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Flash Cards for Common Architectural Terms
"architectural terms. I suggest you study these for a few hours a day. That way you'll know..."
Curtain Speech
"basic terms for parts and styles of draperies and curtains to get the look you want... tongue? Terms like “jabot,” “swag,” “goblet pleat,” “inner lining,” “tieback,” “fullness... basic terms, you’ll not only be able to understand your interior designer better... right terms for each kind of window treatments. I might add, on the modern side,... eable terms, meaning the zig zag folded shape at the corners of a treatment. A jabot..."
A Primer on the Language of Design
"architectural terms. I thought we had done this before (here), but clearly more study is... these terms? I am the client with the blank face, building a country property with... layman's terms.. BS. Too often designers, Architects and artists, live in a world of... Architectural TermsFind Your Architectural StyleGreat Architecture Speaks to Us..."
13 Versatile Furniture Pieces That Grow With You
"a long-term strategy for furnishing your place. You may not always have a huge bedroom... longest term furniture is some antique pieces we picked up at garage sales for a song... a long-term home..."
Chaise, Divan, Daybed, Settee: What's the Difference?
"school term. Can I add one thing? If every man need a man cave, every woman needs... Actually the term "chaise longue" in French means deckchair. What you call here a "chaise... French term "chaise longue," meaning "long chair," a chaise is an upholstered seat... pillows. The terms "divan" and "daybed" are often used interchangeably, but "daybed" is... common term. And sometimes the way you use a piece determines what you call it — for..."
How to Speak the Lingo of Drapery
"proper term for window coverings is always draperies. Seems old school but seems true... proper terms. Shane Inman is so talented and also such a nice man. Maybe some day... drapery terms..."
The Perfect Finish for Your Tile
"Demystify trim terms and finish off your kitchen and bath tile in style... ation.aspx It goes up when you tile because it's held to the wall with the thinset..."
Ecofriendly Kitchen: How to Choose Flooring
"your long-term finances by choosing kitchen flooring materials with durability and beauty... great LONG TERM. Yes, we love the idea of cork, but what about durability after more..."
Don’t Be a Stickybeak — and Other Home-Related Lingo From Abroad
"design terms are no exception to the language madness. And in light of recently announcing... "looby" (term of endearment). :) Our girls speak a mixture of America and English slang... and some terms vary here even from town to town. My mother' family always called kitchen... use the term "earth" for dirt / soil , but I don't know if that's acceptable in the... come to terms with me referring to both the Garden Shed & the Garage as just 'the shed'..."
Modern or Contemporary: What's the Difference?
"of the term "contemporary" that refers to a particular strain of design today, such... included. The term's use is clearly narrower than the literal definition, yet it is still... of both terms still muddies the waters. The term contemporary is more misunderstood... the 2 terms interchangeably but I knew there was a distinction but could not quite... with the term in architecture, it uses historical elements in ironic ways (columns as..."
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