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Picture This: Your Digital Photos Deserve Frames Too
"constant stream of pictures, not only of family and friends but of their lunches, cocktails... also play streaming Internet radio, act as an alarm clock, display the news and weather... either streaming from a nearby PC over Wi-Fi or via some other method. You can also..."
6 Artist's Studios That Model Great Design
"gardens, streams, fields and coasts. Here's a peek at six that will make you want to... Fields and stream surround a studio in Missouri. This 800-square-foot studio in Springfield... near a stream and pond. The garage door lets in just the light during colder weather..."
From the Wild, Home: Elements of a Landscape of Experience
"boulder-laden streams that meander around gnarly sycamore trees and round tapestries of bluebells... nearby stream, meadow or woodland and experience the magic. Simply embracing your..."
Patio of the Week: Rugged Comfort in Northern California
"cascading stream to the homeowner's favorite room on the property. Patios at a Glance:... allowing the stream to cascade over and between them."This kind of thing is easy to draw..."
Houzz Tour: A Manhattan Studio Gets a Bright Future
"light streaming in from unadorned windows. But the compact space didn't always have... light streams in from the living room windows running across the street-side wall..."
On an Architect's Bucket List: To Live in a Barn
"field with streams and woods nearby. A place to enjoy the simple country life. The very... fields and streams outside. Like a giant lantern, this barn glows at night, illuminating..."
Why Mahogany? Amazing Grain, Luminous Color
"light streaming through it. Mahogany often appears to have a faint light source..."
Decorating with Dress Forms
"sunlight streaming in through the old stained-glass windows. You step inside and the..."
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