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Bid Bad Garden Bugs Goodbye and Usher In the Good
"citronella scented plant. If in colder climates, plant in a pot to take inside in winter... Lemon Scented Geranium, Lemon Verbena, Mexican Marigold Mint, Mindanao Gum Tree..."
Hello, Honey: Beekeeping Anywhere for Fun, Food and Good Deeds
"with the scent of flowers. I am too scared of bees to actually keep a beehive and... follow her scent. Hope this helps. Faye We live in MN and got started just last year..."
Pet-Proofing Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide
"place. Scented oils for diffusers are dangerous too. Twice, a few weeks apart my favorite... lilac-scented oil that had spilled where I couldn't see (or smell) it. It got on..."
Room of the Day: Laundry Room Goes to the Dogs
"As for scents of laundry detergents, as you do with a newborn baby, you just buy scent... scent free and clean up after yourself if you make a mess! I think this space is..."
Indoor Winter Gardens for Cheerier Days
"winter. The scent of heaven. @ Charleee -- Like jeanstryker said above, small lemon trees... luck; the scent of the blossoms in winter is utterly divine. A sun room is my heart's..."
Modern Manners for Conflict-Free Family Visits
"to wear scented perfume, lotion, aftershave, hairspray due to chemical sensitivity... sent both scented brother and biting dog packing as soon as they had arrived. Tough love..."
5 Favorite Yellow Roses for a Joyful Garden
"isn't scented, it isn't a rose. I love Graham Thomas since seeing the rose garden... 'Piñata', 'Scent from Above' and 'Golden Showers'. 2. Best scent. 'Charlotte' is a smaller... nicely scented yellow roses include 'Golden Celebration', 'Julia Child', 'The Pilgrim'..."
The Garden Edge: Rethink Your Garden Pathways
"magnificent scent! Or a soft grass that plays with your bare leg in summer :) Two of my... ovalifolia), scented-leaf geranium (Pelargonium domesticum) in scents of lemon, rose and... delicious scents when you brush against their foliage. Consider plants such as mintbush..."
Great Design Plant: Lilies
"have no scent. I have the worst luck with gardening. Maybe I should just go paint... heavy scent. They prefer acidic soil and moist, temperate summers. Try 'Flying Circus'... nicely scented. They typically need staking due to their taller height. Try 'Madame..."
You Said It: ‘Use the Imperfect as an Opportunity’ and More Wisdom
"until the scent wears out. My shade & moisture loving plants do pretty well when I keep... for a scent that lingers.” — Erin SouderThis was the advice I put into practice... lavender-scented Mrs. Meyers dryer sheet under my bottom sheet. It worked like a charm..."
Great Design Plant: Feed Wildlife With Flowering Currant
"perfect scent, For they Were really Heaven Sent. To attract Both birds and bees... resinous scent (some love it; some find it a bit pungent), and the foliage is a low... resinous scent of the foliage.Planting notes. Ideally, plant flowering currant in autumn..."
6 Gift-Giving Gardens for Delights Beyond the Visual
"a rose scented tea. Sitting in the sun pulling petals off of the roses with the fragrance... deliciously scented garden? Plant a fragrant garden in the front of your home, along pathways... jasmine, scented geranium, mint, rosemary, sage and oregano. Choose an out-of-the-way..."
Great Design Plant: Wild Bergamot, Friend of Foragers
"as a scent for ladies, back in the last couple of centuries, or even further. I... pleasantly scented foliage; the scent helps deter browsing by herbivores, including deer..."
The Cure for Houzz Envy: Laundry Room Touches Anyone Can Do
"yummy scented candle. My DIL says no one decorates their laudry room but me. Houzz... and the scents are spectacular. No, I am not being paid by Mrs. Meyers; I’m just really... lavender-scented dryer sheets and the graphics on the packaging. Shoot, if Mrs. Meyers..."
8 Nordic Secrets to Exude True Warmth at Home
"on the scent and takes a deep, relaxing breath. What a great article. I put out a... hug, the scent of something delicious baking in the kitchen and a comfortable place..."
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