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Sail Through Special Occasions With a Ready, Gracious Home
"a bit special. You don't need a cart, a cabinet or anything special. If your home... day is special. You deserve fresh clean towels, a pantry that can sustain in a snowstorm... for a special friend and equally snowy towels accompanied by a chunky bar of soap... daily special guest, it is a no brainer to be ready for an actual guest. And you'll... owers/special soap/towels every single day. My daughters and my hubby love it and..."
Make a Space Special with Glass
"inherently special, be they converted greenhouses or the result of sleek, modern curtain... the most special spaces in the entire house, providing a cozy perch from which to gaze... truly special. Open, but still protected, a glass roof (especially one with a trellis..."
Houzz Products: A Special Spring Tea Party
"extra special this spring with fun and elegant serving pieces, tableware and accessories... dipper is special. As a wedding gift or a splurge for yourself, this handmade piece... make it special enough for a party. It’s 64 inches long and 18 inches wide.Browse more..."
Simple Pleasures: Fall Traditions for a Special Season
"and how special you all make your houses look, just fantastic. Favorite Fall tradition... its own special magic - woodsmoke, blue haze in the mountains, crisp starry nights... wineries host special events and festivals during this time. 14. Make a “thankful tree.”... dedicating a special journal to this purpose. Aim to write down at least one thing each..."
10 Ways to Make Your Home Even More Special
"home more special IS to add some furry decorations here and there! I have a special house... Find a special spot for one velvet-covered chair or even just a single velvet pillow..."
Houzz Tour: Light and Lovely Home with a Special History
"even more special The kitchen is lovely. As for the rest of the house I can only say... her own special touch. The rest of the pieces in her home came from online shopping... extra special," she says. "It's old and it sparkles, what could be better than that..."
Special Report: Bath Trends From Valencia
I just got back from Valencia, Spain, where the Spanish tile, bath and stone industries have gathered for a massive trade show called Cevisama. The mood was somewhere between ebullient and ecstatic, and Cevisama itself was a visual feast, filled with...
Special Report: Kitchen News from Cologne
The German city of Cologne is rapidly becoming the place to watch when it comes to cutting-edge design. Last week I was honored to attend Cologne's 2011 Internationale Möbelmesse (IMM) design show. A highlight was a kitchen-specific section called the...
Special Report: Interior Design News From Cologne
Last week I was one of 100,000 design fans from around the world who descended on Cologne, Germany for the Internationale Möbelmesse, or IMM. Along with the Salone di Mobile which is held every year in Milan, the IMM is considered to be the world's premiere...
Special Delivery: Cooler-than-Usual Mailboxes
A few years ago, when we added several rooms to our house and resided, we were taken by surprise one day when we found ourselves without a mailbox. The siding team had taken down our old (very gross) box and we'd completely forgotten to buy a new one. A...
Special Report: Design News from Toronto
The Canadian design scene is thriving, and it's a privilege to witness it first-hand. I was brought to Toronto and its Interior Design Show (IDS) by Blanco, a German manufacturer of fine sinks and...
8 Valentines From Architects
"Special relationships deserve special cards. These are custom designed for love in... a few special cards to prove it. Feel free to share the design love.... hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for posting! I'm single this V-day and I..."
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