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8 Ways to Design a Better Shower
"soap and shampoo, and more. So taking a shower wasn't enjoyable at all. What bothered... niches (for shampoo and soap) are intended to be recessed, it's not illegal to install... place for shampoo and soap. A small, recess in the shower wall with a shelf or two works... bottles of shampoo, conditioner, gel and more. Size the niche to accommodate the tallest..."
Avoid Falling Bottles with a Shower Niche!
"of my shampoo, body wash, soap, etc. on the floor of a shower stall or tub. 2) Balancing... bottles of shampoo from COSTCO, measure them and design the niche accordingly. There's... bargain shampoo bottles - shampoo we love but a) try to hide the bottles due to wrong... soap, shampoo, and body wash. Instead, they have dispensers installed so that they... too much shampoo and conditioner when dumping it out of a bottle. A nice grouping of..."
Vinegar and Voilà: Clean Your House the Natural Way
"Re: shampoo and body washes: After I bathe and shampoo, I pour an apple cider... rinsed the shampoo out as much as I can, I spritz with the vinegar/water (being careful... bit of shampoo out of the coat and makes the coat shiny. Please please please DO NOT... a dog shampoo that I found years ago that is suppose to neutralize dog smell and... doggie shampoo. I live in a hard water area and when lime scale builds up on the..."
Get It Done: Organize the Bathroom for Well-Earned Bliss
"hotel shampoo bottle samples or medications from several years ago still floating... hotel shampoos, etc. I have two large clear glass canisters with lids (from TJ Maxx... preferred shampoo bottles. Electrical outlet inside each medicine cabinet above the... type of shampoo and conditioner (better yet, use the same brand), soap or bodywash... dollops of shampoo, conditioner and body wash than you would from the bottle (did you..."
Convert Your Tub Space Into a Shower — Choosing Accessories
"corner shampoo niche can add hundreds of dollars to a tile installation, whereas a... leave shampoo bottles on so you don't need to bend all the way down. JW Accessories... AND have shampoo bottles, conditioner, etc. I do have a large shower though. Good idea... store shampoo bottles and other necessities. I recommend using glass and tile drill... perfect for shampoo bottles — saving you from picking them up off the floor — or as a place..."
10 Amenities to Make Your Bathroom Extraordinary
"tallest shampoo bottle before you start to build so that you make sure the niche is... all the shampoo/body wash/soap off before it can stick and dry to walls. even then... rest and shampoo, soap... Laugh if you will, but the first time I sat on a heated... soap and shampoo, and love the look of the decorative bottles. They would not be safe... easily shampoo and rinse your hair at the sink as your head fits under the faucet..."
Bathroom Workbook: 12 Things to Consider for Your Remodel
"don't need shampoo either but that's another story.... And why, when building a new house... Storage of shampoo btw, just got out of my large wonderful jacuzzi tub where my hubby... room for shampoo, etc. I hate over-the-shower caddies because, unless you get an adjustable... bottles of shampoo and conditioner and other things. Since I am sitting down to shower... bottle of shampoo. :-) Ah-ha! So it is the lighting that has been making me look old..."
Genius Home Prep: A Guest Room in a Box
"tissues, and shampoo. I am going to go shopping to fill a container so I never have to... soap, shampoo, lotion, Q-tips shower caps, etc all the necessities. But I also like... (shower gel, shampoo etc.) I collect a set to use for guests. I also have a set of cotton... sized shampoos, lotions, etc. and everything else I can think of that a guest would... soaps/shampoos/body wash/shaving cream/hair spray/etc., as well as disposable razors..."
Grow a Beautiful Garden With Ecofriendly Greywater
"and our shampoos are sulfate free and we're conscious of that but you brought up something... hint of shampoo or soap scents could be detected. We are currently installing a grey... traces of shampoo were find in lettuce and it had a negative impact on your nervous system... oaded shampoos, it will be fine. Veronica Lopez wrote: "I read an article once..."
How to Pick a Shower Niche That's Not Stuck in a Rut
"soap and shampoo bottles and brushes and sponges that people use on a daily basis. Shower... taller shampoo, conditioner, etc bottles than you think. If you had another space... bottle of shampoo/conditioner. There are so many choices of products, but no need to... than one shampoo while bathing? And no more yucky sticky extra bottles with hair to... if your shampoo bottle of choice does not fit, it won't be of any help. If you sit..."
Why to Put Your Tub in the Shower
"swimming with shampoo etc from someone having a shower, is ripe territory for a nasty accident... water , shampoo or soap bubbles anywhere close to the tub and that would sort of defeat... sliding in shampoo or conditioner residue and busting their head wide open on the tub... soaps/shampoos etc. We are also generally careful to avoid having the showers pointed..."
Gift Giving the Simple-ish Way
"toothpaste, shampoo, even deodorant ( and no one was insulted thinking someone is saying... favorite shampoo!" Of course there are other little goodies like fruit, nuts, candy... deodorant & shampoo are usually included! Naturally there are always some surprises & I..."
Easy Green: Big and Small Ways to Be More Water-Wise at Home
"I was shampooing or soaping my body because I'd get blasted by cold water. I recently... shower to shampoo or shave the water is the same temperature as when I turned it off... soap up, shampoo, or shave, thereby turning the water off while it was not actually..."
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