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Simple Ways to Get Your Closet Organized Right Now
"messy closet doesn't contribute to anyone's happiness. Conversely, an organized closet... closet can bring forth euphoric joy — or, at the very least, a sense of relief at... in your closet. I started with 50, and eventually every hanger in my closets has been... into a closet again, it's still really not enough room. Even when the closet is neat... d the closets. I never got why, since we each had our own (small) closet, but it..."
Simple Pleasures: Cozy Up Your Reading Spot
"these ideas for reading comfortably all around the house... series on simple pleasures, we'll look at some totally creative yet doable ways to carve... a bad idea, either.Genre pick: Indulge yourself in a late-night readfest with a... strand of simple white lights costs only a few bucks and can transform a dark, boring... rarely used closet could make a unique reading hideaway.Genre pick: Reconnect with a childhood..."
Simple Pleasures: A Room of Your Own
"Convert a closet? Build a small shed in the backyard? Once you have an idea of the space... eight ideas may inspire you), you may find the motivation to create a room of your... images and ideas! bellefonte, I love the idea of a camper/trailer or shed/greenhouse... office, a closet and anywhere else I can find. When in creative mode I switch from one... sharing of ideas that continually challenge me to get my creative juices flowing! Denise..."
Simple Pleasures: 10 Ideas for a Buy-Less Month
"love this idea. My husband and I believe strongly in being generous, so he challenged... get the idea!) and pre-committed bills, but everything else is a no. No clothes, no... out. A simple homemade pasta bolognese tastes so much better than store bought and... It was simple to do, using bowls and plates from the cupboard and adding some Christmas... love the idea of spending less and I've always been a library girl. i started this,..."
Simple Pleasures: 25 Ways to Make the Most of Your Staycation
"these ideas to help you rock your staycation.... breakfast idea and eating outdoors ideas for this article too. All these ideas sound... these ideas! I will certainly save this idea book. On our last staycation we used... is my idea of a vacation! Great ideas, especially the outside movie! I'm on my... Summers" idea! I'm "stealing" it! Love your zen treehouse idea but usually people "forget"... funny this idea book should be posted as I just ended my first ever stay cation! (It was..."
Simple Pleasures: Digging in the Attic
"decorating ideas for the attic as well.... had any idea where it came from. I always felt regal in it; after many years it was... walk in closet and be happy. Too hot in Houston also. We can store stuff, but it's... Loft idea my grandma had a cellar at her house in south dakota. only thing she used... wonderful idea!! Love these addics...here in Montreal, they are too cold though to use... basement, closet or garage, or maybe those photo boxes in the living room.Attic decorating..."
Simple Pleasures: The Morning Primp
"are nine ideas for setting up a space in your home dedicated to getting ready in the... Here a simple wall-mounted surface is paired with a sleek Panton chair and an ornate... walk-in closets, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of the space available... up your closet and dressing area each evening before bed, and hang your outfit for... on your closet door. Isn’t it so much lovelier to wake to a clear and clean space,..."
Gift Giving the Simple-ish Way
"things simple!” and every year there are places where I do that. Also, every year... Christmas simple-ish. One way I’m doing that is by establishing a few gift-giving traditions... for gift ideas, I give them ideas for things the four boys might want to do. One year... respect the ideas of others even if we don't agree. Love the idea of Christmas and seasonal... Great ideas....but these two ideas have truly fun and a great learning venture....."
13 Simple Steps to a Perfectly Made Bed
"great ideas, and of course the different sized pillows and shams and patterns and... a good idea to bury all this moisture under beautiful layers of comforters and blankets... love the idea of rolling the coverlet at the foot for a fresh look! Denise, check out... things simple, and the guests are more at ease. Great article and wonderfully... isn't simple. Having lived in Germany for many years now the concept of bedding is:..."
Simple Pleasures: Make Do and Mend
"have no idea of the origin. I grew up with this mentality forced upon us as children... into the closet!) and I cut off all buttons and fancy or cute trims! My husband could... something simple from Ikea. It is amazing what is out there, and what a little (or a... Or just simple things, like cutting a no longer used king-sized comforter in half for... from my closet and the children's department in thrift stores. Often I get fabrics..."
Home Accessorizing Made Simple
"all in closets. It's a rare book I even notice what the cover looks like, and if I... of the closets; if I can find them online, I'll give them away. I used to have a... held old ideas and would prevent new thoughts from entering your consciousness! If... like the idea of freeing up a few inches for a display of something (really liked the... bedroom closet? I think not! My grandchildren and great-grandchildren spend hours curled..."
10 Beautifully Simple Ways to Go Greener in the New Year
"lots of simple, practical stuff here...can I now justify that at-home soda maker instead... like the idea of a small veggie garden on the patio - maybe a box window garden for... love the idea of one empty drawer or shelf in each room. I commit to 2014 one bag a... shelf or closet. Yes to purging and organizing. Anytime something breaks beyond reasonable... to find ideas for different uses for a broken chair, washer, cracked mirror….anything..."
Simple Pleasures: Put Pen to Paper
"writing ideas Thank you for introducing me to Postcrossing! I love sending and receiving... resources a simple hand-written note is a small extravagance that is always appreciated... Postcrossing idea is great (thank you!) and I love calligraphy but if I'm going to string... writing simple notes like a thank you or sympathy card freehand. I need to rewrite... areas ideas too! Until 2012 we lived next door to our daughter and granddaughter..."
Simple Pleasures: Host a Casual Happy Hour
"them to a closet and hide them). Since she had been cooking all day everyone just laughed... served just simple apps and pizza. Low key, low pressure, and lots of fun for all on... wonderful idea! We started to plan an open house (new home) and/or dinner and the guest... This idea certainly simplifies things! I love the Holidays and this plan makes... wanderful idea the zigzag shelf for bottles and it will be better for using it for..."
Simple Pleasures: Cultivate Everyday Joie de Vivre
"favorite simple pleasure is reading your articles about simple pleasures! I retread... favorite simple pleasure is finding something attractive about absolute strangers I... these ideas to heart. Thanks for this. I tend to be "self indulgent" - it is nice... :-) The ideas are wonderful, plus you have chosen such cozy and welcoming images to... Favorite Simple Pleasure: A vase of homegrown fragrant flowers next to the bed at night..."
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