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Step-by-Step: Dress Your Home in Velvety Black
"small steps, and I'm hoping to convince both you and myself that it's an easy color... colors and step into a pool of ink. Just be sure to use a finish that's matte rather than..."
13 Simple Steps to a Perfectly Made Bed
"Here's a step-by-step guide to a well-dressed, pretty and polished bed. If you've got... This step by step puts a fun spin on making a bed. Thanks for that. And I love... great step by step instruction! I'm really keen on keeping my bed fresh, and have... request. In Step 8 you wrote, "Hold the long edges of the sheet and blanket away from... Thanks Step 6: Drape the flat sheet: OK ... now if you really want to be particular..."
6 Steps to Planning a Successful Building Project
"the same steps to get to the construction phase. Here are six crucial steps to help... two steps up for the living room, people tend to miss the step when they leave that... was a step up living room. Bad design again! What happens is because there are two... it is a step there. The builder did not have a clue as to what to advise us to do... had to step back and think about the project. If I'm going to spend $20k+ on labor..."
Step Right Up: Expressing Movement on Modern Stairs
"first step looks too high - I think the 'step' is a landing which is reached by a... $150-250/step incl rough framing and drywall and I charge at least $300/step for the... flight of steps farther away from the viewpoint. These are beautiful designs. I have... diagonal steps at the bottom and the horizontal rails between the studs, the one by... balusters per step that are going through the tread but still baffles me about no risers..."
14 Steps to a Perfectly Polished Bedroom
"following 14 steps will walk you through the decorating process from start to finish, leaving... Great step by step article. I am going to send this to my new home buyers. It will... for real steps. So much more useful to someone who doesn't understand "scale." @anneowl... These steps also help with furnishing and decorating other rooms. Just say sofa and... Phenomenal steps to creating your dream bedroom, Laura. Here’s a bedroom Panageries created..."
No Fall Guys, Please: Ideas for Lighting Your Outdoor Steps
"stairways and steps with just the right mix... stairways, steps or uneven surfaces. With the right lighting, though, you can turn these... and near steps to allow you to walk safely, but not so much light that your yard ends... stairs and steps to your walkways and outdoor rooms, think about the lighting options... lighting steps! Do the little pucks have to be hard-wired, or can they be solar/battery... operated? Steps and stairs might be as old as human kind when they started to settle..."
Steps and Stairs Elevate Modern Exterior Entryways
"to many step styles and maybe there is another handicap access area to these houses... perspective, steps and stairs are terrible for both the disabled and for aging in place... concrete step pads because they want their home to make a statement. Plain and simple... concrete step pads, a floating concrete staircase, and even Pennsylvania Bluestone step... step pads at front entries before and they can add a lot of curb appeal! http://www..."
So You Want to Build: 7 Steps to Create a New Home
"at the steps, in chronological order, involved in creating a home.... these steps, but there are some great ideas and tips included with each one... It... Three steps and my laundry is put away, we also installed a built in ironing board... try ! steps Great article. As a builder I have great appreciation for the comment... taking the steps to achieve those goals. You'll want to establish the answers to a whole..."
5 Steps to Help You Hire the Right Contractor
"simple steps to help you hire the right contractor for your project.... work. Step 6: Conduct Financial Due Diligence - what is the contractor's credit score... specific steps the subs must follow to file those liens; again your state laws will... informative step toward the right contractor, this point out the proper decision. If..."
Small Steps for Keeping Your Housekeeping Resolutions
"little steps with routines that keep you together. Our houses did not get this way... to it a step at a time--it's done before you know it. My study is the bane of my existence... in baby steps sounds very doable to me! I like the idea of making one or two daily..."
Kitchen Workbook: 8 Steps to Surviving a Remodel
"these steps will help you work around a kitchen in disarray... couple of steps going into it, so moving the fridge there would be difficult. Basically..."
12-Step Program for Architecture
"place. Step up to the podium and introduce yourself. "Hi. My name is Jody, and I... the 12 steps of the recovery program?... other 7 steps. Finally, I have found a group that understands me. I need help...the..."
7 Steps to Pantry Perfection
"all on a stepped organizer and lazy susan. I've incorporated many of the the above tips... logical step once I got enough baskets. I put paper bags down on wire shelves so... seven-step plan for pantry perfection...."
10 Steps for Organizing Kitchen Cabinets
"these steps. 1) Pretend it has a glass door on it and everyone is going to see... 9)Take a step back after one shelf is done and admire your work. 10) Make someone... a few steps back and really tweaked it until it was just right! Keeping to a white..."
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