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Great Design Plant: Sabal Palm Enchants in Balmy Sites
If there’s one plant that instantly conjures up the image of the warm and balmy bliss of Florida and the coastal South, it would be sabal palm. Both Florida and South Carolina proudly claim it as their state tree, and it appears in vacation photos taken...
Guest Picks: Superhero Stuff to the Rescue
"com/store/shop.html?theme=24 (Here are just a few!) @Lucy and Company: Your daughters bedroom..."
How to Throw a Party Like You’re Prince
"1175339,00.html This is so neat! What fun it must have been to sit on a couch with Prince..."
Guest Picks: Cottage-Style Mirrors for Casual Good Looks
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the cutest of them all? Seriously, though, I am trying to choose a mirror for the master bedroom, and with so many fabulous choices out there, it has been so hard! I’ve always had a difficult time finding cottage-style...
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