31 swale Stories

Great Design Plant: Hibiscus Moscheutos
"garden or swale, or at a pond edge, where it will attract native bees and hummingbirds... vegetated swale with frequently inundated soil. Its natural habitat is in wet depressions..."
Landscaping Tricks to Manage Stormwater Runoff
"gradual swale. Dry basement. :) Tip for hot weather: put wet washcloth in freezer... follow the swale, and not permeate the soil near the house. It is essential that the... lined swales direct water around the house, while a large gravel drainage field behind... into the swales. Each element of the new landscape serves multiple purposes - for example..."
Houzz Tour: Problem Solving on a Sloped Lot in Austin
"Technically, a swale does not flow downhill. A swale is a level place that holds water.... building a swale is to keep the water from getting up speed, so that it soaks into the... works as a swale to guide rainwater to the creek. The home also sits on piers sunk 40..."
Think Like an Architect: Know Your Homesite for a Great Design
"creek" swale that I created at my house (image below). That swale carries a large... the size swale required (depth x width dimensions and side slope) to carry the design..."
Renowned Architects Give Artworks a Minimalist New Home
"parking lot swales are check dams doing double duty as bridges. They slow down the water... traverse the swales...though I can't recall if the bridge used one of those concrete dams... parallel swales for storm water management. Not only do the swales reduce runoff into... traverse the swales to allow access from the parking area to the building. Here is a view..."
Easy Ways to Manage Stormwater for Lower Bills and a Healthier Earth
"incorporates swales (spelled correctly?) that guide rain, runoff water away from the home... into the swale along the path. Of course all of your comments are true about path..."
Edible Gardening Essentials: Watering Tips Worth Soaking Up
"dug a swale and filled it with gravel topped with river rock, which will be fed by... along the swale. I hope it works! It's great fun. My uncle and his neighbors mulch with..."
11 Design Solutions for Sloping Backyards
"incorporate swales on sloped land to collect water. Please see the attached video for... on to swales and research Permaculture if you are interested. There are many more..."
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