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Don't Touch Another Stain Before You Read This
"to know about how rugs and fabrics react... you don’t understand it, you’re going to get in hot water.”... understand about fabrics and how they react to different liquids. “There are so many... doesn't work, but isn't club soda acidic? Maybe baking soda would neutralize the... which isn't good either :( Just hearing about all the dog poop, potty training accidents... I didn't see anyone answering the question about wool rugs. I had three rugs completely..."
What My Kids Have Taught Me About Working From Home
"Legos aren't the only things certain small people have brought to my architecture business... I don't think you can.) So now I work at home. And I put my cell phone in my pocket... a lot about how to really run a business. Here's what I've learned.... extras don't mean anything to them now. They can't even recall all the material things... just can't beat that commute! Very clever article, thanks. Fantastic post, made me..."
Insulation Basics: What to Know About Spray Foam
"cavity wasn't thick enough for traditional batt insulation so we didn't have any choice... I don't care if all of your insulation is made of unicorn hair I wouldn't breathe... mention about electrics and pipework etc. You shouldn't spray over these because of... I can't say enough good things about foam. I own a converted church ...... unfortunately... why didn't anyone warn us about this possibility?......I eat organic when I can, refrain..."
Guest Picks: Decor That Doesn't Scream 'Halloween'
"films don't necessarily show you the gore; it's all about suggestion and suspense. Try... witches. How about creating something a bit more daring and using the power of subliminal..."
8 Natural Home Materials That Can't Be Beat
"we don't listen and we don't respect the owner's budget. Or at least these are the... story about you and only you. Some favorite natural materials that just don't have... that can't be beat. And the uniqueness of each piece of quarried stone, batch of hand-mixed... you can't go wrong with natural materials as long as you don't abuse and neglect them... comments about natural stucco. I don't know what this is? But love the patina that..."
Decluttering — Don't Let Fear Hold You Back
"you aren't sure about something, that's OK; save it for later and keep moving. Throw... Don't be discouraged if right now the task seems overwhelming. To get going, start... closet are t-shirts he hasn't fit into in 20 years...they remind him of something I guess... doesn't compare to losing everything in a fire...but it does make me think about... twice about the real importance of "stuff".. I just didn't recognize it until I..."
The Large Wall Clock...An Important Element for Your T.V. Debut
"lot of t.v., but a few months ago I happened to catch an episode of Oprah. Via satellite... I don’t recall the subject matter or theme that day, but what I do remember is that... babies don’t make a statement! Clocks can fill sooo many needs when it comes to using... questions about the enormous, round clock hanging on the back wall of the family room... There isn't a room in the house that doesn't have at least one clock. (Pic is from dining..."
You Said It: ‘Don't Panic’ and More Wisdom of the Week
"we don’t need and saving up for home projects. Here’s a sampling of all of the great... everything is about making plans for 2014. We’ve all reflected on the past year, and we’re... you don’t know where to start. Definitely worth a bookmark. Full story: 9 Ideas for... challenge. Don’t panic. Chances are, what you have is way more than what you want, and after... doesn’t slip into the bathwater and cause a nasty accident.” — Fred AlbertWhile we’re..."
10 Things People Really Don’t Want in Their Homes
"you are about to read is a list of common household design elements that many homeowners... wouldn't mind vertical blinds but I don't have any window where I would put them here... I don't ever think of them for the home. I don't like recliners except when I am... I don't see dog scratches. But I wouldn't buy new hardwood unless it was sustainably... couldn't stop staring at it that day, and I still can't take my eyes off them now..."
Don’t Be a Stickybeak — and Other Home-Related Lingo From Abroad
"article about language, because it sounds interesting). But the truth is, it’s darn... I can't believe the statement about Australian's calling the toilet a dunny. Only... and don't forget about our ZED for the last letter of the alphabet. I still sit on... that aren't the same from area to area that can really get you in trouble! And if you... then don't drink the water. hob (UK) = rangetop (US/Canada) cooker (UK) = stove or range..."
Show, Don't Store, Your Kitchenware
"we're about to look at are designed to keep countertop space free and open. That... you can't spend more than you have or you'll go into debt. and likewise, you can't... that won't look cute AND get used regularly. I have a tiny house, 850 sq.ft total... slip, don't take up drawer or counter space. Storing knives on a magnetic strip is also... you don't use. creatively store what's left by assigning each item a proper home...."
You Said It: 'Don't Use Your Phone' and Other Tips of the Week
"taught me about an artist making amazing chandeliers from reclaimed bicycle chains, and... I don't get to find out. What gives? @broquet - totally agree. I have not seen this... wouldn't place water in the decanters if you're going to stuff them with greenery... doesn't get as gunky. I removed all rugs and carpeting from my home and have leather... ..don't spend my life cleaning and shampooing odors and dirt out of fabrics. I NEVER..."
10 Chandeliers for People Who Don't Like Chandeliers
"Right, don't like them and still don't. You haven't convinced me. Not my style. I guess... who don't like things, there is a good chance that they still won't be receptive because... BTW, DON"T like chandies made out of antlers. Talk about spooky! Spooky? Inkwitch... who don't like chandeliers"...these are chandeliers for people who want their lighting... Virgil don't hold back... tell us how you really feel! In Fred's defense the sub headline..."
Where to Put the TV When the Wall Won't Work
"It isn't that you couldn't put the tv inside the cushioned top piece -- it's just... -- Don't see any reason these couldn't also be incorporated in a cabinet designed... they didn't like. So, I didn't get into the details on that. What did your client do... TVs don't generate as much heat as plasma screens or other older TVs. But if you're... we didn't want to go into the laundry room to pop a DVD in the player. All of the..."
8 Houseplants You Can't Kill
"s don't get any easier than this... "I can't grow houseplants; I always kill them," take a look at these eight nearly... Don't put plants that like shade on a sunny windowsill in the summer. Don't put... doesn't do much for the rest of my house). I'm not sure, ekc3502--I don't have cats--any... and don't do anything else. The only plants I haven't killed are the plastic ones.... you don't like to water, put them in a mix of heavy soil dug up from your garden and..."
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