25 staycation Stories

Simple Pleasures: 25 Ways to Make the Most of Your Staycation
"come :) A staycation that many can enjoy in a suburban environment is to take a barefoot... For our staycation this year, we could have taken 2 very nice vacations. We're taking... multiple staycations to work on our house. Last month we went to SF for a week to get... a week staycation as the author suggests probably won't happen, weekends devoted... For my staycation, I am going to take day trips during the week when the shore is..."
Guest Picks: Have a Wonderful Staycation
"their "staycations" — and saving a lot of money. I think a vacation at home is much... make your staycation extra fun and relaxing! — Marlous from Planet Fur... more "staycations" I have.....doesn't get any better or more entertaining than the... So this Staycation ideasbook will trick me into thinking we are on holiday when working... for a staycation. Another advantage of a staycation is that you can put your dishes..."
Houzz Products: Furnish a Cool Modern Patio
"vacation at ! Staycation is the only option for a long while... @dreacorator, I like the... that staycations is where we will be holidaying for next few years!! Still we are..."
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