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Could Your Living Room Be Better Without a Sofa?
"any back support. There is something just so welcoming about a squashy sofa at the... for back support? Love, love, love this ideabook. Thank you so much for the helpful... have a center hall contemporary colonial, with the dining room on the left, and the... loved the centre table with 4 chairs surrounding it. I love the idea of incorporating... in the center of your grouping and you can still put your feet up. Problem solved..."
How to Recycle Your Kitchen
"were supported by cleats nailed into studs. The cabinet bottom under the sink was... springs supported the flowers and it was just a thing of beauty on their farm yard... ReBuilding Center offers a deconstruction service that costs very little, allows a tax... Reuse Center that will take good-quality reusable building materials. This photo... ReStore. The center closet with the glass doors is used like a china cabinet. I use it..."
Guessing Game: What Might Our Living Rooms Say About Us?
"try to support the local art scene. You fill your home with pieces that tell a story... could support one. I also don't trust our boys with one. Someday. @ my nest interiors... left of center in your political leanings, you consider yourself a spiritual person... from the centre. We live in Calgary, Canada. Thanks for speculating! This is a super... front and center is what I say. God Bless! Hysterical! When I was in college, my sister..."
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Nutty Home Fixes
"ladder supported by the scaffolding to get to some high light fixtures to attach finish... the wood supports. Finally, we're about to remodel our kitchen; the ceramic cartridge... over the center of a tufted chesterfield ottoman, and my guys kept putting their drinks... in the center) and a single strand of beads (bracelet? ) all total - $6. i then... out the center to fit the legs of her swing frame. Mine is higher and I like that..."
How to Design Anything
"that the center support goes into so that the top rests on the sides and center section... The center piece supports the top without any fasteners or glue. My carpenter... of the center piece resting flush against the top section. It's very long and linear..."
Know Your House: Components of Efficient Walls
"it is supported from below (another wall or pier is directly below it all the way... in-turn is supported to the house's foundation). Also, by looking above it to see if there... a roof supporting member directly above can help to determine the case. This comes... or roof supports it usually has a load of some degree. If a wall is removed then proper... proper support sizing and placement will need to be determined by a practicing structural..."
15 Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Better
"to help support the project. Behind the wall are huge planter boxes with rotating seasonal... non-profit I supported! I was so excited .. thought I'd get to meet the neighbors by attending... there to support the non-profit .. but didn't live in our town. My point is that most... while also supporting working people in your own local community. Having moved into... was to support a new business (which replaced a troublesome business). Now we meet..."
Garden for Wildlife to Reap Rich Rewards
"property to support your piece!! Thank you for sharing these ideas so clearly! The longer... active and supportive of individuals: http://www.gfc.state.ga.us/ Nicely written indeed... need to support all wildlife. We need more equal rights. We are impinging on the habitats... Wildflower Center, the United States Botanical Garden and the Sustainable Sites Initiative... garden center (not a big box store). Sometimes they have a display of local or wildlife..."
Insulation Basics: What to Know About Spray Foam
"science to support this language. And by the way... Spray Foam Insulation is not NEW.... on to support your comment, because the MSDS sheets provided by the chemical man... Material supports combustion." How is this CLEAN BURNING? Maybe a trash incinerator... by the Centers for Polyurethane under the American Chemistry Council guidance. I wonder... Council, Centers for the Polyurethane Industry and the Spray Polyurethane Contractors..."
How to Design a Storybook Cottage
"pillar that supports it. You could put a second turret on top of the front of that. hope... begun to support us and our handful of animals...goats, chickens, and dogs...with food... trunks support the mushroom-like organic form of the home's entry, and a living roof... arts center, a nearby 19th century defrocked church with free noontime concerts... the two center panels (of 4 panels left to right), but they were overhead raising doors..."
Collect With Confidence: An Art-Buying Guide for Beginners
"vote to supporting local artists and Leisa Rich's point about broadening the definition... aspx Support your local art community! If you're planning on eventually creating... Rising support team sent me an email that a supervisor would be in touch, and then... local arts centers, local craft galleries, as well as on-line resources. And, as the great... non-profit art centers, especially those that offer artist studios on site are an excellent..."
A New Community Flourishes in Rhode Island
"density to support the mixed use area, which is located on the far corner of the development... Hall to support community and events, and last but not least an Agricultural preserve... debt load supported by taxes. ultimately it will collapse- what a tragedy. sorry i spelled... required to support the project. The issue is that the project is simply greenfield development... re to support this use. Add employment, higher density, greater diversity and intensity..."
How to Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right
"Furniture must support the body and that support must be from floor to knee/knee to hip add... good foot support (I have lymphedema), and space for tea/cocoa/water. If the arrangement... it must support the spine. Soft cushions are terrible, and adding more to the sofa... is to support the user. Great info, thanks. However, I do wish you had not referred... through the centre of the living room! This divides the living room in two sections and..."
Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower — the Planning Phase
"moral support we need to ditch the cumbersome jetted tub (we call it "The Dust Bowl")... in the center of the floor, and a shower head. The floor is tiled as are the walls... from the center of the toilet to any obstructions on either side. There are also a... slope to a center drain rather than a slope to one side for a linear drain. Here are a... regular center drain regarding using a shower bench or chair for wheelchair-bound person..."
Get a Jump on a Cool-Season Vegetable Garden
"have that support for climbing plants.. Use jute string or something similar for tying... are zinc centered and pre-82 are copper-centered. You can tell by comparing masses (balance... garden center turned out to be deficient in nitrogen. I added compost and blood meal... in the center with a copper outer layer. The copper is not merely color it IS copper... the same supports later in the summer to support beans, then get one last harvest of..."
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