118 scented soap Stories

Simple Pleasures: Scent and Memory
"baby soap fragrance make you bubbly, or a whiff of the ocean float your boat? Tap... simple scent of baby bubble bath; even the subtle background scent of polished wood... floors. Scent tends to be more closely tied to memories than any of the other senses... works with scents. The scent like freshly cut grass combined with morning mist, stops... Other scents just make me happy; jasmine, fresh coffee, baking bread, the scent of..."
Savor Natural Scents at Home
"profile of scents, and if you have been relying on artificially scented products, it's... say that scent is the sense most closely tied to memory, which explains why that whiff... things like scented articles, scented sprays, gently scented cleaners, and plants/flowers... things scented with essential oils tend to have a much milder scent than synthetic... synthetic scented items. MY FAVORITE HOME SCENT (though not natural) IS FRENCH OAK by..."
Better Places to Stash That Soap
"needs soap next to the sink. But soap dishes can become unsightly and a breeding... liquid soap. Or consider some ways to get that bar soap off the vanity, so the only... liquid soap are sold in aren’t particularly sturdy or attractive, either. So what’s... attractive soap dispensers out there; you simply want to match the design to the style... up of soap scum and the soap does not dry out well. We have different soaps from..."
Shop Houzz: Perk Up Your Powder Room
"towels, scented soaps and thoughtful touches make a bathroom guest-ready... curtain or scented soap. You’ll find plenty of ways to give your bathroom some pizzazz..."
9 Smells You Actually Want in Your Home
"these scents do way more than just smell good... pleasant scents, in general, gives us a positive boost. For example, in a study published... various scents can directly effect — even influence — our minds. Taking that research... incorporate scent into your home to improve mental performance, reduce anxiety, relax and... love the scent of carnations---there used to be a soap with carnation scent that I would..."
Guest Picks: Zen Bath Finds for a More Serene You
"linens, soaps, salts and other amenities... but the scents sound amazing. There are other tub caddies out there, but I am really... Prefer bar soap? Store a big pile in a tin-coated, hammered brass bowl like the ones used... holding soap, washcloths or anything else you need to stash. This simple wood block... Speaking of soap, these jade-colored, gem-like bars from Pelle are almost too pretty to... liquid soap. The rounded shape is pleasing to the touch. It also comes in dark gray..."
Guest Picks: Guest Bathroom Spruce-Up
"fancy soap alongside all the essentials... a nice scent and touch of ambiance. I love the idea of providing some storage space..."
Guest Picks: Favorite Home Fragrances
"Must-Have Scents to Use at Home... these 20 scents. I like to light different candles depending on my mood and the season... Pomegranate scents. Also love Votivo Red Currant scent! Great post! So many sound so yummy... favorite soaps you love? Kandy, YES!!! I love soap, too. haha! My current favorite... shaped soap. I only wish the diffuser scent were stronger. It fades too quickly... masculine scent. Personally I don't buy any scents that make me think of food or I'm..."
Guest Picks: Tiptoe Through the Lavender
"lavender scents for a home that's as fresh as can be... lavender-scented products and fresh flowers are also pretty ways to bring this charming... lavender-scented linen water. This lavender John Robshaw Mali pillow features a hand-printed... foaming bath soap — it's my favorite bath product. You will feel refreshed and pampered... gives this scented candle a relaxing aroma...."
Guest Picks: 20 Fall Gift Ideas Under $50
"saw the scented soap...the last time I gave scented soap, the homeowner told me that... use pump soap dispensers...so I got to keep the scented soap for myself. Sad for them... Saipua soaps for their amazing scent combinations. Coffee and mint sounds perfect... lling soap wrapped in luxurious paper is a can't-miss hostess gift. I favor any of..."
Herb Garden Essentials: Grow Your Own Culinary Sage
"from scenting perfumes and soaps to repelling moths and eliminating cooking odors... fruit-scented sage (S. dorisiana) are colorful and edible choices for very warm-weather..."
10 Low-Cost Tweaks to Help Your Home Sell
"agree over scenting can be just as bad. However, a vanilla or lavender scented plug in... comments on scents and scent issues. Just based on the initial feedback to this piece,... seller has scents in the home. Scents mask odors. What you think is pretty, is offensive... lightly scented soap placed in your linen closet makes the linens smell just laundered... adding scents especially artificial ones. I always wonder what they are masking and..."
How to Stage Your Kitchen for a Home Sale
"authentic scent. I also keep some very lightly scented soap bars in a collection of ironstone... allergies scented candles never make it into my home! Scents like candles lead me to... out of soap. The entire point of the scents I choose is not to smell anything but... goopy dish soap containers simply do not exist, because I could not live with them.... migraine. My scent of choice would be lemon (real lemon, not lemon lollipop), pine or clean..."
Spend Less Without Being a Grinch: 8 Holiday Ideas
"during the scented soap gift year, but I have it on good authority that they were used... and the scent of pine needles brings back holiday memories for me. :) www.paintin..."
Top 12 Summer-Blooming Perennials for Deer-Resistant Drama
"ignore the scent of soap and come back again and again no matter HOW much soap you hang... dawn dish soap. I then fill the jug with water and shake it. I spread this over all my... sweet scent of apples and corn might attract more than deer. Sounds crazy but I... Spring soap to each tree and the deer stayed away. They used fabric netting, I forget... bars of soap and tie it to anything. Join Date: May 2012 Location: Greene County..."
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