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Houzz Tour: Zero-Energy Renovated Victorian in San Francisco
"entirely energy efficient? Yes, courtesy of solar panels, radiant heating and water... sleek and energy-efficient home that still echoes the structure's history. Solar panels... alternative energy solutions, this San Francisco home stands out. The clients are an a... alternative energy industry executive, a commercial photographer and their child, and the... in an energy-efficient and family-friendly home. Houzz at a Glance Who lives here:..."
Going Solar at Home: Solar Panel Basics
"Solar-powered homes were a rarity as recently as a decade ago. But a plethora of... Installing solar panels can decrease your household’s carbon footprint by an average of... smaller solar array for less cost. What about solar shingles? Do they work? Solar... way as solar panels, they create electricity. They are pricier than solar panels.... free. Solar is both environmentally and financially smart. I think solar is a great..."
Guest Picks: Energy-Saving Accessories
"lot of energy at home. This ideabook is a collection of products that can help lower... lower energy usage and lower bills this season. — Jennifer from I Art U... dryer energy by using a clothesline. Hee. Interested in trying a solar charger though... if the product is as good as it looks in the advertising videos. The power bar with... use more energy in their construction, packaging and distribution than they will ever..."
Let’s Clear Up Some Confusion About Solar Panels
"you want solar energy for your home, get the basics here first... home with solar energy, it’s necessary to understand the basics of what kinds of panels... term “solar panel.” Before we get into a more advanced look at specific technologies... picture on energy use savings from our utilities. My solar energy went in last week and... lines. New product. The solar inverter manufacturer "SMA" has a new solar inverter. Works..."
Sunlight Used Right: Modern Home Designs That Harness Solar Power
"homes save energy without skimping on warmth... saving energy and reducing bills — the flip side of designing a house for living without... passive solar heating work on two principles: maximizing the amount of sunlight that... unobtrusive solar panels capturing the suns energy, just to start with, are two obvious... passive solar, you'd be amazed how it works , my passive solar house in Santa Fe would... materials • solar and wind electricity • thermal/solar heating and cooling• water harvesting..."
7 Window Treatments That Can Lower Your Energy Bills
"reduce energy use all at once with the right covering... monthly energy bills. The impact can be significant. According to the United States... Department of Energy (DOE), something as simple as a set of medium-colored drapes backed... reduces solar heat gain by as much as 33 percent. When the hot months arrive soon... well as solar screens on the exterior are great solutions to lower energy bills. R... choosing energy efficient windows should be a part of your overall energy saving strategy..."
Houzz Tour: See a Concrete House With a $0 Energy Bill
"help of solar panels, he’s expecting his energy bill for the year to be $0.... super-energy-efficient Passive House design principles. He hasn’t lived in the house... why went Solar PV. If you look at the greenest energy Solar PV is the ticket. Doing... collect solar energy! We put up panels 6 months ago and already are seeing our hydro... ... 0 energy bill. Not only no energy costs but a house that will stand the test..."
Boost Your Energy With Natural Light
"electrical energy and can lower energy bills, but the best benefit may be to your own... electrical energy, but it gives you more personal energy too. In a normal building, lighting... of your energy consumption (and energy bill), says an architecture professor at the... is it energy-saving? I am a bit sceptical, the insulation is way worse than a regular... large energy savings. I have often admired the art in the stairwell of the first..."
Houzz Tour: See a Maine House With a $240 Annual Energy Bill
"this energy-efficient home in a cold-winter climate is an architectural feat... average energy bill for his home is less than $20 per month. And that’s including the... 949 on energy in 2009, according to the most recent data provided in the U.S. Energy... Residential Energy Consumption Survey. So how does Pratt achieve this in a state where... assessing the energy efficiency of buildings. Houzz at a Glance Who lives here: Riley Pratt..."
Upgrade Your Windows for Beauty, Comfort and Big Energy Savings
"account come energy-bill time. But government regulations and advances in glass-making... of our Energy Star certified products: "The U-factor measures its insulation. Basically... not very energy efficient. When considering energy upgrades we first look to adding... is an Energy Star® Partner and our products are NFRC rated and AAMA certified. Our... with a product called low emission glass. We were advised that our bathroom windows..."
Easy Green: 10 Ways Toward a Zero-Energy Home
"a zero-energy home, it's possible — and anyone can make it happen... a zero-energy home is one that produces as much energy as it uses. A worthy green... net-zero-energy home would also mean paying zero dollars on energy each month. Although... going zero energy requires a good deal of effort and planning, it is something that can... toward zero-energy: Start with one or try them all, and before long you will see your energy..."
Off the Grid: Siting and Building to Conserve Energy
"for big energy savings when you’re constructing a home... at ZeroEnergy Design, “every square foot you don’t build is energy saved. " Amen... lower energy costs. One of my basics tenets of energy efficient design is that insulation... inefficient energy hog Mcmansions. Everything in this article is accurate and that is... homes. Energy efficient homes do not have to be ugly and can have all the modern... maximize energy efficiency and minimize waste and can be every bit as beautiful as any..."
Energy-Efficient Windows: Decipher the Ratings
"right energy-efficient windows for your home, first you need to know what the labels... And all Energy Star windows should have an NFRC label. (Note, though, that Energy Star... to find energy-efficient replacements. And selecting new windows involves industry... have the Energy Star label may or may not be rated; then it's time to check with the... money on energy and water bills this summer! http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/295453..."
Small Solar: Big Home Tech Trend in the Making
"producing solar power, we’re still thinking big, as in big arrays of solar panels on... in home energy will be small solar. Instead of a single home power plant juicing everything... with big solar power generation and other alternative energy approaches coming online... of big solar power generators and small solar panels, which will be integrated into... bottom for solar technologies. In a nutshell, it means that small, portable solar power..."
Championing the Solar House, From the 1930s to Today
"Denzer, a solar house — one that deliberately uses the energy of the sun for heating... of as a product of the 1970s: "An eccentrically shaped structure with oversized sloped... Denzer's The Solar House (Rizzoli, 2013) corrects this oversight by tracing the development... development of solar houses from the 1930s to today. It's a narrow topic, but the book is... use less energy, as societal and political currents ebbed and flowed with and against..."
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