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Bath Design: Renew Body and Mind With Colorful Light
"Rinse in a shower bathed in blue light (or any color you like). Repeat... Often, the shower can be the best place to get a dose of healing light without breaking... small shower or bathroom — the ability to layer the light to suit morning routines... tried that set up before. JW That "church" looking shower is really a very unique element... -Your-Shower-Renovation-modern---vancouver We just installed this shower glass panel..."
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Pet Projects!
"doghouses, showers — what outdoor treats have you put together for your furry friends... their kits for ideas or buying. Otherwise black deer fencing can be pretty inconspicuous... couple’s beloved pets who enter through the doggie door below. Materials were chosen... theatrical set. (Our basement bathroom became a South Seas Island Spa. Nothing cutesy... Doggie shower! We built this enclosure for our two cats. Inca and marley. They were..."
Sensible Style for Your Holiday Guest Bath
"Got my shower handheld, taps, shower head with rough-out, sold with the shower diverter... PART :S Worth every cent for good quality and the perfect style! I've always found... place to set your toiletry bag. Having to place these items on the floor is not convient... tap and shower head. usa.hudsonreed.com Guest bath color palette Honestly in a higher-end... barrier-free shower is ideal for a guest bath — and great-looking, too. A shower bench..."
8 Ways to Design a Better Shower
"perfect shower, from the rainshower head and bench to the nook for shampoo and soap... place, the shower head was set too low for a taller person, the clunky glass door was... is, the shower design left a lot to be desired. The controls were positioned in the... taking a shower wasn't enjoyable at all. What bothered me most about this was that... cost, the shower could have been quite nice. There was ample space and lots of natural..."
21 Dream Showers Let You Soap Up in Style
"sensational showers have it all: spectacular design, luxurious materials and sleek high-tech... person or a shower person? Or, like me, does it depend on your mood? If the invigorating... spectacular settings and the latest in technology all contribute to the experience in these... sensational shower designs. Once you go in, it may be a very long time before you come... your own shower or have to, most of these showers are actually easier to clean than..."
Your Shower: Make Room for the Bench
"Turns a Shower Into a Spa... you’re in shower-planning mode, I’m sure you’ve considered hardware, type of finish,... there’s one thing that may have skipped your mind: a bench. It may seem like a s... ledge for shower supplies, but a bench is also great for shaving or just relaxing beneath... for the showerS. Would also like to add, one should consider a comfortable height... into the shower. (The potion between the tub and the shower houses the air tub mechanical..."
Houzz Tour: A New Shower Leads to a Whole-House Remodel
"t 1940s brick house (with a 1990s addition). The duo came to Ibarra Rosano Design... having a shower with a huge window and looking out into a small zen garden with big... master shower is my favorite. If you don't mind, can you provide an estimate of... have your shower and outdoor fireplace in our new house!!! I also LOVE the front exterior... a tile shower and custom closets create a modern yet rich oasis. The living spaces..."
Convert Your Tub Space Into a Shower — Waterproofing and Drainage
"sleek new shower: Pick your waterproofing materials and drain, and don't forget to test... your new shower, you can start planning its construction — the bones of the job. There... build a shower. Which one is right for your new bathroom? Of course, local planning... building a shower in your town. Don't stop there, though. Look up the Tile Council of... into the shower for a flood test. You need an inflatable or twist n set test plug to..."
The No-Threshold Shower: Accessibility With Style
"bath and shower for an elegant addition to any home... zero-threshold showers are now stylish additions to any home. Adding a curbless shower is... into the shower without stepping over a threshold or tripping over a sill? Once considered... zero-threshold shower can improve accessibility and your quality of life, especially if someone... beautiful shower, inaram. combination of tub and shower is terrific. thanks for sharing..."
Get Steamy in the Shower for Spa Time at Home
"steam shower to plan a safe and sturdy installation and a soothing bath experience... steam shower's tile and decided on the shower's space and size, it's time to start... steam shower. Finding someone who will build your shower to the specifications of... steam shower's key components, costs and materials will ensure the outcome you want... because post shower, if you opened the shower door and then the bathroom door, it set it..."
Convert Your Tub Space Into a Shower — the Tiling and Grouting Phase
"sleek new shower: Pick the right tile and test it out, then choose your grout color and... every shower build. What kind of tile should you choose? Where should you get it... tile your shower can help you can ask the right questions when interviewing your contractors... about your shower project before selecting a grout. Tiling and grouting are hard to... too many shower builds screwed up because the grout was poorly installed. Let's take..."
18 Knockout Ideas for Wooden Floor Showers
"choice for shower floors that radiate beauty in almost any style bathroom... probably the shower floor. After all, the idea that our feet should stand on tile or fiberglass... we're showering is so ingrained in us — why would anyone assume they have more options... floor shower. It's an elegant upgrade to the materials of yore, and much more versatile... up your shower. I would love to see how our metal mesh shower curtains would look on..."
How to Place Shower Controls for Bathing Bliss
"your next shower can be a complete joy to use. No blast of cold water when you turn it... out the shower door and a handheld cord that doesn't wrap around fixtures. Here are... perfect shower experience through the placement of your fixtures.... tub and shower or a tub/shower combo? JW Hi John, I am glad you wrote this article... bathrooms, showers, steam showers, kitchen backsplashes, living rooms, hallways, any..."
Green and Clean: Ecofriendly Tub and Shower Surrounds
"bathing or showering should be special, taking place in a pleasurable and healthy environment... granite shower base for your cocoon dream space project ? that material is perfect... ecofriendly shower or bath surround, as it's comprised of plentiful natural materials —... plastic shower surrounds, the natural plaster matrix emits no VOCs (volatile organic... in the shower or bath, and the technique offers limitless color options. Conventional..."
Expert Talk: Frameless Showers Get Show of Support
"frameless shower doors boosted the look or function of 12 bathrooms... eless shower doors convey a clean, modern feel and are, well, kind of sexy. Here... line of shower doors and enclosures! ddelora: Yes... frameless shower enclosures and... review of ShowerGuard. ShowerGuard allows you to freely design your bathroom the way... steam shower. Does anyone think it will get too steamy inside the shower if we don't... glass and shower door. The ceiling height inside and outside the shower is 10-feet...."
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