40 scone Stories

Simple Pleasures: Indulging in Teatime
"hered scones. Tea with treats can make even an uneventful day feel extravagant... cakes, scones, pastries, perhaps crumpets, and hot tea — this is the occasion to bring... hot tea, scones, clotted cream and jam. High tea is the heartiest and least formal... basic scone recipe: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/8163/basic+scones I would add:... sandwiches or scones starting at the early age of 6. Now, many...ok many, many years later..."
Guest Picks: Summer Cottage Breakfast Table
"-oven scones. It would be a simple meal in a simple setting. My fantasy cabin and... making scones is getting to use the bristle brush to wipe on an egg wash and then... dust the scones with sugar. This is the last step before baking to add a hint of sweetness... buttermilk scones. You can also use it to brush glazes, sauces, butter and oil onto baked..."
Guest Picks: 20 Sconces for Under $100
"ideas on scones for the exterior? megsims- welcome to the coolness. deterta- that... compile a 'scones' ideabook, next. MFAMB you are such a find! Thanks for the Ideabook... calling them scones. I have been staring at oodles... and oodles... of them recently because... hideous 80s scones in the living room that don't go with the 1930s build and vibe of the..."
Simple Pleasures: The Joy of Baking
"bagels, scones, doughnuts, cookies, cakes, dog biscuits...the only problem is that... bread and scones. My dream is to have a nice square kitchen and lots of workspace areas... biscotti , scones, granola... So far... If you're looking for unintimidating baking recipes... savory scones with soup, or homemade bread sticks with a big salad. If you prefer..."
A Lesson In Lighting: How To Use Wall Sconces
"two wall scones to flank my bed...king bed is 48"h and the scones are about 7" by 7"..."
Modern Party Etiquette for Hosts and Guests
"make date scones to freeze and wrap dates in bacon to eat with a maple-balsamic reduction... frozen scones, that means I only have to eat half of them in the next week or so and..."
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