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Architect's Toolbox: The Sketches That Spark a Home
"pen-and-paper sketch. "That big idea, the whole project, has to be distilled into one little... after the sketch, but that's another story Early sketches are loose and quick to communicate... hand-drawn sketches add a quality that I don't see in computer generated sketches. I'm... ability to sketch or the process of sketching. Often it is complained that young designers... pencil sketches capture the imagination I think hand drawn sketches are better for..."
Designer Sketch: David Howell
"loved to sketch, and it seemed like a good match. That summer I worked for a local [New... still draw sketches by hand?Almost everything is digital except for the messy first part... Designer Sketches:Noel Cross | Jean Dufresne..."
Designer Sketch: Susannah Devine
"Google SketchUp is a great tool. RD uses that with great success to help clients... quick hand sketches in perspective to identify the three-dimensional aspects of details... designer sketches:Jean Dufrense | Danielle Wallinger | Lea Hein | Noel Cross..."
Designer Sketch: Allison Jaffe
"Google SketchUp for renderings of projects. I grew up in an age of technology, so... Designer Sketches:Susannah Devine DavisNoel CrossDanielle Wallinger..."
Designer Sketch: Jay Keller
"able to sketch an idea quickly to get a point across, even if it is with a stylus on... Designer Sketches: Architect Jean Dufresne | Josh McCullar..."
Designer Sketch: Josh McCullar
"begin with sketches. Drawing is the conduit for ideas, and the hand is the extension of... Designer Sketch: Architect Jean Dufresne | Find a designer..."
Architect's Toolbox: 6 Drawings on the Way to a Dream Home
"thumbnail sketch to detailed construction plan... thumbnail sketches to detailed construction drawings, architects and other design pr... free-hand sketching...even the 'chicken scratch' drawings. Every designer / architect... detail sketching on-site. :: thirdstone inc. [^] http://www.houzz.com/photos/15... thumbnail sketches, not only for the architect, but to explain a point to the carpenter... interior sketches. Stuart Cohen FAIA Great article Bud! And great point about the added..."
Score Architects' Rare Artworks at an Online Auction
"-kind sketches, prints and more from 50 top designers and architects will be auctioned... original sketches, prints and photographs in a 10-day auction to raise money for Ar..."
Dream Workshop in a Rural Sonoma Barn
"napkin sketch to reality, a California carpenter finally gets the workshop of his... will be sketching a new place for himself shortly! Nice work here. Love it! want that... napkin sketch of what he was thinking of, and out of that I went to work on the layout..."
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