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Kitchen Workbook: 10 Elements of an Eclectic Kitchen
"is a term that is often used when a person has a hard time pinpointing his or her... sense of effortless confidence, even though this is one of the hardest looks to achieve... short of breath, continue at your own risk. More kitchen styles: Classic | Traditional... don't use them as examples of what is "good" just because it's different. Reminds... Reminds me of how fashion critics fawn over some of the ugliest dresses on the planet..."
Design for All: Smart Interiors for All Members of the Home
"members of the family. Your style doesn't have to be compromised to achieve this, either... The term "visitability" is new on the universal design front. This means that a... shell of access to permit formerly non-disabled people to remain in their homes if... incorporated using simple designer tricks and the appropriate materials.... members of our family come to visit, I become keenly aware of the limitations of our..."
Roots of Style: Queen Anne Homes Present Regal Details
"cousins. The term “Victorian” arose from the long 19th-century reign of Queen Victoria in... decades of her reign, the Queen Anne style being just one. The term “Queen Anne” comes... hearts of house lovers across the United States. Tall, proud and intricately adorned... dance of visuals. But interestingly, Victorian is not actually a style, nor is it... physical root of Queen Anne architecture is medieval and relates to the Elizabethan and Jacobean..."
Style 101: The Birthplace of Today's Rustic Look
"beginning of cabin and lodge design can help you decide on a rustic look for your home... styles of rustic structures. Terms like "cottage," "farmhouse," "cabin" and "lodge"... balance of features and materials evokes memories, some you can't quite put your finger... style of your home lead the way for all the details. The final wrap-up will show... backyard of a cabin.) The photos and descriptions below illustrate what I mean by these..."
The Two Faces of Homes
"(1894) in terms of the contrast between the formal street front and the asymmetrical... examples of how the front and back of a house are expressed differently, though not... reality of backyards ... as compared with the front which is always fitted up for the... contemporary term for the latter would be "curb appeal," but the front is still formal and... matter of transparency. Lots of glass is a mark of the modern dwelling, but not all..."
A Place For Your Seat: Using Chairs in Home Design
"design of a room. Most of us realize this and do a great job of focusing on the selection... selection of certain big items of furniture. We carefully choose our beds and sofas and... the tone of our rooms. However, many of us neglect to consider chairs in our home design... centerpiece of a room rather than languishing quietly in the shadow of other furniture... the rest of our decor. That's fine and dandy. But some chairs really stand out on their..."
Roots of Style: Georgian Homes Offer Familiarity Through the Ages
"interpretation of classical architecture since the 1700s. Does your home show off any Georgian... result of the Renaissance's reaching the British islands in the middle of the 16th... context of our families. This could be one reason that Georgian-style houses are still... interpretation of classical architecture flourished in England in the late 17th and early... establishment of the American colonies. Americans built in the Georgian style for most..."
Pillow Talk: Learn the Lingo of Cushions
"world of cushion options for padding for your pad... kinds of styles and shapes of cushions, and here you'll learn the ins and outs of... piece of decor. Then you can impress your cushion maker with your knowledge of terms... With the use of down or down and feather inserts, the amount of fluffing needed depends... is sick of the high prices of pillows! i direct all of my clients here: https://www... am sort of baffled at the notion of paying someone gobs of money to have pillows custom..."
Get a Bird's-Eye View of America's Housing Patterns
"picture of how suburban developments are changing the country's landscape, with aerial... diversity of the country's suburban housing in terms of scale and form, but also that... satellite view of anyplace on the globe, I loved looking at books with aerial photography... landscapes of the United States are Alex S. MacLean's Designs on the Land: Exploring American... that much of it is what MacLean describes as "monotonous, sterile, inefficient and pedestrian..."
Roots of Style: Where Did Your House Get Its Look?
"the role of architectural fashions in current designs through 5 home styles that bridge... fashion of architecture, defined by the overall form of the structure and/or its details... One of the most common questions people have about their own home is, What style... elusive term, because it can be applied to many different things, and style is frequently... amalgamation of different features. Nevertheless, most homes have a link to an established..."
Use a "Regionalistic Style" to Develop a Cohesive Landscape
"The idea of a regionalistic landscape design has a greater audience in the idea of... a set of photos. She had been inspired by one of our gardens and wanted to replicate... context of a site and what makes it work so well. Instead of saying "I like this or... variety of mediterranean grasses and perennials. She had cleverly placed the pots on... point of the design. What had made the garden so special was its connection to its..."
Kitchen Workbook: 8 Elements of Classic Kitchen Style
"afraid of getting the terms wrong, or they're afraid of being pigeon-holed into one... elements of different styles and aren't all one way. To sort all this out, join me... a tour of kitchen styles and sub-styles, from Classic to Modern, Industrial to Cottage... approachable of styles, classic style. Classic kitchens are timeless and flexible. This... elements of a classic kitchen, and how to adapt it to your personal style. More kitchen..."
Go "Green" using antiques...
"styles of antiques. Using antiques in space can be a bit daunting for some. By using... piece of furniture they have inherited. I love the challenge of how this antique... reuse of these pieces. I have been know to use a great dining table as a desk in... I have used a sofa from the 1890's as an entry piece. There are so many ways to use... detail of how to actually make the carving details, and design from different circa..."
How to Use Your Floor as a Fifth Wall
"foundation of your room and it can be used as the foundation of your design to create... walls of the space. They may even use great lighting to draw eyes upward to the ceiling... think of the floor as a fifth wall for the room. In fact, think of it as the most... the rest of the decor. Use color, texture and patterns to make the floor an important... important part of the room. This will give your room more depth and will enhance the total..."
How to Use Mirrors in Home Design
"t all of us have mirrors in our homes. Some of us have one or two mirrors that we've... the most of mirrors as a part of home design. The first thing that you have to realize... can be used in every single room. They can be conversation pieces and works of art... design of a room to enhance the total look of the home. To choose mirrors for home... style of the mirror. You also have to carefully consider placement. And it wouldn't..."
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