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Bring Back the Optimism of Art Deco and Art Moderne
"of 1920s and '30s architecture and design. Can it propel homes in 2012?... the '20s and '30s.This home has all the distinctive elements of art deco style as... the '20s are more severe in their geometry, while the art moderne of the '30s is more... the '20s and '30s. While both art deco and art moderne relied on bold shapes and... the '20s and '30s. The simple, clean, white cubic forms and ziggurat roof of art... the 1930s exemplified speed, grace, power and elegance with their streamlined hulls..."
Gardening Solutions for Heavy Clay Soils
"What’s a gardener to do with soil that’s easily compacted and has poor drainage?... though it’s a native in the Midwest U.S., it can spread aggressively. Additional cla... once it’s compacted, you are back to step one: Retill the soil to bring in air and... foliage that’s characteristic of the genus. Wet soil. Never work your garden soil when it... when it’s soaking wet also will greatly disturb the soil ecology. Resist the urge in..."
Guest Picks: 20 Art Deco Designs for the Home
"the '20s and '30s with mirrored pieces and geometric lines... the 30's, and evolved well into the '50's. Better go visit a Deco exhibit or buy a..."
If You Have Room for Only One Summer Crop ...
"edible that’s long on flavor even if you’re short on space, with a long-time gardener’s... BasilIt’s actually an herb, but with a good recipe for pesto sauce and some pasta,... out — it’s sensitive to dryness. Favorite varieties: Genovese is traditional. There... but it’s such a great backyard lesson in botany (the tassels pollinate the kernels... us: What’s your favorite fruit, herb or vegetable to grow?..."
Gardening Fun: Plant a Fairy Garden
"It’s hard not to be captivated by the charm of a miniature garden in a pot. Here’s... Here’s how to make one of your own... That’s too obvious for my taste — and, I’m happy to say, Eden feels the same. Fill... general it’s best to select at least three plants: something that climbs, something that... and it’s exciting how quickly your container will become a miniature garden. This... Once that’s done you can create a little pebble path. This year we’re thinking about..."
Houzz Tour: Lofty Ambitions Transform a Manhattan Apartment
"this home’s compact footprint doesn’t cramp the owner’s style... kitchen’s dropped ceiling, he used reclaimed wood that was hand selected from a demolition... Crane’s parents, who own a kitchen remodeling business, offered experienced guidance... the wood’s warmth elegantly contrasts muted beige tile. Luxe details like a rain showerhead... there’s still plenty of room for friends. The apartment “helps simplify a bit,” he..."
1970s Style Finds Groove Today
"the '70s are swinging back into homes, but with modern flair for today's interior... That '70s Tune, I remembered my own room from the '70s and decided to look at some... is '70s rock: bands whose songs I know but whose names — Little River Band, Eagles... van, '70s music playing and palm trees everywhere. What do you imagine when you think... the '70s? Do you have postcard imagery in your head of happy people driving in co..."
Pop Culture Watch: 12 Home Trends from the '80s Are Back
"the 1980s have shot forward to today, in updated fashion... old '80s TV show a reboot, like Charlie's Angels, Miami Vice, The A-Team and 21 Jump... some '80s trends — like triangle silhouettes and neon socks — might make us shudder... dozen '80s trends designers have embraced and freshened up for today.... the 70s and 80s than former decades. Sadly. Mauve is from the '80's. Avocado, definitely... the 80´s. Don Johnson´s house across from my sister´s house. I visited a house of..."
Step Right Up to a Top Model’s Circus-Inspired Nursery
"castle’s turret, this nursery could be the setting for a storybook... That’s because it’s in a turret … in a castle in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles... America’s Next Top Model. Lisa D’Amato was a fan favorite in Cycle 5 and won the all-star... D’Amato’s fun-loving and wacky personality stood out the most. To show off D’Amato’s... D’Amato’s daring style and charisma in the unique castle she shares with her husband, Adam..."
My Houzz: Collective Panache for an 1890s Home
"then she’s updated the home’s interior twice: converting a walk-in closet into a bathroom... late ’80s after a stint in New York City to be closer to her aging parents. Since then... Etingin’s home an international flair. Houzz at a Glance Who lives here: Karen Etingin;... late 1800s to early 1900s. Reminds me of my great-grandmother's home, which I thankfully... early 1900's and is a collectors piece. The rest of the room reflects his tastes and his..."
What’s Fueling Austin’s Edgy Modern Architecture?
"and what’s behind all the experimentation... because it’s a good deal. It’s not something homegrown.” Aaaarrrgghh! This is what is... Austin’s upward trend towards uniqueness will continue to grow awhile sadly other... the 50's when Harwell Hamilton Harris a protégé of Richard Neutra and Rudolf Schindler... Austin’s experimentation with architecture is on par with places like New York, Los... promise. “It’s exciting,” he says. “Do I wish it was more sophisticated? Sure. We don’t..."
My Houzz: Countryside Charm in a 1940s Home
"maker’s home in Australia shows her passion for collections and creativity... this 1940s countryside home in New South Wales, Australia. She was thinking about making... property’s lovingly maintained garden and dapper cottage seemed like the ideal place... 1940-50's! The rooms are good usable space, and yet still cozy. I LOVE the shelf... Here’s one of those animals: one of Boucher’s cats, Dot. She loves to explore the..."
Houzz Tour: Reviving a Farmhouse in California’s Wine Country
"rickety 1800s home gets a more contemporary look and layout, becoming an ideal weekend... late 1800s. But time had not been kind to the structure, and when the present owner... the home’s problems, the 5-acre property had a tranquility that appealed to the owner... the 1930's with a smaller yet home as the original addition was hauled off to house... ranwalk01's comments - I can certainly relate - I struggle with the price tag issue..."
Room of the Day: Cool Style for Manhattan’s Ice House
"condo that’s chic and approachable all at once... There’s such a thing as a trusted neighbor, but interior designer Damon Liss takes... Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, his job wasn’t done. The couple then requested he work... the '80s off the fireplace area). My only regret with this room, and it can be easily... thing that’s interesting about this space is that it’s directly over the Holland Tunnel... AFTER: It’s as if the home has shed a frumpy muumuu in favor of a sleek Armani ensemble..."
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