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Bringing Symbols of Luck into Home Design
"specific symbols to your home to increase luck. Each culture has their own beliefs... about what symbols are lucky. Horseshoes, four leaf clovers, angels, the Caduceus, dragonflies... incorporate symbols of luck into your home.... was a symbol of good luck!! I just love the color! I LOVE that door! The Tiger is... flies symbolize good luck for many people. In the home, you usually seem them on... recognized symbol of good luck. In the Chinese culture, doors are often re-painted red..."
Andirons: From Status Symbols to Style Markers
"status symbol for any household,” says Gallagher. “Remember, these were homes without... Status symbol aside, andirons have a practical role. By elevating wood, they create..."
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Logo!
"company’s symbol may be worth its weight in gold. We’d like to hear the graphic details... aviation. The symbolism illustrates the purpose behind this simple yet most vital component... Period symbols, also representing crisp, clean lines. The white background highlights... recognizable symbol in our community. Even if people don't know about our company, they... architectural symbol found on our concept plans to again enforce the new design role of the..."
Trend Alert: Ampersands
"'And' Symbol Is Popping Up Everywhere... of this symbol, I fell down the rabbit hole of typography terms such as "ligature,"... letters or symbols on my walls and such, but if anyone was going to change my mind it... perfect symbol for my nursery, right in between the twins' cribs!! Thanks for the great... clever symbol to use on a hook; it's like it's saying "and don't forget your scar... classic symbol deserves a nice white frame, wouldn't you? If you're looking to glam..."
Mysticism and Meaning Meet in an Ohio Artist’s Gardens
"rife with symbolism, inspired by math, philosophy and the stars... Jungian symbolism. While many landscapes follow similar pathways — feng shui–inspired... space with symbolic bits and pieces drawn from a myriad of mystical sources, numerology... is the symbol for infinity, so designated by many numerologists for the continuous... called on symbols representing consciousness and being: The alchemist, with the wise..."
Guest Picks: Good Luck in the New Year
"cheerful symbols of luck represent good fortune in 2012... good luck symbols that stand for prosperity, good health, wealth and even love. All 20... nautical star symbolizes the North Star and is seen as a guiding light. This star is an outdoor... lucky symbols in Norse folklore. People of this culture will traditionally place... important symbols in ancient Greek, Roman and Japanese cultures, as they were significant..."
Design Mystery: Why Do Pineapples Sprout Up in Home Design?
"pineapple symbolizes hospitality but had not heard the association with Christian beliefs... pineapple as a symbol generally means hospitality or welcome. According to an academic paper... pineapple symbols began to crop up inside as well, on bedposts, tablecloths, napkins... fruit’s symbolism today..."
Enduring Design: The Picket Fence
"seen as a symbol of the American dream. This scene is a perfect example of that ideal... Classic Symbol of Home..."
Fun With Retro Patterns: Interlocking Rings
"its rich symbolism. One ring by itself is a circle which means "forever," two symbolize... rings—the symbol of the Olympic Games—represents unity of the games' participating continents..."
7 Stylish Takes on Tartan
"important symbols of Scotland. The pattern has its origins with the Celtic people, who... years. A symbol of rebellion in Scotland for some time, tartan grew in popularity throughout... strong symbol of Scottish national pride. Today the tartan pattern can be found..."
The Elephant in the Room
"Chinese symbol, elephants are symbols of happiness. No wonder we like having them around... about the symbolism...very interesting! Love the little gold one on the books. I long... appreciate the symbolism you mentioned, makes lots of sense - and any animal that can do pregancy..."
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