspect of a house's exterior. This ideabook collects... dramatic roofs, dissecting what drives them beyond creating strong images.... between, the roof is cut back to let light into the living space. Speaking of roof becoming..."
Gambrel Roofs Set Dutch Colonial Revivals Apart
"gambrel roof that makes them unique and sets them apart from the colonial revival pack... two-sided roof with two slopes on either side of the central ridge beam. The upper slope... of the roof called that makes a little overhang. We have a Gambrel but the roof terminates... Gambrel Roofs! I think that these types of roofs are very distinctive, and create... average roof, but well worth it! A roof named after me ;-) nice article. I used to..."
Modern Roof Features for Light, Rhythm and Interest
"on the roof. The following houses benefit from the rhythm of these elements, creating... these roofs and home designs we can only sigh and appreciate the esthetics of the... a deep overhang and dormers. Why out of reach, versus the usual clumsy and derivative... on the roof. What looks like two volumes projecting above the roof is actually four... metal hip roof. This view of the house with the arcade in the foreground accentuates..."
Clipped Gable Roofs Extend Traditional Exterior Style
"gable roofs, and to never leave home without a umbrella. A clipped gable roof,... jerkinhead roof, is a flattened version of a standard gable roof. Instead of rising to... Half-hip roof Half-hip roof A half-hip, clipped-gable or jerkin head roof has a gable... of the roof on one or both sides. Both the gablet roof and the half-hipped roof are... gablet roof has a gable above a hip, while a half-hipped roof has a hip above a gable..."
Porch Life: Modern Porches Step It Up
"separate roof, modern porch designs leave tradition behind... separate roof" from the definition, creating covered spaces underneath roof overhangs... how a roof extension make an outside spec so functional. How would this work at our... via an overhang from the main roof. This keeps the lines minimal and the porch's inclusion... This roof overhang on the back of this home serves as a porch between the house... separate roof by definition, but modern rooflines often provide porch protection via..."
Entrance Canopies: The New Porch
"ative Overhangs Offer Sheltered Passage to the Front Door... of the roof made deeper by cutting the entry into the house in plan. Combined with... canopy — a roof extension actually — long enough to be supported at the corner by a column... space and overhang, it's easy to imagine sitting underneath even in inclement weather..."
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