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Plants for Your Pathway
"path of stepping stones can make an average garden instantly more inviting. And the... between the stepping stones in my walkway. they spread to all parts of the yard, which... about stone pathways! I'll be sharing this on my facebook page for sure. Jacqueline..."
Frame a Garden View for Intrigue and Abundance
"pathways and stepping stones below form the horizontal plane. Think of each as an important... incredible stone moon gate is an essential design element of the landscape. An unforgettable... of the stone patio, which defines the outdoor gathering area. The plantings at its..."
When Does a House Become a Home?
"to be a stepping stone to our "forever" home. However, after doing it up, we have started... simply a stepping stone as Wharfside said. Eight years later we are still here...our... to be a stepping stone to bigger and better. But 18 years later and after the death... as we stepped inside I knew we had made the right choice. We r still making it home... when you step through the front door and are glad to be there. Rented or owned, house..."
3 Essential Elements of an Artful Garden Path
"setting stepping stones in pea gravel. Pea gravel,because of the rounded rock edges... for a stepping stone. It will forever shift under foot. In fact I don't like pea... onto a 2" stone dust base with 3/4" to 1" river stones placed between the gaps. This... rectangular stones under an arbor, near an orangey-colored building), what's the destination... alternative to stone, there are now porcelain pavers available on the market. We have photos..."
How to Pick a Mulch — and Why Your Soil Wants It
"some for stepping stones and some to cover a concrete wall. I have a big boneyard of... between stepping stones that we recycled by cutting an old walking path and used dark... mulch like stone or glass will fill up with plant debris and get weedy. We have a combination... colored stones. Red mulch is often ground up pallets or waste pressure treated wood... plants. Stone mulches work for rock gardens, and some shrubs, but hope you wont have..."
15 Great Ideas for a Lawn-Free Yard
"gravel, stone, native plantings and more, for fire-safe, drought-conscious and easy... patio stones or interlocking pavers, or stepping stones of some sort imbedded in... of the stones with the ground cover between but doubt that would hold up. Have considered... or all stone yards, unless climate is not conducive to growing grass. Grassless yards... plants/stone/pathways, etc. for variety of texture and visual interest. Totally just..."
You Said It: ‘It Was a Symbolic Gesture to Myself’ and More Quotables
"Rolling Stone’s former art studio and stepped inside a very wee home in Scotland. We... going a step further — that plant will be well adapted to your locale.” — Benjamin..."
How to Design a Storybook Cottage
"small stone bridge into a large reflection pond. We also had stone lined walking... tree, stepping stones, effusive plants that are not overly tamed, and a garden gate... have some stone! (If only a stone fireplace!) Do you get to sing "hi ho, hi ho it's... the next step up from a fairy-tale cottage: a fairy-tale castle. To me, the difference... natural stone (any) pathway, wood storage/shed, outdoor shower, stain glass windows..."
Gravel Driveways: Crunching the Pros and Cons
"in the stones, scattering of stones onto our lawn dreadful. I have friends who have... in some stepping stones to walk on. We've had a gravel driveway for almost 8 years... a red stone/gravel drive for 25 years and like it a lot. The color of the stone adds... the tiny stones are stuck in my tyres making the most irritating noise. While some gravel... lock the stones in place. I do not have a gravel drive nor even a house of my own, at..."
Cantilevered Stairs: Walking on Air
"from step to step. One impression you get from that combination of form and material... considers steps that float more literally; cantilevering from one side, each step is... Therefore the steps are stronger than they appear. we have open stairs - remember any dust... of the steps. While the steps look like solid wood, most likely the are partially... not the steps. The thick wood of the treads reinforces the way they float, without..."
Kitchen Counters: Sturdy, Striking Recycled Glass With Cement
"have the step by step photos of some of my pours if you want them i can email them to... for a stepping stone, it looks as good as the day I poured it. This is a testament... colored stones. It's beautiful. Lots of options with them! Anyone know the brand of... those in stone: sensitivity to stains, scratches, and extreme temperatures(? according... if fine stone or recycled glass will be better? We're less worried about heat or cutting..."
Your Mini Guide to Great Garden Edges
"concrete stepping stones laid on edge, to create a whimsical border in my old front... ly to step down your slope, you're better off, I think, with these two ideas: either... stacked stone, leaning back slightly into the hill for stability. I used stacked stone... field stone border is fairly easy to install for anyone with patience (it takes time)... outcrop stone and put 1.5' strip of sod along the sidewalk (wasn't part of the board..."
Patio Pavers Go Green in Between
"between stepping stones. Deep green foliage has a nice scent when stepped on and explodes... overtake the stones, so one must cut back the greenery around the stones over time. Definitely... between the stones. Or does the "grass" go under the stones? The artificial grass was... between stones or paver which wouldn't need water or weeding. I'm going to check this... chinks of stone walls. One of the hardiest succulents available. Height 1-2" Light: Sun..."
Landscaping Tricks to Manage Stormwater Runoff
"pathways with stepping stones. Catamaran and Scott: I am also in Georgia and struggling with... alternative to stone/concrete as a paving surface (walkway, patio, driveway etc.). We have... with stone for a more informal look. This is such a timely article with lots of... backfill with stone, cover all with thick plastic (including the slope to the house), then... excessive stone gives the system a holding area to keep strong storm events from overwhelming..."
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Great Patio, Deck or Rooftop!
"cut for stepping stones saving our landfill from lots of concrete. Mother in Tongue... custom stone basin, through a stainless steel channel in the patio and into a rain... swale, stone walls, cedar fencing, customized landscaping, a pergola, and much more... circular stone bench and planters. Our backyard now has a "dining room", "kitchen",... crushed stone. The plantings are mostly drought tolerant. The rear hedge..."
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