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Great Design Plant: Sedum (Stonecrop)
"shapes, sedum is a hearty problem solver in the garden... garden with sedum. Prolific blooms earn notice in summer months, but bold evergreen foliage... altitude sedum by a creek in the mountains. I was told by two people it was a sedum... beautiful sedums that were deer resistant until this year, when they suddenly became... them! Sedums, which fall under succulents, are a most versatile plant. In Dallas's... Beads", Sedum nassbaumerianum. Thanks Patrick! I love hearing how homeowners and designers..."
6 Steps to Get a Garden Off to a Glowing Start
"learn the "sedum secret," and before you know it, you'll be starting your own garden from... !!!!! Sedum is a great plant. Clumps nicely, super easy to propagate, nice plump... "plant" the sedum directly in the mulch ? twmcg -- yes! I literally can just plant them... er-of-sedum.html Various other beginner plants are here: http://www.anestforallseasons... I love sedum, it is an underated plant generally so I'm glad to see it featured here..."
Great Garden Combo: 3 Soft-Looking Plants for a Dry Climate
"The bold sedum added strength to the design, both in shape and color. We tend to think... Annie! Sedum and grass do not only work very well together - they are attractive almost... combined Sedum and grasses with black-eyed Susan and windflowers. The photo was taken... colors. Sedum 'Autumn Joy' holds a special place in my heart... as a child my Mother... flowers of sedum 'Autumn Joy' (Sedum 'Herbstfreude') do this perfectly. This mounding..."
9 Cooling Rooftop Gardens
"feature sedum, a hardy flowering plant that survives well on rooftops. Intensive green... often have sedums - especially in the northwest - but by no means primarily sedum. Native... example of a sedum green roof. This time the planting is placed on the exterior, and the... flowering sedum and other plants. Note the perimeter walkway: green roofs are typically... walk ON sedum plants. Gravel or other walkways are important for maintenance and accessing..."
3 Steps to Creating Quick, Easy and Colorful Succulent Containers
"succulents and sedums. Thanks for a great post. Just subscribed to your newsletter and will... listed sedum as non-toxic to dogs and cats (and children) (well, one source claimed... consider sedum (which would include the burro's tail) to be non-toxic. There are a... LOT of sedum of all sizes and shapes - one could easily do an entire succulent garden... with just sedum. Again, I hope you share your experience or information on these plants..."
Your November Garden Checklist
"maples and sedum. Here in California I'm just starting to see the ginkgos go gold and... attractive. Sedum (Hylotelephium spp) seed heads are also good for dried arrangements,"..."
8 Flowers That Dazzle With Fall Color
"asters or sedum until early spring. The reason being the asters will collect snow if... As for sedum, the stalks are hollow, so there's always the potential for rain or snow... rudbeckia, sedum, mums, asters, etc. all up in to zone 3. We typically leave all flowers... mums, sedum, asters basically all except many roses and red hot poker. Sweet autumn... creeping sedums are pretty going over the edge of a fall container...."
Pacific Northwest Gardener's August Checklist
"My sedums never look like that. How long does it take for them to get that tall... I love Sedum! It's perfect from Summer into Fall with the gorgeous colors changing... Edmond, my sedums never look that good, either! When I was in the Seattle area a few... Sheila, the Sedum pictured is about seven years old, in coastal Pacific Northwest, in full... great sedum! It probably varies how to care for them by climate. Randi, I don't..."
Grow a Garden of Succulents for Easy Beauty
"mixture of sedum and echerveria! I planted succulents on the roof of our rubbish store... full of sedum this past week as I decided to downsize a garden in my front yard. Curious... Zone 5, Sedum (Stonecrop) will survive (it dies back in the winter but it returns in... Stonecrop(Sedum spp)From upright shrubs to trailing ground covers, colorful sedum spans..."
Make a Beautiful and Long-Lasting Driftwood Centerpiece
"house with sedum. Unfortunately her chickens got to to it so I didn't get to see it grow... added sedums and succulents to small hollowed out pieces of driftwood and set them... sharing Sedum brevefolium is wonderful to tuck into little spaces and cascades beautifully... Succulents (sedum, Echeveria, Crasssula). I used 2-inch pots (the smallest succulent container..."
6 Green-Roof Myths, Busted
"roof of sedums on our house in Whistler, BC. We used a company called Xerofloor. Our... creative sedum ideas and amazing service! Living in a climate that gets cold in the... with sedum already grown in from a local nursery.(I personally have not seen these... inaccessible sedum roof or an accessible roof garden.The warranties on the building products... planted with sedum (stonecrop). Many "semi-intensive" green roofs are home to an array of..."
Great Plants for Lush, Low-Water Gardens
"Pittosporum & Sedum Angelina Aren't most of these for areas that don't freeze? Will zoysia... on was sedum ground cover, iris, daffodils and purple cone flowers. They even ate... spruce sedum — keeps things feeling lush. Colorful succulents in varying heights and... salvia and sedum – grow wild in planter boxes. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a field..."
How to Install a Green Roof
"profile with sedums) or intensive (deeper soil, wider range of plants) systems. http://www... beautiful sedum roof in Seattle I get to look out over from the kitchen window, but 5... roof), sedums or succulents can all be good options, depending on climate and sun..."
Planting Ideas: Life in the Crevices
"variety of sedums and thymes over the river rock edges and allowed Corydalis lutea to... and red sedums on the other side this year (out of frame) to compliment the lichens... attenuata Sedums are another suitable succulent and are adapted to wider climatic conditions..."
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