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Game Rooms: Carve Out a Place for Fun
"dining room, loft, basement or guest room into a place for the kids (and you) to play... choices for game rooms; so are converted attics, bonus rooms and rarely-used guest... living room or dining room into a kids' play space. These places don’t all have to... solely for your kids to romp around in: They can serve as game rooms without necessarily... and the kids will have to find indoor activities. Do you have a spot for them to get..."
A Basement Remodel Sets the Stage for Flexible Play
"between kids' play activities and grown-up entertaining... could make room for whatever play may happen," says Amundson. The homeowners also wanted... with two kids: no fixed furniture placement in the walk-out basement, please. Sofas... areas for crafts, play, entertainment and dining. The result is the addition of 800... Except for bedrooms and closets, the rest of the house is unnecessary! Fantastic... have gone for more warmer tones in the living area (just my preference). Well done. I..."
How to Carve Out a Nook for Play
"spare room to give kids space to play. Follow their lead and use your imagination... extra room for your kids, setting up a play area is still possible. Explore your... with a room we could dedicate to play. Our last home had a basement, and the kids... children the room they need to play.... Thank you for sharing your ideas. Danyelle Mathews I want to know what is up those stairs... made just for them. This cute dormer has enough room for a play table, a few chairs and..."
Room of the Day: Miami Beach Style for a Virginia Teen Hangout
"spare room for high schoolers and their friends can be cleaned and neatened in a... spare room in her 1950s brick Cape Cod–style home into a hangout for her daughters... anything, the room accommodates kids, pets, homework and video games with equal aplomb —... cheery fun room, great for kids! So smart to create a space where kids will want to hang... theme the room would have been had she not decided the Miami Beach theme for them but..."
The Best Colors for Kids' Rooms
"Kids rooms decor ideas: using colors... Kids' bedrooms are a terrific place for playing around with color. Children love... kids' room can be a mistake, though. You want to play around with a combination of... colors for your own kid. Let your children's personalities come through as they help... colored rooms. It reflects the liveliness of their nature. Going too bold with a kids'... create a room where your child can feel awake and alive but still get relaxed enough..."
Kid Spaces: Making Room for the Brood
"possible kid space in your house... the need for somewhere to put them. When the kids come, your home will have to adapt... having room for everyone will give you one less thing to worry about. More: Guides... Kids are a force to be reckoned with. With them come bundles of energy, loads of... space for them it's usually cluttered looking. I like the little side room for that... have a room like that. Kids toys are always a problem because even if you have a space..."
See an Amazing $400 Laundry Room Remodel for a Family of 8
"organization for a couple and their 6 kids... have six kids. Yes, you read that right. The children are ages 20, 18, 16, 13 (twin... laundry for the family of eight, Ronda spends a solid day or two doing nothing but... ways the kids could hlep her out though. For example, when I was a kid my mom put the... laundry for that many nearly grown children! The laundry room looks amazing and organized... props for Habitat for Humanity's ReStore - they are great places to find building..."
Room of the Day: Color Energizes a Texas Playroom
"white room into a lively place for creativity and hanging out... inviting room that inspires creative play and family gatherings.... Great room for kids and adults alike. It truly is a room that the kids can grow... of the rooms. Simply perfect for a family to live in and feel comfortable ...love... handle that for similar room with much taller steeper eaves, 6-foot walls. Using Behr Outback... in this room. I love it! Our granddaughter is visiting us in Mexico, and wonders why..."
Great Game Setups for Snowbound Days
"but the kids will be open to fun — and out of your hair — when you set up a space for... grim time for my mother, but what she did preserved that very cold time as a warm memory... doing this for at least 15 years, most of us don't have kids so we are the kids! The best... small for a family to play and create memories. Thanks a lot for the idea though... space for a large game like Robo Rally. Size for me was a huge factor as well. Most..."
Thank You for Sharing: The Family Living Room
"with your kids is easy with these family-focused ideas, furnishings and accessories... space for our own stuff. The kids would leave their big chunks of colorful, noisy... living room where adults and kids can hang out together, where good design and Tinker... living room with books, breakable trinkets and white furniture. Alas, most of us... living room and kitchen. The rooms are beautiful. But I'm fascinated with the lack..."
Look Up to the Attic for a Playful Kids' Bedroom
"superspecial for all when you turn it into a kids' room... privacy for them, less noise for you and lots of design fun. Make an attic superspecial... A kids’ bedroom is a sacred space — it’s one of the few places they can truly call... If your kids feel a bit exposed, consider transforming your attic space into a special... bedroom just for them. A getaway on the top floor can make the perfect escape, giving them..."
Guest Picks: Kids' Accessories for Grown-Ups
"works for all ages — just check out these pieces from kids' retailers that would... up your kids' room a notch — and may even tempt a purchase out of you for your own... the top kids' retailers were things I would love to see in my own grown-up spaces.... except for the red metal storage box that's "medicine inspired", being used for n... better for me if it were turned horizontally. olldbobbi, you crack me up almost every..."
The Single Crib Style That's Ideal for Any Nursery
"cribs and kids' beds delight in traditional to contemporary children's rooms... popular for over a century and a half, earning its name after Swedish opera superstar... hazard for babies. I really wish people would stop posting pictures of bumper pads... high risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) because the baby can scoot over and... They're OK for older babies because once baby is past a year old they're more physically..."
Shop Houzz: Fresh Bedding for Kids of All Ages
"patterns make kids’ rooms stand out... Houzz Shop for babies, toddlers and bigger kids.... practices for infant safety. There is no evidence that crib bumpers prevent injury.... carrier hub for Fedex and UPS. Bummer. You can get a lot of personality in a crib using... environment for everyone. bedding made from Tencel+Plus™, a proprietary fiber derived... healthier for baby and everyone else too! contact me thru my houzz account or direct..."
Design Ideas for a Teen Boy's Room
"Make room for your teen to shine with a space that reflects his personal style... ideas for designing the perfect room for the teen in your life. If your teen's p... gning for a teenage boy is much simpler than it sounds. Before you discount my theory... down' for us! Teen girl rooms are easy, and little boy rooms aren't bad, but teen... system for. I would love to see how you and your son have organized his. As for..."
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