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What to Know About Adding a Deck
"patios are sloped. Opinions differ on whether decks should be sloped, but they are generally... slightly sloping grade, the deck is raised and steps down to a small patio which in... EXTERIOR DECK SLOPE - 1/4" per foot. I show in the next picture a simple check with a 6'... has a slope, though not steep. There is an old patio made of large aggregate pavers... generally not sloped as aggressively as patios. This could mean either tapering your sleepers..."
The No-Threshold Shower: Accessibility With Style
"enough slope, we have adequate slope for any 2 headed unit 1/8"++ per ft. Any Pros... gently sloping concrete floor flowing towards the drain. we also did away with screens... required slope for drainage? Great Question. Many times we are in the same boat. Your... Max. slope is 1/2" per foot so how do you make any shower with less than 4' in the... direction of slope comply with the code and have a zero threshold... unless of course you..."
Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort
"steep slope with rocks & even used parts from the palms growing there. There is a... was on a slope. The soil was heavy clay. We tried growing grass for years. I would have... down the slope to the neighbor's yard. It's still a work in progress. It may get finished... steep slope. We need to add steps, and yours are clearly more affordable, and something... hill, sloping forward slightly, drilled through the railroad ties with an industrial..."
How to Replace Your Lawn With a Garden
"treacherously sloping front yard that we converted to garden three years ago. It's so much... yard that slopes and is a PITA to mow. Plus our water bills keep going up every year... up the slope!) I look forward to utilizing these ideas in my own home. I also ran... yard is a slope, not extremely steep, but it would require some kind of stepping pavers... landscaping slopes so I can figure out what to do! Thank you so much for this very informative..."
5 Essential Considerations for a Landscape Design Project
"dealing with sloping sights. as one gets into the design of a sloping property it can be... moderate slope. this is a whole other article, though, which i am sure joselyn would... working with slopes. In fact, site analysis — looking at the topography, soil type, sun... steep slope. I have a huge olive tree as well as an oak in the back. I also have..."
Splendor in the Bath: Art Deco Brings on the Elegance
""tiled sloped shower wall", because the part of the shower wall that slopes isn't... tiled sloped shower wall. I have a similar situation. I like art deco. most of my... of the sloped wall was finding an angled coupling with which to attach the shower... of the sloped walls (maybe you live in a 1.5 story house)? The design solution with..."
Landscaping Tricks to Manage Stormwater Runoff
"(including the slope to the house), then finish the with a foot of topsoil sloped away from... into a slope, and your basement leaks. I'd LOVE more permeable surfaces around my... house, slope ground from house to trench, install drain tile, backfill with stone... Your slope looks more gradual than ours, your soil looks BEAUTIFUL compared to ours..."
15 Smart Design Choices for Cold Climates
"about the sloped driveway. 30 years ago, when I was looking for a house (mortgage rates... up to a sloped driveway. 'Nope,' I said. 'But you haven't even been IN it.' 'Nope... have a sloped driveway.' I HAD actually mentioned this before, along with not being... We have sloped the garage floor so the water runs back out, because when that snow... line that slopes toward the garage entrance or a deck, you really shouldn't use metal..."
Garden for Wildlife to Reap Rich Rewards
"raw dirt slope from the road to a 7 foot retaining wall above a driveway, so whatever... (good for slopes). And upland sedge would be best it sounds like. After a year you could... on that slope. If you just go with seeding from the start, you'll need an erosion blanket... NC. The slope will be at 2700' elevation. Soil moisture unpredictable. I'm glad you're... gradually slopes toward that and then drops down several feet in elevation. It is full..."
10 Top Tips for Getting Bathroom Tile Right
"proper slope to the floor? What does the slope have to be with a design like this... About the slope: Reccomented in a Shower is between 2% and 3% - that's about 2/8 to 3/8... 3/8 slope per foot depend if it's a shower in a residential or public building.... only one slope to the drain. Soak Testing tiles is always a smart move. Preform a..."
Outfit Your Shower With the Right Bench for You
"have a slope of 1/4" per foot before the waterproofing to preform properly and dry... on the sloped shower floor. As my next project is a remodel of my master bathroom... floor slopes to the drain. This is a compact shower, built within the confines of... idea to slope the front in. This makes it easier to get up. Centaurita: If you Google... needs to slope slightly, so water runs off instead of pooling.” Pooled water not only..."
Xeriscape Gardens: How to Get a Beautiful Landscape With Less Water
"hillside slope and a grove of upland cedar elms immediately told me the property had... created big sloping borders flanking our entryway stairs. I am establishing a garden plan... is on a slope, you can also put tanks under the home if it's a pier and beam. But... if on a sloped piece of land for example, gravity can be a 'pump' and the mechanisms... south-facing slope is an ideal place to group plants that prefer good drainage and have..."
15 Great Ideas for a Lawn-Free Yard
"a very sloping block of land, live in Oz, so it is really dry in summer. We live... nastily sloped. But it didn't stop me from playing pretend football games on it in... od of sloping front yards, their rocks are indeed all over the sidewalks and in the... on the slope without a swale. We'll see! Thanks for pictures and ideas everybody.... option for sloped yards, where hardscaping would be more difficult.Find plants native..."
See the Clever Tricks That Opened Up This Master Bathroom
"of the sloped roof, freeing up far more space in the rest of the bathroom and providing... to the sloped ceiling. I am thrilled to see the new design since ours is in desperate... of the slope of the ceiling. I really like your portal mirror cabinets; however,... My sloped ceilings are so poorly insulated, I'd be terrified to put pipes in them... at the sloped ceiling, resulting in the cramped arrangement. “There was just empty..."
Easy Ways to Manage Stormwater for Lower Bills and a Healthier Earth
"taming our sloped yard. I've removed all the grass, installed rock terraces and gravel... through the slope vs running off. It took me almost 10 years to the do the job BY MYSELF... is on a slope towards the road. The home will have grading that incorporates swales... with a slope less than 8%. The well is at the back of the home. Reading this discussion..."
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