40 teepee Stories

9 Ways to Make Your Yard More Fun for Kids
"the bean teepee! Pictures 4, 6 and 7 are the most practical and kid sensitive of the... the bean teepee is always a hit. Love the sunflowers with their big yellow smiles.... Bean teepee is a GREAT IDEA!!!!! I love all these ideas especially the bean teepee..."
For the Kids: Secret Forts Indoors
"made a teepee for my grandson (age 3) when he was about 18 months. Now, whenever he... for the teepee. It may not be hidden, but he has fun inviting everyone into his teepee... place the teepee (after he wonked his head really hard, and I had some blankets down)..."
Guest Picks: Simple to Stunning Kids' Tepees and Tents
"grandson's teepee is one of my proudest accomplishments as a new Amma. I made it using... grandson's teepee...probably with the same pattern! I used super wide muslin, so I had... name and "teepee" on it and made some "indian" designs on it. Then I ironed over the..."
Houzz Tour: New Love and a Fresh Start in a Midcentury Ranch House
"The teepees are still there and so are the classic cars sitting out in front along... giving the TeePee Motel the spotlight location. Growing up in the Holbrook area I just... slept in a TeePee?" Love the Reno. When you work your butt off together to produce such..."
Gardening for Happy Kids
"make a teepee by weaving in grasses that were mowed down, swing on a tree swing, make... garden. Teepees for climbers in the garden would make good forts, too… Ok, I will..."
How to Cultivate a Young Gardener
"garden teepee. Wonderful article. I have fond memories from childhood working in our... of the teepee placed bean supports too. Was thinking I could toss a vinyl covered..."
10 Beautiful Rooms for Real Kids
"wall, the Teepee... (though the neutrals in that room seem much too impractical for a... tent or teepee? The one thing that I really DON'T like and sat here wondering what..."
Rumford Fireplaces Are Hotter Than Ever
"stood "teepee" style? Is a much deeper hearth required? I built a small Rumford kiva... form a teepee. Again, YouTube and the internet show alot on this in searches like..."
A Magical Tree House Lights Up for Christmas
"shame the teepee I made for my grandson...but then again, I have no good trees for a... grandparent's teepee in the back yard, or a family's camping trip, or a cozy evening of videos..."
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