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Houzz Tour: Family Living in 980 Square Feet
"15,000 square feet), designer-builders Mark Schatz and his wife, Anne Eamon, are used... a 700-square-foot house that they designed and built by hand. Recently they and their... a 980-square-foot home that they also designed and built. But unlike the first... in 280 square feet now. we live in a 900 square foot home in Park City Utah that... (the 700-square-footer), a 900-square-foot one-bedroom house that they turned into their..."
My Houzz: 500-Square-Foot Charmer in Santa Cruz
"her 500-square-foot home with natural textures and vintage decor to reflect her casual... Size: 500 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom That's interesting: To match the modern... Moore shades to achieve this color, any way to find out the colors? Exactly what... a 5400 square foot home to a 1,500 sq. ft. Cottage. Huge adjustment on many levels... Moore shades to achieve this nature-inspired tone. When she's considering color palettes..."
A Cantilevered Family Bathroom Boosts Square Footage
"every square foot of space counts. And when Peter and Grace Liang used up square... Created shade under at the lower level... found square foortage... seems a bit nautical..."
13 Character-Filled Homes Between 1,000 and 1,500 Square Feet
"1,500 square feet is the Goldilocks zone — not too big, not too small. But making... own 3000square foot home. We are childless. We lived in a 1200 square foot home before... curtains or shades! They look horrible from the outside and loose their impact inside... 1,300 square feet, so these don't look "small" at all to me! All Mixed Up and Power... bit more square footage because you feel as if you've moved into another section of..."
Houzz Tour: Living With Style (and Impermanence) in 450 Square Feet
"Size: 450 square feet Photography by Janis Nicolay... Pleated Shades would be a good addition to small spaces like this so you have privacy... little 500 square foot condo I used to have. Very well done all around - especially impressed... y-450-square-foot-unfolding-apartment/ amazing...I'm lost for words! Love what Close... her 450-square-foot studio could offer. But she also didn't want to feel like she was..."
Houzz Tour: Room for Everything in Just 596 Square Feet
"in 596 square feet. Lillios had struggled to get the layout right and to find places... The shade of green and floral elements on the wall looks lovely. Everything is... every square inch count" design: the "sectional" really doesn't... Size: 596 square feet (55 square meters)To orient you before we enter the home, the entry..."
Room of the Day: Kids and Adults Share a Bright 40-Square-Foot Bathroom
"not this shade. I would have gone for a dark grey with the blue. I also would have... that's 40 square feet. What made this such a challenge? I can see that the wall with... precious square inch of the space. The recessed compartments and wall mounted sink... e: 40 square feet (about 4 square meters)“They really wanted to keep it simple so..."
Grow a Kitchen Garden in 16 Square Feet
""The new square foot garden". There’s a lot of Internet misinformation about marigolds... partial shade in hotter climates; too much heat makes the plants bolt and go to seed... partial shade in hot climates Water requirement: Keep the soil fairly moist.Favorite... partial shadeWater requirement: Water regularly. Favorite varieties: If you want unusual... partial shade in hot climates Water requirement: Moderate. Care: Control the size and..."
Houzz Tour: Going Off the Grid in 140 Square Feet
"is 140 square feet, two things may still surprise you. One, she designed and built... price per square foot is close to 300! Other than that I love your amazing home, kudos... 2500 square feet, that allows me to take aerobic walks from one end of the house... At 399 square feet, I thought it was just right. It taught me quite a bit about living... nearly 2000 square foot home. Truly ridiculous for a single person. I would not want..."
Houzz Tour: A Wealth of Style in 800 Square Feet
"than 800 square feet. I'm not sure this could be described as my style, and if someone... many more square feet than 800! So many things I love in this space! The couch, the chair... only 650 square ft, but it felt very comfortable for two people because it had 15' ceilings... that 800 square feet for one person is just not a small home... perhaps for a family... about 900 square feet which includes 200 devoted to work, and i may not love the way..."
How to Choose the Right Window Shades
"say that shades are the warm, fuzzy version of blinds. Whereas blinds are made of hard... aluminum, shades are made of soft materials, like linen, cotton, silk and every imaginable... whereas shades are constructed in a continuous roll, and the only adjustment for light... options of shades available to you.... roman shades or grass weave shades, especially CONRAND shades, either by themselves or... then "shades" and then pleated shades Laura Ashley Cellular Shades are available..."
Woven Wood Shades Tie Rooms Together
"window shades are a lovely finishing touch for any room... Woven wood shades provide a moderate amount of light diffusion while still offering privacy... these shades are delicately woven together using strips of cotton twine. The variety... pleated shade? Is it price? The current trend? Pleated shades come in all colors... Pleated shades look classier to me. myrns, A pleated shade ( a cellular..."
Shade Sails: Outdoor Rooms Take Wing
"landscapes, shade sails lend a sculptural quality to patios... outdoor shades with dynamic, futuristic, architectural forms lately? Shade sails are... "Sail shades lend a strong, artful, sculptural look that they impend on a property... Wicked Shades. "They provide protection from UV rays, can lower the temperature underneath... exactly are shade sails? Typically, they're made of a fabric called HDPE (high-density..."
7 Great Trees for Summer Shade and Fall Color
"small shade roof alongside and enclosed with screens. Our outdoor shaded patio was... little shade, not full sun. Full sun in summer makes the leaves curl up and turn brownish... partial shade for it, Forest Pansy is far and away my favorite tree, with large, generous... prefer some shade in the summer. Ours are in full sun here (East Texas) and it shows in... whole shaded area down once a week...had native gravel floor. With two wee ones we..."
Quick Update: Give Your Lampshades an Edge
"Square lampshades offer a crisp, modern alternative to the usual bell, drum or oval... oval bell shade. A square lampshade is more unexpected and feels more modern. Take a... hip to square, at least when it comes to lampshades. The perfect lampshade polishes... keen on square lampshades. Does anyone know an on-line source for shades only? Is... that a square shade would not work with, or any hints on proportions to keep in mind..."
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