2006 sale Stories

How to Decorate When You're Starting Out or Starting Over
"garage sales have houses that look like... well... thrift stores and garage sales... garage sales and bought pieces we really liked, even if they were not our ideal 'main'... garage sale, size suitable items. At our age we no longer plan on long term investment... garage sale. BTW - I still have these boxes and I have hung them on the wall and use... garage sales, etc.. rather than producing demand for more plastic stuff that will..."
Downsizing Help: How to Edit Your Belongings
"a yard sale. No one shopping a yard sale would pay for the true value of expensive... yard sale our boys would stage when my husband and I died. I had every intention... estate sale. This article hits home with good timing. Pefect timing for me and this... are for sale that is :) . With 1 child in College and the other a HS Junior my husband... house sale. I did donate some of my dad's unique items to a local museum. I gave..."
Budget Decorating: How to Decorate Smart and Slow
"a yard sale, estate sale, antique store without wondering. Currently I'm on a mission... in yard sales, antique shops, sidewalk art sales, HomeGoods, and even a restaurant... estate sales, and on Craig's List (love). My favorite shopping grounds are furniture... is on sale to make room for new fall merchandise. Everything just fell into place... estate sales and some really nice stuff goes cheap. Thank you so much for this article..."
Mix Your Plates for Memorable Table Settings
"garage sale and seen some dishes you just loved, but there were only three, so you... was on sale? The variety of china made the table so interesting and colorful! My... garage sale LOL! Beautiful, love #2 ! This was so refreshing. I'm rethinking my table... watched our sale tables for pieces of china. In her case every place setting at the table... pieces" at sales in future! Wow! Just wow!! Enjoyed all the comments here and the great..."
5 Ways to Protect Yourself When Buying a Fixer-Upper
"traditional sales. But that doesn’t mean you have to risk getting stuck with a money pit... final sale. I baught a 1920s cottage in February. I held back approx $60,000.00... for the sale and not you the buyer. Homes built in the tern of the century were actually... listed for sale. Hmmm. Wonder what else is lurking there. Termites were mentioned above... "quick sale" but because I have worked with a particular inspector and I'm familiar..."
Attract Home Buyers Easily With Great Photography
"home for sale is amazing listing photography. No matter how fabulous your home is, it... properties for sale on line and seeing poor quality photos. Dear Decorologist Kristi... house-for-sale is a bad business decision, so is using fish-eye photos, unless there's... is for sale... That bedroom could use some work as it is almost uninviting. Notice..."
My Houzz: Winging It in a Scottish Castle
"advertised for sale in The Herald newspaper and asked Fred whether he’d be willing to move... wing for sale in the morning paper is blowing the mind of this small-town American girl... wing for sale? :-) Wow. What a lovely home! In one of the last episodes of "Keeping... com/for-sale/details/33640694#qa5bFhY3BJbwPeMu.97 Just, "Wow!" wow. just - wow. I..."
Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower — the Planning Phase
"bringing home sale items or searching for the perfect grout color, make sure you measure... or re-sale you will need bathtub. Unless you have just one bathroom and disability... about re-sale at all. With a population that's aging this type of renovation can make... years re-sale you'll have trouble selling not realtor. I am frustrated when I am looking... to the sales pitch. And each time we have walked away saying, "No, I don't trust it..."
The Moving-Day Survival Kit: Lifesaving Items and Niceties
"agent. My sale was her first, and she set the bar very high. When I got to the house... my "for sale" place with 1 pot, 1 pan, a futon mattress, a lawn chair and my toaster... garage sales for other stuff to use or repurpose. I haven't moved in 37 years, and... a home sale: We had our first experience with a Stager with our past move and our... a yard sale. :) Best wishes! @ahavah, thanks! I often think I need to approach my..."
7 Must-Dos on the Day You Show Your House
"before sale. OR making up your hair and makeup (for the ladies) before a night out... once for sale becomes a house which is four walls, a roof a floor, and windows. You... is for sale without any sense of welcome. I personally would not be turned off by... homes for sale are two very different aspects of design. Staging a model is with the... home for sale is less about creating a dream and more about practicality, and to be..."
My Houzz: Original Drawings Guide a Midcentury Gem's Reinvention
"up for sale. One year later it did. The Faulkners bought the house, moving from... designs for sale. I am still working on pricing but feel free to send me a message if you... is for sale! We will miss this house, it was a tough decision but one that will allow... currently for sale: http://www.remax.com/realestatehomesforsale/209-n-alder-ellensburg-w..."
A Beginner's Mini Guide to Buying Antiques
"estate sales, online local auctions, and even garage sales, you'd do just a little... estate sales. We are buying antiques for a cabin we're building. Recent finds: 4... estates sale here in New Brunswick Canada, and was SHOCK to see these beautiful piece... cheap sale as now. However, that stuff has fallen apart, leaving the well-built... estate sales you are talking about, and yes, the pieces ARE selling for a "song"...."
Save Money on Home Staging and Still Sell Faster
"many home sales always made for quick sales and good profits. Fresh flowers with little... home for sale I prefer it to be empty. I want to envision my furniture and my "stuff"... moving sale before putting the house up on the market, it really helps the house sell... divide pre-sale projects into three buckets: Maintenance work, architectural upgrades... speed the sale. For example, spending $3K to replace linoleum with hardwood should increase..."
True Confessions of a House Stalker
"a "For Sale" sign on it at a time when we weren't in a position to buy. Finally someone... up for sale I was concerned. Several weeks after it sold I was upset. The new owners... for For Sale signs, so far no luck! Thanks for making me feel less lonely. Lol. What... up for sale. We couldn't (for any price) do any better. Besides, our children had... up for sale in the near future, wrote the owners a letter offering to buy the home..."
Surprising Ways to Pare Down at Home
"Library Book Sale are how I get rid of lots of stuff. We have a Yard Sale Yahoo group also... to the sale (some books in the sale are bought and sold every year!)I" taking all... garage sales are too much work. In my laundry area I keep a box for items I no long... all yard sales, it was so liberating that every few months we would clean out a closet... estate sales where the owners never threw out a thing their entire lives. Is doing..."
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