348 slate fireplace Stories

Inspiring Materials: Slate Tile
"Makes Slate a Go-To Material for Inside and Out... backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, shower walls and more. Slate's a metamorphic rock which... tural slate tile brings rich color and earthy texture to interior and exterior spaces... upstairs in slate. Thank you. I simply love slate! Slate, indeed, all natural stone is... Love my slate floors, shower and backsplash areas! Good stuff :) I have slate tile... =) Yay slate! Glorious pictures! slate roof is also gr8 Our sunroom was redone last..."
Your Floor: How to Find Right Stone Tile
"Cons of Slate, Travertine, Sandstone, Marble and Granite... materials: slate, travertine, sandstone, granite and marble. Which one would you choose... recommend a slate retailer in the U.S.? Thanks, Laura Roddenberry Greengoat: Thanks! Laura:... it and slate. Decided on the limestone despite the cost increase bc I didn't care... brassy slate I found. Only regret is crumbling a bit as a shower tile. Be careful... entry is slate and the kitchen is oak. How the heck do I make it all come together?..."
Crisp, Clean White Interiors to Start the New Year Right
"blank-slate backdrop gives you infinite design freedom with accent colors, furniture... day: TV, fireplace and bucolic view. Ultrawhite Spaces With Dashes of Bold ColorIf you..."
Fireplaces, Hold the Fire
"or your fireplace is of the non-functioning variety. Maybe you're just sick of lighting... with the fireplace when — hopefully someday soon — it's rendered useless thanks to glorious... a dark slate fireplace with black bricks lining it and my walls are ultra pure white... to the fireplace I'll switch on the lights for a really nice glow. Sounds like a... filling the fireplace with stacks of wood the best. Seems to fit the purpose, while adding..."
Mantel Mania: Sprucing The Space Above Your Fireplace
"have a fireplace, it's more than likely the focal point of your room. But decorating... , the fireplace will feel cluttered, not relaxing. If you leave the mantel bare,... the fireplace feels unfinished. Finding a happy medium is crucial to creating a... of the fireplace below and suit your style. Create Cottage Charm Personalize your... cottage-style fireplace. Make it Modern A single, abstract piece of art and something organic..."
Room of the Day: A New Family Room’s Natural Connection
"adding a fireplace, cabinets, windows, millwork, layers of texture and comfy seating... blank slate into a comfortable family gathering spot.... on this fireplace. We have a 1982-era orange brick fireplace with a similar orientation... Nice fireplace! I really like how the countertops of the built-ins match the hearth-... stone fireplace (similar to the one in our open-plan living/dining room)--it's out... a gas fireplace is a great idea. Adds a lot of warmth to the room, figuratively..."
How to Remodel Your Fireplace
"Bring your fireplace design up to snuff with this makeover lowdown... The fireplace is often the most commanding element in any room it’s in. Size and... brick fireplaces prevail, this can pose a challenge. What do you do? Cover it, paint... over the fireplace is dramatic. http://www.Aliciatappdesigns.com In this fireplace... to the fireplace opening. Janella H How did you paint your fireplace I agree with... brick fireplace. Thx for the tips! Xoxo, Me lol this fireplace is..."
12 Hot Ideas for Fireplace Facing
"there’s a fireplace cladding here to light up your design... a good fireplace. If you are a member of the always-cold club, you know what I’m talking... wood-burning fireplace or the ease of a gas-burning one, choosing the right facing is a... With fireplace season upon us, you might be thinking about updating an old fireplace... facing a fireplace that picking one can be challenging. Style, cost and installation..."
What Goes With a Redbrick Fireplace?
"redbrick fireplace by pairing it strategically with other colors and materials... redbrick fireplaces — some gorgeous, some not so much. If you are not interested in... redbrick fireplace, these ideas for what to pair it with can help.... our 1974 fireplace white and love it! I had an ugly fireplace made of stone. I took... with a fireplace I hated! There IS a lot of ugly brick out there and a fireplace IS... ledgestone in slate colors below hearth, slate tile below mantel? I could go on... In either..."
How to Convert Your Wood-Burning Fireplace
"switching your fireplace from wood to gas or electric... wood-burning fireplace may look grand in the living room, and a blazing fire on a chilly... traditional fireplaces offer surprisingly little reward for the trouble. Converting an... an old fireplace to gas or electric can be a smart choice, allowing you to use the... the fireplace more often during the year (just flip it on during a chilly evening and... burning fireplace is the right choice for you...."
8 Artfully Asymmetrical Fireplaces
"standard fireplace the focal point of any room... transform any fireplace from drab to daring. Check out these asymmetrical fireplaces that... Fireplaces add design value to any interior space, but those that appear to be more... sided fireplace (connects two rooms). The first side is in the works right now, and... dark gray slate. We've been playing with other ideas for the second side, and this ideabook... asymmetrica fireplaces...here is one I did a few years back....just fun to make these spaces..."
10 Ideas for a Fireplace Facelift
"retro fireplace surrounds or tacky blackened glass fireplace doors. If you're remodeling... A fireplace is always a big design opportunity. Unfortunately, many of us are stuck... turn your fireplace into a focal point with impact, there are many possibilities, from... designed fireplaces. Some are highly dramatic, while others are subtle. Some required... if your fireplace could use a facelift.... needed a fireplace. That first one, by CF + D custom fireplace design, is so yummy..."
Surrounding the Fireplace with Texture
"in my fireplace (O.K. that's an exaggeration, it's gas, but I do have to light a... beautiful fireplaces that it was too much for one ideabook; instead I'll make it a m... textures on fireplaces, hearths and surrounds. Let's take a look!... first fireplace is the fireplace of my dreams. I'd don't know if I could leave my... contemporary fireplace surrounds forever, thank you for these inspirational pics... Thanks..."
Find a Fitting Place to Store Your Firewood
"wood-burning fireplace is deciding how to house all the necessary wood. What's the best... enhance a fireplace — instead of being a messy distraction.... built this fireplace for our new home, we're loving the fact we can store plenty of wood... rking fireplace that fits along this theme! http://www.pepperdesignblog.com/2013... stack-fireplace-facade/ My main heating source is a wood stove. Most of these ideas... woodburning fireplace or stove it's messy. I live in Oregon where we need a fire to just..."
8 Reasons to Nix Your Fireplace (Yes, for Real)
"to your fireplace, but thought that wasn’t even an option (what about resale value... include a fireplace no one misses it I love the "look" of a fireplace, but as a native... are 1. a fireplace 2. wooden floors. So giving up my fireplace is a complete no-no.... cans the fireplace can be ventless,so no matter what shape your fireplace is in you... fireplace! We didn't have a fireplace in our last house, and when it came time to..."
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